This is what happens when you decide to honeymoon in the Maldives just by looking at Instagram pictures

May 05, 2022

When Sharon and Micheal decided to pin down “Maldives”, as their dreamy honeymoon destination they were sure that this experience will be something they shall always cherish. Sharon felt that she knew the Maldives at her fingertips because after seeing and following several pages of Maldives on the social media platform, travelers vlogs and her Maldives stories and pictures of her friends, she was sure that her trip to the Maldives would be just a cake on the walk. Finally, the couple arrived in the Maldives and as they were just getting started in their honeymoon groove they figured out that the Maldives and its vibe were a lot different than what they expected. (Major mood kill vibes)

Would you like to know what killed Sharon and Michael's over-the-top excitement for their Maldives honeymoon? We're talking about the things they missed out on social media, such as the 9 things not to do in Maldives, unless you like trouble and drama. 

The following are some things that are a no-no in the Maldives that you won't find on social media

  • 1. Public Display of Affection can raise locals’ blood pressure

Surprised? Shocked? Disappointed? Let us guess, were you thinking that Maldives is a land where you can express your love to your partner at the top of your voice or in various forms of physical expressions? Well, unfortunately, you must know that when you are in Maldives, you need to keep your hands to yourself when you are in public spaces, as locals aren’t much of a fan when it comes to PDA stuff and by that, we mean holding hands in public spaces can also make some locals uncomfortable. 

Thus, it is suggested to save your lovey-dovey moments for the resort or your hotel’s rooms only so that you do not raise the heat in all the wrong ways. 


  • 2. Bringing alcohol to the Maldives is a BIG NO!

If you were planning or have already stocked up your favorite alcohol for your Maldives trip, then we would suggest leaving those bottles at your home only. Importing alcohol is not allowed there and if you get caught with it then it may bring you some major fines and serious punishments such as prison.

FYI- If you are thinking of going wild in the Maldives and being drunk at all times, then do this only if you intend to stay inside the resort for your trip; consuming alcohol, drugs, or being intoxicated in public spaces can get you arrested or even severe punishment such as life imprisonment. 


  • 3. Show off your bikini bod only when you are inside the resort 

Yeah yeah, we know how much you have worked hard for your bikini body and of course, it must be flaunted, but Maldives isn’t the right place for that. No don’t get us wrong, we meant you can show off your bikini body while you are at your resort islands or boats but not in public spaces. 

Maldives being a conservative country isn’t very comfortable with seeing nudism or revealing clothes, therefore, often this becomes a point of contention between the locals and the foreigners. Hence, it is advised that as foreigners in their land, one must respect their sentiments and values which is why wearing modest clothes (for both men and women) in public spaces is advisable. 


  • 4. Watch out for the tap water 

By looking at the tranquil blue water surrounding you in Maldives one would often feel that one is right in the laps of nature where everything would be just so pure and clean. But, here it is important to highlight a very important fact about Maldives’s water- the tap water isn't fit for consumption. 


To keep the water clean it goes through a process called reverse osmosis desalination which helps in eliminating harmful bacteria and germs in the water but unfortunately, this process also makes water lose its natural minerals that help the human body stay healthy. 

Therefore, it is advised that you avoid drinking the tap water and stick to the packs of mineral water till the time you are in Maldives. 


  • 5. Thinking of sneaking in prohibited items? Drop those over smart pants 

In case you are thinking that you can outsmart Maldives authorities with your sneaky attitude then you are mistaken. Bringing in prohibited items such as religious textbooks other than Quran, alcohol, drugs, pork or products related to pork, tobacco products, pornography, etc are all banned and if caught with these items then they shall either be confiscated or you shall be fined, imprisoned or deported. 


  • 6. Before making the splash, drench in sunscreen

We understand the uncontrollable excitement and urge of splashing into the water through the slides attached to your room but just for a minute calm down and apply the sunscreen with good SPF so that you save yourself from major tanning and heat burns. 


  • 7. Keep the surroundings clean

You are going to the Maldives to enjoy its picturesque views and the calmness of nature, right? So, isn’t it right that you be a responsible tourist and ensure that you do not litter the city, beaches, or the sea? 

Locals of Maldives are quite committed when it comes to keeping their beaches and sea clean, as it's not just their home but also a source of livelihood therefore, it is advised that make sure when you are- 


  •  1. Roaming around the city, you do not throw plastic bags or bottles around. Just trash them in a dustbin or keep them in your bag to dispose of it later, when you get back to your room. 
  • 2. Leave your shoes in the room when you are visiting the beaches. Walk barefoot or carry slippers with you but don’t enter the beach or water with shoes on as it won’t only dirty up the surroundings, but also it will become very uncomfortable for you to walk in shoes that are filled with sand. 
  • 3. Maldives is beautiful because of its crystal clear blue waters and what good would you be doing if you throw litter in the sea? Whether you are at your resort island or you are visiting the beach just be careful not to throw your trash into the sea. 


Remember we already have quite a lot of black water(drains and polluted rivers) in our local places, we wouldn’t want to do that kind of atrocity to Maldives right? 


  • 8. Shop everything except Black corals or Turtle shells 

One very important thing that you must strictly adhere to is to not cause any harm to Maldives’s endangered species- the Black corals or Turtle shells. Selling or purchasing of these species is strictly prohibited and if found that you have engaged in any transaction of these endangered species, then this can lead you to face harsh penalties under the Maldivian laws. 


FYI-  Maldivians love their turtles and for their protection, they have prohibited the killing of sea turtles and sale of turtle products since 1995. Hence, it is advised to keep as much distance from a turtle in the Maldives if you wish to not to invite any sort of  misunderstandings or tensions that can lead to any kind of penalization. 


  • 9. Have tons of patience for the seaplanes

One very crucial thing that one must know about the Maldives is that the seaplanes will always arrive late. To avoid unfavorable situations, tourists are advised to plan their arrivals and departures accordingly for the Maldives. 

Also if you are thinking that if there is a delay then you’ll talk to the manager to get things lined up then we must tell you that in this scenario even managers won’t be able to help you much as the seaplanes get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances often (such as weather) therefore, all you can do is pack bundles of patience with you when you arrive at the Maldives. 

Well by now you must have figured out why Sharon and Micheal were so disappointed on their honeymoon trip to the Maldives. That's because all they knew about Maldives was from pictures on social media, not real facts about the country. 

The importance of understanding and respecting the culture and sentiments of the country you are visiting is essential since this promotes a sense of inclusivity and allows you to have a trip that will remain in your mind for a long time.