Noracora Fashion Review 2022 - Is It Legit or Another Fraudulent Shop?

March 03, 2022

Noracora was founded in 2016 as an international B2C online fashion destination. Dresses, shirts, bottoms, shoes, purses, and accessories are all available from the brand, which concentrates on women's attire (particularly casual wear). Noracora is a brand of CHICV International Holding Limited, which also owns JustFashionNow and StyleWe, as well as a number of other Chinese cross-border fashion online businesses. Noracora is a Chinese cross-border fashion online store that, like its sister sites, manufactures current clothing in China and sends them to consumers all over the world.

Noracora does have a facility in the United States where certain orders are completed, but the majority of its orders are shipped from China. Noracora claims that their purpose is to give high-quality items at great costs, not merely a variety of things. Noracora is a one-of-a-kind internet boutique. Noracora does not have physical stores, therefore you'll have to go to or utilise its applications to make a purchase. Its services are available to everyone over the age of 18.


Is Noracora legit?

On the internet, naive clients are ripped off every day. As a result, it is prudent to verify the legitimacy of any online platform before utilising it. The key concern is if Noracora is a genuine company. The legality of an internet platform is the first thing we look for. This is due to the fact that shops that are completely legitimate are less likely to be scammers. Noracora, interestingly, checks the legality box; it is run by CHICV International Holding Limited, a fully incorporated Hong Kong corporation. Scam retailers, it goes without saying, don't bother with company registration certificates. The test of time is another way to determine whether or not an internet platform is legitimate. This is due to the fact that scam stores are typically short-lived. Noracora does not have a lot of experience in this area, as company was only founded in 2016. Despite the fact that Noracora is a newcomer to the sector, its three years of operation have been sufficient for it to pass this test. This is because, in this age of instant communication, a scam business is just a matter of time before it is discovered, and once identified, the scam store generally vanishes.

The final test of a legitimate internet platform, however, is its fitness for purpose. This is because only a legitimate online fashion store would provide actual and functioning items to clients who make orders; scam stores, on the other hand, are meant to defraud individuals and will not fulfil orders. Noracora, surprisingly, does fulfil orders. Granted, there are some delivery-related concerns, with the impacted customers labelling Noracora as a fraud. Many others, on the other hand, receive their orders and find them to be mostly functioning. Despite the criticisms, Noracora emerges as a legitimate online fashion company, although one with severe flaws that need to be addressed. Noracora, on the other hand, is a legitimate online fashion store because it is run by a 100% legal corporation and has a track record of completing orders.


Is Noracora safe?

Noracora is also risk-free. They will never share or sell your personal or financial information to a third party, and they will never steal it. However, having a legitimate online fashion store isn't enough. It will not defraud you or leave you out of money because it is legitimate. However, if it is not secure, sensitive information (such as personal data and credit card information) shared with it may leak, leaving you vulnerable to all types of criminals. Having said that, the perfect internet business should be both legitimate and secure. Noracora states it "implements a range of security procedures to guarantee the safety of your personal information" when a user "places an order, enters, submits, or accesses their information."

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is one of the technological methods used. "All transactions are handled through a gateway provider," Noracora continues, "and are not saved or processed in its servers." The industry standard for guaranteeing secure data transfer between buyer devices and seller servers is SSL. To summarise, the encryption protocol is of bank-grade quality. Even if there is a data breach, your payment instrument data will not be affected because payment information is not saved on Noracora's servers. Noracora, on the other hand, is a safe bet.

Noracora Complaints

Isn't it true that customers will always have complaints? There will always be clients that have issues, no matter how smoothly a firm performs. As a result, complaints might provide valuable information about a company's performance. A high number of complaints might indicate that something is wrong, while a low number of complaints could indicate that everything is well. To that purpose, we reviewed the top independent consumer review platforms, such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber, for this complaint area. Noracora does not have a good reputation on these sites. Noracora, for example, had 1,397 customer reviews on Trustpilot at the time of writing this review, with a 1.5 out of 5 rating; and it had 1,180 customer reviews on Sitejabber, with a 1.9 out of 5 rating. The low ratings were due to numerous complaints. Indeed, many people believed that any favourable evaluations found for Noracora were most likely created by firm employees, and Trustpilot said that the platform's bespoke engine uncovered a huge amount of fraudulent reviews on the site. Customers had a variety of issues, including unwillingness to cancel purchases, poor quality, trouble with returns, and more.


• 1. Ensure the best possible mobile buying experience (with mobile apps)

• 2. Offers a variety of women's fashion items, such as dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories.

• 3. Order cancellation is permitted at any moment prior to the item's shipment.

• 4. Has the cheapest pricing in every product category.

• 5. Has a lot of price-cutting specials.

• 6. Accepts a variety of payment options (PayPal, credit/debit cards, etc.)

• 7. Provides international shipping services (to over 230 countries)

• 8. Provides free delivery on purchases of $89 or more.

• 9. Customer assistance is available via email ( and an online contact form.


• 1. If you cancel an order 24 hours after it is placed (but before it is sent), you will be charged a 15% cancellation fee.

• 2. The quality of the things is often poor.

• 3. The return period (15 days from the date of delivery) is relatively short.

• 4. Because the return shipping address is in China, the return shipping fees are rather expensive.

• 5. Obtaining return permission and receiving a refund is a difficult task.

• 6. Support mechanisms for immediate feedback (such as telephone service and Live Chat) are not accessible.



Noracora is a fashion website that was created in 2016. Despite the fact that it has a factory in the United States, it is a Chinese corporation, and the majority of its products are sent from China. The purpose of Noracora, according to the company, is to offer a wide choice of high-quality items at reasonable costs. It concentrates on women's clothing and offers a variety of items for ladies. Dresses, shirts, bottoms, shoes, purses, and accessories are all available. Noracora also has reasonable costs (see the $12 dress and $5 tops, for example). In terms of service, Noracora ships internationally, allowing you to shop from almost anywhere in the globe. Additionally, free delivery is available (on orders above $89); and when free shipping is not available, shipping prices are reasonable. However, it is the extent of the advantages. Noracora isn't recognised for speedy shipping, so your order may take longer than expected to arrive. Furthermore, Noracora's items are frequently of poor quality (even shocking). As a result, your order may come, and the contents may dispel all of your expectations. Worse, returning a Noracora order and receiving a refund is "not straightforward," to put it bluntly. To answer the issue of whether you should purchase from Noracora, based on what we've seen in this review, you should (buy from Noracora) if your only focus is low pricing and you're willing to accept whatever is given. To learn more about Noracora, go to