Luxurious Travel Stays? Book with VRBO for Vacations Today

January 22, 2024

Are you planning to travel? So you must be seeking accommodation options as well. Many online options help you find the right one for you. But they only offer affordable accommodation options when booking flight tickets and hotels from the same platform. 

However, Expedia Group surpasses its competitors as it offers both types of platforms to book flight tickets and hotels simultaneously or separately. 

Expedia Group has four online travel platforms, Hotels.Com, Wotif, and VRBO. All these offer services in the travel industry. In this article, you will see the services of VRBO, as we have already shared information about the other three. 

Here is another one from Expedia Group that enhances your travel experience and makes your trip the best from all the past. 

Vacation Rentals By Owners

This article will introduce VRBO, which is made for globetrotters and people who love to travel and dream of reaching every corner of the world. 

Anyway, there are many websites available for online travel bookings. Still, VRBO is different as it gets support from Expedia Group, making it more robust and trustworthy than others. 

But the question is, if Expedia is already there, then why should you go with VRBO? Can you directly book from Expedia? Well, yes, you can do this. Still, VRBO is giving you leverage to get the experience of Pirates Bay, a cheap Caribbean trip, a couples retreat, a chance to explore Silver Dollar City, King Richard's fair, Oklahoma State Fair, Kennywood, relax in sojo spa, adventuring in hocking hills and united center. It is different from the platform, which gives you access to thousands of flights; it is a platform to find accommodation while traveling.

It also provides online flight bookings, hotels, stays, and car rentals. 

It means if you make your bookings with VRBO, you will add some extra cheese to your pizza. VRBO is giving your services additional expertise as it has Expedia hotels in the list and Expedia customer services in the store. 

Let's dig more into the VRBO store to get out the treasures of travel pleasure. 

10 Top-Notch Services of VRBO 

1. Services Near By You 

2. Unlimited Accommodation Options

3. Safe, Secure, and Trusted 

4. Experts For Help

5. Flexible Services

6. Excellent Customer Relations

7. User-Friendly Mobile Application

8. Excellent Payment Gateways

9. Unlimited Activities 

10. Virtual Assistance

Services Near By You 

VRBO believes that the more services you get nearby, the more you will feel relaxed and comfortable. Think about getting a hotel near the airport or where your business meeting will happen. It will save you time and travel expenses as well. VRBO does the same for you. As it offers nearby services to your location, such as you can browse 'houses for rent near me,' it will show the best options to you. Besides this, you can also search for food, shopping, and hotels near me, and the list should be shorter. 

Unlimited Accommodation Options

VRBO has a wide array of accommodation options for its users, as it believes that options make things comfortable and affordable and prioritizes the choices. If you have options, you will need clarification about which one you should choose and how to choose. Then, it offers filters to make your search easy and flexible as per your choice. 

Let's discuss the options given by VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) for accommodation, it includes:

Entire Homes/Apartments

Guests can rent an entire home or apartment for their stay. This option provides privacy and the feeling of a home away from home.

Private Rooms

Some hosts offer private rooms within their homes. Guests share common areas with the host or other guests but have their personal space.


VRBO lists condominiums or apartment units within more prominent buildings. These often come with swimming pools, gyms, and parking.


Villas are typically larger, luxurious properties with private pools, gardens, and spacious living areas.


Guests can find charming cottages, often in scenic or rural areas, providing a cozy and intimate stay.


VRBO lists cabins, ideal for those seeking a rustic and secluded experience in natural surroundings.

Beach Houses

Vacation rentals on or near the beach offer a coastal getaway with ocean views and easy access to the shore.

Lake Houses

Properties located near lakes provide a serene and waterfront experience.

Ski Chalets

Accommodations in mountainous regions are perfect for those seeking winter sports like skiing or snowboarding.


For a unique and unconventional experience, some hosts offer treehouses as accommodations.


VRBO also lists houseboats or other floating accommodations for those who want to stay on the water.

Safe, Secure, and Trusted

As it is an e-commerce platform and allows you to book your stays online, it also allows you to feel safe, secure, and trusted while making payments. 

Why Safe?

You can feel safe with VRBO as it prioritizes your profile safety and keeps it safe from frauds and cyber criminals, who could cause harm to your payment details like credit cards and PIN codes.

Why Secure?

Once you save your payment details with VRBO Payment Gateways, it fills these details into its server, and then another time you make bookings or anything else, you don't need to feed those details again, which keeps you safe from fraud.

Why Trusted?

Who prefer to avoid being assured and insured. You buy many insurances like health, vehicle, and medical to ensure yourself of damage and give protection. VRBO offers you Trip insurance, which protects you against any damage caused on the trip. It creates trust between the user and the brand that if anything unusual happens on the trip, someone can help us. 

Experts For Help

Time is unexpected, and anything could happen to you anytime. When you go on trips, what you book is optional. You get exactly that. Sometimes, you find different results that may be different from yours. For such situations, VRBO gives you expert advice for lodging. You need to inform us about this situation within 12 hours so that the VRBO expert can arrange something better for you and take strict action against it. 

Flexible Services

Nothing is long-lasting; everything depends on the time and your situation. So many reasons may compel you to cancel your trips at the last minute, which may cause you financial loss. Some websites and platforms may charge you for cancellation, but VRBO is different as it doesn't have such 'Cancellation charges.' 

It means while you book and rent your trip with VRBO, it gives you protection against cancellation. Even you can get reimbursement for non-refundable trip costs.

It also gives you Damage Protection assurance while traveling as it eliminates the need for extra expenses due to accidental damage to the property during your trip.

Excellent Customer Relation

It is part of the Expedia group and gets support from Expedia customer service. This ensures 24/7 customer service in multiple languages, making you feel comfortable communicating and seeking solutions for your queries. 

User-Friendly Mobile Application

VRBO also has a cross-platform app on Google and Apple App Store. If you sign in with VRBO's mobile App, you can unlock exclusive discounts and coupons. It facilitates you to Earn, Search, Plan, Book, and Travel. 


With the One Key feature, you can earn rewards on vacation rentals; it is a first loyalty program. 


With VRBO, you can browse private vacation homes with pools, backyards, and more, whether you are the cheap Caribbean, couples retreat, Silver Dollar City, car rental, King Richard's Faire, Oklahoma state fair, Kennywood, or anything. It will give you unique vacation homes not listed on other platforms. You can search with filters by your preferences, such as price, location, amenities, and more.



Sometimes, you feel that you want to travel to the exact location where you went in the past because you may have liked it the most. If you enjoyed something with VRBO, you can easily save and compare your favorites with the heart icon. You can even invite your friends and family to join your trip.


Before confirming your bookings with any property owners, if you have any questions or doubts,u can directly message the owner or manager to seek the solution. 


While traveling, you can access essential booking details like check-in instructions, WiFi passwords, and arrival information, even offline.

Excellent Payment Gateways

You can book your property online whenever, wherever via Visa, Mastercard, or American Express; follow these steps: 

1.  Find the property you wish to book.  

2.  Enter your Check-in, Check-out dates, and number of guests.  

3.   Select Book now.  

4.  Enter your contact details and include a message for the host. 

5.  Select Agree and continue. 

6.  Review the host's Rules & policies.  

7.  Select Agree & continue.  

8.   Enter payment and billing details.  

9.  Select Book Now. 

Unlimited Activities 

VRBO provides activities you can do during your stay, depending on the location, type of property, and amenities the host offers. Here are some general activities that guests often engage in when using VRBO:

Explore Local Attractions

Use VRBO as a base to explore nearby attractions, landmarks, and points of interest. Whether it's historical sites, museums, or natural wonders, you can plan day trips and outings.

Relax and Unwind

Many VRBO properties are designed for relaxation. Enjoy a quiet retreat in a scenic location, lounging by the pool, or taking in beautiful views from the property.

Cook and Dine In

Take advantage of the fully-equipped kitchens often available in VRBO rentals. Cook your meals and enjoy dining in the comfort of your temporary home.

Outdoor Activities

Depending on the property's location, you may have opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, or water sports.

Family Time

VRBO accommodations, especially larger ones, are suitable for family vacations. Spend quality time with loved ones, play games, and create lasting memories.

Special Events and Celebrations

Use VRBO to find a suitable property for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or family reunions. Some properties may offer event spaces or amenities for celebrations.

Wellness and Spa Days

Choose a property with spa facilities or nearby wellness services for relaxation and self-care.

Attend Local Events

Check for local events during your stay, such as festivals, markets, or concerts. VRBO can be a convenient option for attending events in specific locations.

Waterfront Activities

If your VRBO rental is near water, you can enjoy swimming, kayaking, or simply relaxing on the beach.

Winter Sports

For properties in snowy regions, engage in winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing.

Cultural Experiences

Enjoy local culture by attending community events, trying local cuisine, and exploring the neighborhood.

Virtual Assistance

VRBO also adapts to new technologies that improve its customer services, such as virtual assistance, better than its competitors.

Customer Support Hotline

Users can contact VRBO's customer support team through a hotline provided on their website. This allows users to speak with a customer service representative for assistance with reservations, inquiries, or issues.

Online Help Center

VRBO maintains an online help center with frequently asked questions (FAQs), articles, and guides to address common issues and queries. Users can browse through these resources to find information and solutions.

Email Support

Users may also have the option to email VRBO's support team. This allows users to describe their issues or concerns in writing and receive a response from the support team.

Community Forums

VRBO may have community forums where users can discuss experiences, share tips, and seek advice from other travelers. While not direct virtual assistance from VRBO, community forums can sometimes provide helpful insights.

Be Prepared: Your Room is Waiting

Be ready to experience something extraordinary on your trip with VBRO, as you don't need to worry about your stays and their security. VBRO gives you everything you need in your accommodations, from diversified options such as apartments, homes, villas, boat houses, or anything to secured payment options, virtual assistance, insurance, damage protection, and whatnot on the list.

Now, there is only one thing still left, and that is the place where you want to travel. So, decide where you want to travel today and make your itinerary with VBRO in accommodation.