Looking for editing tips? Explore this Skylum Luminar Review

October 26, 2022


Check Out This Skylum Luminar Neo Review To Know How?

Remember the song “photograph” by Ed Sheeran, where he says that “We keep this love in a photograph, we made these memories for ourselves”, doesn’t he just hit the right note about capturing special memories and freezing that moment and feeling till eternity? From time immemorial, pictures have held a very important value in our human life.

Be it about our history, culture, space missions or birthdays, weddings, or your child’s first step, it’s always the pictures that take us back to the time and the feeling when everything was just perfect. Speaking about perfection, in today’s time capturing a moment with a click is just not sufficient, as now we all know how an edited picture can enhance the quality of the picture instantly.

Therefore, to ensure that your clicks live up to the precious feeling you experience, we have curated this Skylum luminar review for you that shall tell you A to Z about achieving professional-level editing instantly.

Want to know what Skylum luminar neo editor can do for you, stay tuned till the end.

What Is Skylum Luminar Neo And How It Can Help You?

Whether you are a professional photographer or someone who just loves clicking everything around them, Skylum Luminar neo is a tool that’s going to help you in editing your pictures just like a professional editor.

Why You Should Use Skylum Luminar For Image Editing? 

We know how important your pictures are for you and valuing the emotions attached to the click, we at your Top 15 Online have critically analyzed the platform to tell you whether investing on this platform is worth it or not.

 In this section of the Luminar Neo review, we are enlisting some key reasons why using this image editing platform would be beneficial for you.

The Skylum Luminar Neo Editor is an innovative image editor that uses AI technologies to edit your images. It combines the latest tools which are used by professional editors to give quality and aesthetically pleasing images easily. Some key benefits you can get are- 

1. Get instant editing with the new core engine and layers workflow. 

2. It offers a high-resolution experience for creators to achieve advanced results. 

3. Adjust and control the light in the picture. 

4. Remove any kind of spots on the images caused due to dust or dirt on the lens of the camera

5. Experiment with the marvels of photo editing to create superior-quality pictures and special memories. 

Key Features : 

 It offers a plethora of AI tools that can enhance pictures. Some of the key tools that you can use are- 

1. Highlight detailing 

If you want to highlight something specific about your picture, then you can use the tool of Details. It enhances the sharpness of small, medium and large details of the picture without disturbing the pixels and creating a harmonious blur at the back.

Denoise Reduce grains in your image with Denoise by completely removing the grayscale and color noise from the picture. 

2. Mood 

To change the tone of your photo, simply use the Mood tool. It uses professional lookup tables (LUTs). Whether you're going for black and white or film stocks, you can unlock new styles in a matter of seconds by adding color grades.

3. Enhance AI

To enhance the overall quality of your photo, simply use this tool that shall instantly quality, color, details, and tone by adjusting the right color balance. Control shadows, highlights, contrast, tone, saturation, exposure and detailing of the picture with another feature, the Accent AI tool. 

4. Atmosphere AI

Want to make your pictures more dramatic? Use the Atmosphere AI tool to remove the darkness in the picture. 

5. Dodge and Burn 

With this tool, you can control the amount of light you want in a specific portion of your picture. It works wonders when you are retouching a portrait or object volumizing. 

6. Vignette

Use vignettes to accentuate meaningful details by controlling their shape and position. To improve contrast and achieve professional, realistic results, use inner brightness.

How To Get Your Hands On This Fantastic Image-Editing Tool?

Impressed by its features? Then let’s get you started with it. All you have to do is simply create a Skylum account and voila you are all set to use it. 

Just a few things that you must remember before using this tool are- 

1. The Luminar Neo when purchased, it automatically gets linked to the billing email therefore, ensure that your Skylum account is linked to the billing email. 

Now to download it on your device you have to follow these steps- 

1. Visit the Skylum account login page. 

2. Sign in with your Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple account, or create a new Skylum id and password to sign in

3. Find the tab with Luminar Neo and download it by clicking the - Download option. 

Compatibility Of Skylum Luminar Neo?

It can work on both Mac and Windows. Though, only a few requirements are a must for it to work efficiently.

At What Prices Can You Avail Of Skylum Luminar Neo Editor?

On this platform, creators can have a lot of flexibility when it comes to pricing. They offer three packages such as-

1. One-time payment

2. The Pro Monthly 

3. Yearly subscription

Along with budgeted subscription plans, the platform also offers educational and military discounts so that everyone can get the benefit of the best image editing tool without worrying about a hole in their pockets. 

Is Skylum Luminar Only An Image Editing Tool?

To ensure that readers make an informed decision about using this platform, we have explored the platform to its bit in this Luminar Neo Review. After much research, Top 15 Online also found that the Skylum Luminar is not just an image editor platform, but also a place through which you can avail quality pictures clicked by people from across the world at a budgeted price. The platform offers Marketplace, where you can find a plethora of HD professionally edited pictures at a reasonable price. Be it nature, vintage, vintage, black and white pictures, etc, one can find pictures of everything and anything on the Skylum platform. 

Takeaway : Skylum Luminar Neo Review

Through this Luminar Neo Review, the sole purpose of your Top 15 Online is to inform its readers about this platform extensively. We ensured that we bring to you the key features and benefits of the platform so that our readers can make a well-thought decision before making the jump.

After analyzing the Skylum luminar, we found that this platform can be used for achieving high-quality images easily. Its AI tools are easy to use and they significantly enhance the essence of the images making them a precious treasure for years to come. Furthermore, it also allows you to purchase and sell high-quality pictures captured by professional photographers and people from across the world. The platform offers reasonable and flexible payment plans along with educational and military discounts, therefore, making it a budget-friendly image editing tool. 

So, if you have been wanting to make all your pictures look like the perfect shot, Top 15 Online suggests that you must try your hands on the Skylum Luminar Neo editing tool that shall make your pictures nothing less than a piece of art. 


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