MILES KIMBALL Reviews - Kitchen, Home & Garden Online Store

March 02, 2022

Have you ever been to Miles Kimball kitchen, home and garden online store? Have you read about the genuine review of the same? Well, in this guide, we are going to talk about the review in details.

What is Miles Kimball?

The Miles Kimball Company is a direct merchandise leader, selling cards, presents, useful household things, and distinctive food items. The company has three separate brands: Miles Kimball, Christmas Cards by Miles Kimball, and Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe, all of which are based on the Fox River in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Kimball International has a 3.8-star rating based on 73 anonymous employee evaluations. 82 percent of workers would suggest Kimball International to a friend, and 66 percent are optimistic about the company's future. Over the previous 12 months, this rating has increased by 22%.

Is Miles Kimball legit?

The website's proprietor has chosen to remain anonymous. This information is used by spammers to promote services to website owners. As a result, some website owners have chosen to conceal their contact information. Scammers, on the other hand, can take advantage of it. If the identity of the website owner is revealed, our system gives it a high grade.

Many websites from high-risk nations have been found to sell counterfeit goods. This may not be the case with this website, however extreme caution is advised.

Is Miles Kimball safe?

This website's domain was registered some years ago, according to our research. Scammers' websites are frequently brand new. You must, however, exercise caution. Scammers nowadays also purchase pre-existing websites to begin their deception. Other fraud flags must still be checked on a website.

We observed that Alexa has given the website a popularity rating of with a score of. This indicates that a large number of people visit the website. Furthermore, other websites think this website to be interesting and important, and they connect to it. As a consequence, our review score improved.

There are several websites that connect to this one. This denotes that the website is regarded as a "authority." It is difficult to obtain numerous links from other websites. Other websites must also have "authority." Having a lot of connections from obscure and low-traffic websites does not help a site gain authority.

Miles Kimball Complaints

Miles Kimball was contacted by Annie Charles of the United States, who said, "My credit card is still waiting, but I don't have any information or confirmation on an item I placed online."

On January 15, 2022, I placed an internet order. I have not received a confirmation email for the order as of today. I also haven't gotten an email confirming the order's arrival.

Chuyl of the United States

Miles Kimball - Online Ordering

Trying to place an order with Miles Kimball over the internet is a complete nightmare! To begin with, purchasing online does not allow you to use your chosen credit account, therefore you must always call! Second, you can never just make an order, get your total, and hang up when ordering over the phone. Customers service representatives have been ordered to offer a billion discounted items before they would allow you stop the call (due to no fault of their own; they are simply performing their jobs). This is both time-consuming and inconvenient.

Miles Kimball - MAiling Labels - Joy Yeager of the United States

I bought $30 mailing labels, but the print is too tiny and smeared to see. If I wish to return them, I'll need to go to my local post office and pay for return postage. Then I was charged $14.95 to join their VIP club since I didn't notice a box that needed to be unchecked. I contacted customer care, who informed me that this occurs frequently. This firm should be investigated by the Better Business Bureau.


Stony Brook University, New York, USA's Emily2021

Miles Kimball - customer service representative.

Last week, I placed an order with this firm. When I contacted the next day to cancel one of the items on my purchase, they ended up cancelling the entire order on me. I dealt with a terrible customer care representative named Rochelle, who originally informed me that I had sent the entire transaction to be cancelled. Then she backpedalled, saying that the corporation had thought I didn't want any more items in the transaction. I then discovered that they were billing me $16 per month for some ludicrous VIP rewards scheme.



  • 1. This website has been around for a long time
  • 2. According to Alexa (), this website receives a lot of traffic 
  • 3. This website is linked to by a lot of other websites
  • 4. The SSL certificate is legitimate, according to Xolphin SSL Check.
  • 5. The majority of the feedback we gathered for this website was positive.
  • 6. We discovered sophisticated software (source: Builtwith)
  • 7. It appears that this website sells things online (how to check if it is a shop scam)
  • 8. This website provides payment options that allow you to reclaim your funds.
  • 9. Trend Micro recommends this website.


  • 1. The website is served from a high-risk nation and selling well-known brands
  • 2. The website's owner is masking his name on WHOIS using a paid service
  • 3. The website is served from a high-risk country and selling well-known brands.


The Miles Kimball Company is a catalogue leader that sells useful culinary, home, and outdoor items, as well as personalised presents, cards, and distinctive confectionery. Based on 73 anonymous employee ratings, Kimball International has a 3.8-star rating. 82 percent of employees would recommend Kimball International to a friend, and 66 percent believe the company's future is bright. This rating has grown by 22% in the last year.