Nom Nom Dog Food Service Reviews 2022 - Healthy & Fresh Meals

January 19, 2022

Ever wondered about the food you are giving your dogs is it healthy in the real sense? Well, one would say that they are feeding their dogs the food that is available on the market shelves which clearly say in bold letters and fancy cute pictures, "DOG FOOD". But, here is the catch, behind all the fancy gimmicks the ugly truth about processed food is that they are made of artificial ingredients and have a very little quantity of meat or vegetables which are harmful to the fur, digestive system and overall health of our fur babies. Understanding the dire need of giving dogs their real kind of food, Nom Nom Dog food has created healthier meals for your fur babies that are delivered right at your doorstep. This article will let you decide whether Nom Nom Dog food should be given to your dog or not? 

The Nom Nom Dog food is a personalized pet meal service that creates meals for dogs and cats that have been made with real ingredients, proportionately packaged and most importantly, all the food recipes have been created under the guidance of an experienced veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, a renowned professor at the University of Florida.


What is so Special about Nom Nom Dog food?

Consciousness and nutritious

Nom Nom as a company abides by three principles- nutritious, conscious ingredients and preparations and sustainably sourced. 


Just like humans like it when their nutritious food is tastier, similarly the dogs want to eat something tasty too. Therefore, Nom Nom has developed different protein options for dogs such as chicken, turkey, beef and pork. All of the options have been carefully created with a balanced portion of meat and vegetables along with other vitamins that are essential for the healthy development of our dogs. 

Conscious ingredients and preparations

All the ingredients that go into preparing your dog's meal in the Nom Nom kitchen are USDA-approved. Not only this but even when it comes to preparation of the meals, everything is cooked in the Nom Nom Kitchen and extra attention is given to the recipes and preparation of it. The Nom Nom kitchen strictly adheres to the rules laid down by the AAFCO. One thing which makes Nom Nom different from its competitors is that it commits and proves to deliver fresh meals to your home. This means that all the meals one shall be receiving from the Nom Nom Kitchen will be delivered to you within 1-2 days after being prepared.

Sustainably sourced and environment friendly

When it comes to sustainability and the environment, the Nom Nom company has ensured to follow the zero-waste policy strictly. Their food is sustainably sourced and nothing goes to waste in their facilities. Furthermore, one of the most unique features about Nom Nom as a company is that they have given attention to the needs of the environment. Their packaging is also environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled or recyclable materials. The insulation used for the boxes is also biodegradable ensuring that the environment is not burdened with the harsh weight of plastics.

How does Nom Nom deliver the meal to your doorstep?

To place an order with Nom Nom, firstly, one would have to fill out a survey form about their pet. After filling in the details about your pet, you would be directed to select two recipes for the first order and then you can check out the payments and billing address. 

The deliveries schedule is spread every one week, two weeks or four weeks. The only problem one faces here is that there is no option of getting delivery at a selected date, so if you are expecting the delivery of a Nom Nom and you aren't available at your home at that time, it is better to ask your neighbors to take the parcel on your behalf. 

Furthermore, you also have the option to skip the delivery or pause the delivery if you won't be at home for too long. You can also buy Nom Nom Dog food as individual packs, but that would become more expensive if you were to order every day. 

How to feed it to your dogs?

The packaging of the Nom Nom meals is quite easy to use. Every package is one exact meal which makes it easier to serve the dogs without measuring or spilling. All that one has to do is to open the package, pour it into the dog's meal tray and one is good to go. 

Will it save money or burn a hole in the pocket?

The Nom Nom Dog food services have been specifically tailored to provide your fur buddies with healthy and nutritious food. This pet meal delivery services pricing depends on the size and age of your pet which is the standard that has to be adhered to by all the pet meal services. 

To find out how much the meals for your dog would cost, you would have to fill out a form on the Nom Nom website by which they shall guide you on which meal suits the best for your pet and what it would cost you. Considering the package you pick, you shall be charged accordingly. 

It is pertinent to mention that the sole reason behind this initiative is to save your pets from an array of skin infections, internal organ diseases. How? A dog's life depends on the kind of food they eat. A healthy meal will keep your pet energized with a good metabolism which is very integral for a dog's life. If one gives their dog the right kind of food, there are additional benefits. Not only does it save their health, but it saves the owner from having to take their dog to the vet to treat its illness, which costs far more than the packs of healthy meals. 

How to be really assured that the Nom Nom meals are healthy meals for the pets?

Taking care of pets is not an easy job and one would not want to risk their lives by feeding them something that they have just read about online. Agreed. But, if one really loves and cares for their pet they would not also want to miss out on any option that genuinely would make their pets healthier. 

Therefore, while deciding what food is good for your pet, one should always check the top three ingredients mentioned on the packaging because those three ingredients would be of the highest quantity in the meal package. So, if you intend to purchase any meal for the pet, be it Nom Nom dog food or any other, keep in mind to check the first three ingredients of the package. 

In the case of Nom Nom dogs food one can be assured that the meals for your pet are made with real meat and vegetables blended with other nutritional supplements under the guidance of the well-trained and experienced staff of the veterinary field. The Nom Nom kitchen works in safe hands and under the vigilant guidance of a veterinary nutritionist experts team who ensure that every meal prepared for your pet is a portion of nutrition and nothing less. 

In simple terms, Nom Nom won't give your pets anything that's not good for them which means that the ingredients used to prepare the meals are safe enough for even a person to consume without any harm being done.


Let's analyze Nom Nom Dog food critically- A FINAL REVIEW 

The Pros

1. Safe ingredients 

The ingredients used in preparing the Nom Nom pet food are USDA approved and are natural and safe so that it can be even consumed by humans without any harm being caused. 

2. Options to spoil your pet's taste buds

Nom Nom Dog food comes in four options- Beef, chicken, pork and turkey that are blended with vegetables and other nutritional supplements such as vitamin E, A, B12, etc to give your pets a wholesome of tasty and super healthy food. 

3. No artificial fillers

Unlike other pet meals, the Nom Nom pet meals are 100% natural. They do not have any preservatives or fillers making the meal safe for consumption by your fur babies. 

4. The eye of experts 

Everything that is prepared in the Nom Nom kitchen is according to the recipes given by experienced vet nutritionists who ensure that every pet according to their age, weight and medical history is given meals that would uplift their health so that they can live a better and healthier life. 

5. There's so much more than meals

 Nom Nom gives its customers a wide range of options to choose nutritious eatables for their pets. From carefully curated meals to treats and much more, everything that comes from the Nom Nom kitchen is a healthy delight for your pet. 

6. Strategic packaging

Forget the worries of measuring the amount of meal before serving it to the pet as with Nom Nom all you have to do is open the package and serve it to your pet as it has already been packed according to their weight and eating habit ( information that they ask you pre-hand before placing the order). 

7. Free shipping

Customized pet meals at your doorstep and without any shipping charges are a good deal. It keeps your pet healthy and you can worry a little less about going and fetching your dog food from the market. 

The Cons

  • 1. It can be a little expensive for some
  • 2. It requires freezer space 
  • 3. Can defrost sometimes during the transit



As a dog lover or for that matter any animal lover, we all know how important our pets are to us. They are not just four-legged creatures but a child, a best friend, a family member to us and which is why we all want to give them things that keep them healthy and happy. 

Nom Nom dog food is a special way of taking care of our dog babies, as it gives them portions of healthy meals that enhance the quality of their lives and reduce the chances of falling sick. Some would argue that the price is high, but would that matter if we had to spend the money on our children? No, right? With Nom Nom dog food you are not giving your pets just healthy food but also a chance of living a quality life. 

Lastly, it is important to remember that when we bring a pet into our homes, they may be just a pet to us, but for them, we are their entire world. They love us without any expectation and trust us with their lives. All they need is some love and food so that they can spend their life with us and create memories that shall be engraved in our hearts until the lifeline allows.