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August 24, 2023

Books are relatively important and an essential growing ladder for people of all ages. In the modern age, people hardly take the long road to physically buy books; rather, they stick to buying books from online storefronts.

This is where online bookstores like Medimops are thriving since they offer all sorts of books to users all around the globe at affordable prices. The brand has been a steady presence in the world of Thriftbooks, a practice where already-owned books are available in the market for purchase.

But is the platform perfect if you are looking to buy healthy eating books where you can find the perfect recipe, or is it just restricted to children's books? Find out with us as we are about to embark on a detailed trip to this bookstore, and for those of you wondering, yes, this is an unbiased review. 


Medimops Explained

For starters, it is the go-to store to buy cheap crime novels or any books for childrens in English and German alike. The prices start from 2 Euros, and you can get tons of second-hand books on the platform as well.

And no, their services are not restricted to books, but they also offer a wide range of games from different platforms, including the likes of;

  • ◾  Wii
  • ◾  Xbox One
  • ◾  PlayStation 4
  • ◾  PlayStation 3
  • ◾  Nintendo DS
  • ◾  Nintendo 3DS
  • ◾  PC

Prices start at 2 Euros and go up to 12 Euros, depending on the availability, quality, and the type of the item in store.

As if that isn't impressive enough, they also offer movies from a wide selection;

  • ◾  Series and Film
  • ◾  Action and Adventure
  • ◾  Children and Family
  • ◾  Drama
  • ◾  Comedy
  • ◾  Documentaries
  • ◾  Thriller

These hot picks are available from 2 to 5 Euros, with every movie being available on DVD or Blu-Ray.

And now, for the icing on the top, some melodies are also available, including;

  • ◾  Radio plays
  • ◾  Alternative
  • ◾  Pop
  • ◾  Children's Music
  • ◾  Film music and Musical
  • ◾  Classic
  • ◾  Metal and Hard rock

All in all, the different services that are in store for customers are what amazes them every time.

And since we never shy away from exploring, their user interface is great and makes everything less confusing, even though all of it is in German.


The Second-Hand Experience- Medimops

Although you might experience initial setbacks, especially when you haven't ordered anything, the real part begins when you start ordering something and invest in hopes of it being worth the money spent. What makes it cooler with Medimops is that they offer a buyer protection guarantee for no additional charges.

This ensures a safe shopping experience and an even better way to offer my insights regarding my personal experience with the online bookstore.




How to Get Discounted Books? Rookie Edition

Most people don't know about this, but if you order something worth more than 10 Euros, the shipping becomes free. That alone can be worth ordering since who doesn't like the idea of free shipping and an advantage like that?

Apart from the rookie discount, you can also get a 10 percent discount by subscribing to their newsletter on the total order value. Their welcome coupon is an add-on to the cool website and services available.


Shipping Wars

After you have placed the order, it will take only a few days before they send you a notification for shipping, with the correct details, on the basis of the location. Not to mention that they partner up with courier providers in case the location calls for it.

So far, not a lot of complaints have been there with the delivery and shipping, and most users have posted positive feedback for their experience with Medimops.

Let us take a look at shipping costs for different locations, specifically outside of Germany.

Costing- Austria

  • ◾  Per item, 1 Euro for shopping.
  • ◾  3 to 5 days of delivery time.

Costing- Germany

  • ◾  Free shipping for orders above 10 Euros.
  • ◾  1 Euro shipping fee for orders less than 10 Euros.
  • ◾  3 to 5 days of delivery time.

Costing- EU and Europe 

In these locations, the shipping cost is per item, and this is how it goes;

  • ◾  Austria – 1 Euro per item
  • ◾  France – 1 Euro per item
  • ◾  Great Britain – 1.50 Euro per item
  • ◾  Switzerland – 2.50 Euro per item
  • ◾  other European countries, including Lichtenstein – 2 Euro per item
  • ◾  External affairs (Not EU) – 3 Euro per item
  • ◾  Delivery time: Approximately 20 to 50 working days

The extra shipping cost depends upon the clearance fee for customs.

All sorts of payment modes are acceptable on the platform, which makes it easier for users to get started with their journey.




The How to Guide- Medimops

For starters, you will need to sign up for the account. Take a look at your email and see if they respond asking for confirmation, especially if you have signed up for their newsletter.

Once that is done, you can pick several books on the platform. Majorly, people opt for plenty of classic literature. Click on the language button and select the ones you prefer to get started with your reading club in solitude.


Modes of Money- Become a Partner with Medimops

The platform isn't just limited to buying books and satiating your quest for literature, but can also help you to earn money with relative ease with their affiliate program.

Here is what you can learn about the affiliate program from the website;

  • ◾  2% commission for existing voucher partners.
  • ◾  4% commission for new-coming voucher partners.
  • ◾  5% commission for visiting existing customers.
  • ◾  10% commission if a new visitor clicks on the link and makes purchases.

You can send all of your queries to the official website, and they will be more than willing to assist you in the best possible manner. Apart from the affiliate partnership, you can even clear out your old collection in case you want to make up some space.


A Good Read??

From a neutral perspective, yes, Medimops is worth recommending to everyone who likes to have a good reading. The prices are great, and the shipping costs won't exactly be a burden. As a general buyer would say, the platform is a great place for German, English, and a lot of other literature enthusiasts.


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