Read Microsoft Product Reviews 2023 : Pros, Cons And Ratings

September 21, 2022

What is Microsoft and What makes Microsoft unique?

Planning to buy Microsoft products then you need to research and read Microsoft product reviews 2022 published by the top 15 online. It is an American multinational software company that makes a wide range of software products for Windows's line of operating systems. Microsoft was established on April 4, 1975, by Bill Gates & Paul Allen.

Everyone knows Microsoft. It’s the world’s largest software company, with a rich heritage of innovation dating. These include the operating system (Windows), Office productivity software (such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint), and the web browser known as Internet Explorer. In this blog post, you’ll get an insider’s view of what Microsoft product reviews are, what makes it special, and why you should buy it.


How Many Microsoft Products Are There?

As of 2022, Microsoft lists over 1,100+ distinct products under its wing. The chart below gives you a quick overview of the major categories the software giant offers.



Microsoft Product List :



  • Accessibility
  • Account and billing
  • Education
  • Family
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Viva
  • Office
  • OneDrive
  • Visual Studio
  • Windows
  • Windows Update
  • Xbox



  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Windows
  • Windows accessibility
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Windows Update
  • Windows 10 Mobile



  • Microsoft 365
  • Office
  • Office 365 Education
  • Office Accessibility
  • Office for Android
  • Office for iPhone and iPad
  • Office for Mac
  • The Office app for Windows 10



  • Access
  • Cortana
  • Delve
  • Excel
  • Family Safety
  • Kaizala
  • Microsoft Edge mobile
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Microsoft Lists
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams for mobile
  • Microsoft To Do
  • Office Lens for Android
  • Office Lens for iOS
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote
  • Outlook
  • Phone Link
  • Planner
  • PowerPoint
  • Project
  • Publisher
  • SharePoint
  • Skype
  • Sway
  • Visio
  • Whiteboard
  • Word
  • Yammer


Devices and more

  • Azure Kinect DK
  • Devices service and repair
  • HoloLens
  • Mobile devices
  • PC accessories
  • Surface
  • Surface Hub
  • Xbox


Developer & IT

  • Exchange
  • Hardware development
  • Microsoft 365
  • Apps for enterprise
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance
  • Microsoft 365 Dev Center
  • Microsoft 365 Education
  • Microsoft 365 Security
  • Microsoft Graph
  • Dev Center
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Dev Center
  • .NET
  • Office Dev Center
  • Planner
  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint Dev Center
  • SQL
  • Stream
  • System Center
  • Visual Studio
  • Windows Dev Center
  • Windows for IT admins
  • Windows Server
  • Yammer


Business and organizations

  • Azure
  • Dynamics 365
  • Education
  • Intune
  • Microsoft 365 for small businesses
  • Partner Center
  • Power BI
  • Remote work
  • Skype for Business
  • Small business setup
  • Surface for Business



What Are Microsoft’s Core Products?

We have seen a huge growth in software products while buying software for your business must focus on previous Microsoft reviews. Microsoft’s core products are Windows, Office, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). While Windows is the de facto operating system for desktop computers, it’s also the foundation for the entire Microsoft ecosystem. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all included in the Windows category, along with various specialized applications like Access, OneNote, and many others.


Top Microsoft Products and Plans for Business

If you’re running a business, any discussion of Microsoft products is likely to include the word “offers”. As the world’s leading software company, it’s no surprise that Microsoft’s offerings would be top of mind for business customers. That said, here are a few of the most critical Microsoft products for business. 


Microsoft 365 plans Are Following The Way:-




Why You Should Care About Microsoft

If you’re in business, then you’re probably interested in the big picture of where Microsoft is headed. As the world’s largest software company, it makes sense that Microsoft has a lot to offer businesses, both now and in the future. If the software giant can continue to provide the best-in-class products and services, it will rely less on acquisitions and more on partnerships and deals like the one that brought LinkedIn, Bing, and Skype all under the same roof.


What are the Advantage and Disadvantages of Microsoft? 

Top 15 online have compared the previous Microsoft reviews to the current reviews and we found a huge demand for Microsoft products.



1. Work from anywhere with Internet access

2. Boosted productivity


Work productivity can be improved and time saved in two main ways:

1. Seamless team collaboration

2. Regular, automatic updates

3. Reduces security risks with advanced protective features

4. Data Loss Prevention

5. Threat Intelligence

6. Mobile Device Management

7. Advanced Security

8. Multiple, flexible plans tailored to businesses


Disadvantages of Office 365

1. Always need an internet connection to access the up-to-date file

2. Compatibility Problem



What are Interesting Facts About Microsoft?

1. The company started as an employee-owned, government-owned software company in 1975 and became a publicly traded company in 1982.

2. Microsoft’s software is used in more than 190 countries and territories worldwide.

3. Microsoft’s software has been used in 80% of all personal computers sold in the United States since 2001.

4. Microsoft’s software is the best-selling software in the history of the United States


What is the Most Popular Microsoft Software?

Office 2013 and Office 2016 are the most popular versions of Microsoft Office. This is likely to change with the release of Office 2019. Office 2013 is currently the most popular version of Office, with more than 1.5 billion licenses issued. Office 2016 is close behind with more than one billion licenses issued.


What Companies are Owned by Microsoft?

Microsoft is not a government or government-like entity. It is instead a privately held company with majority ownership held by individuals and institutional investors. The following are some of the most valuable companies in the world that are all owned by Microsoft:


What are Microsoft Tools?

These are various programs, tools, and utilities that are part of the Microsoft experience. Some of the most popular Microsoft tools include the following: - 

1. Microsoft Excel – A world-renowned spreadsheet program. 

2. Microsoft PowerPoint – A powerful and easy-to-use presentation tool.

3. Microsoft Outlook – Email and calendar software.

4. Microsoft OneNote – Another powerful productivity tool.

5. Microsoft System Center – A must-have tool for Microsoft employees.

6. Microsoft Web Tools – User interface design and development tools.

7. Microsoft Azure – Cloud-based software infrastructure.

8. Microsoft Robotics and Automation – Tools that enable robots and other machines to communicate with humans.

9. Microsoft Virtual Earth – 3D mapping software.

10. Bing Search – A search engine that features results from across the Microsoft ecosystem



Microsoft Robotics and Automation is used for?

Robotics and automation are two of the most popular technologies within Microsoft Robotics and Automation. These technologies are used to control and automate everyday devices like lights, appliances, and even machines. Robotics and automation can be used to replace low-cost sensors, actuators, and computers in robots and automation applications.


What are the Benefits of Microsoft Company?

There are numerous benefits to choosing Microsoft over other companies. Here are just a few:-

1. Easy to Use: Microsoft software is easy to use, especially for first-time users. This is especially important for businesses that are still figuring out how to use this software and are not as familiar with operating systems and applications. 

2. Great Customer Support: Customer support at the phone and email level is excellent. People on the phone are typically friendly and helpful, and they’ll respond to support requests as soon as possible. 

3. Stable Technology: Microsoft is known for its stability, so you can be sure that its software will work when you need it. This is especially important for businesses that need to maintain their software for various reasons, such as security updates.


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