Nourish and Nurture the Paws Today with Zooplus: An All Around Pet Care Service

December 27, 2023

Pets are a real example of selfless love. They cannot speak but can still express themselves; they are the mirror of their emotions. They are not humans and educated, but still, they can read your state of mind, whether you are feeling over the moon, excited, sad, or low. 

Pets are the source of joy and a positive vibe. Whenever you return to your home, they are waiting for you. They sense your footsteps and your aura before you enter the house. 

If your pet means everything to you, offering them a good life and food should be considered the bare minimum. Zooplus is helping you do your job, as it provides you with various food and accessories so that your pet feels your love and lives a good life.

Products in Store

Zooplus offers quality products for your pets, such as 

  • •  Dog food 
  • •  Cat food
  • •  Bird food
  • •  Bird snacks
  • •  Cage accessories
  • •  Grain-free food
  • •  Snacks and bones
  • •  Supplements and special diets
  • •  Antiparasitics
  • •  Wet Food for Fish
  • •  Sand for cats and many more. 

Food Complements

Zooplus has diversified food options for dogs, cats, fish, and birds offered by top brands such as Hill’s, Royal Canin, Advance, etc.

Dog Food and Cat Food

Zooplus offers many categories of dog and Cat food, which provides nutrition and strength to your pet at meager prices.

Dry Food

This type of food comes in kibble form and is convenient for storage and feeding. It often includes a variety of formulations tailored to different ages, sizes, breeds, and dietary needs of dogs.

Wet Food

Canned or pouch-based wet dog food usually contains higher moisture content and can be more palatable for some dogs and cats. It's available in different flavors and formulations, including complete meals and supplementary options.

Raw Dog Food

Zooplus might offer raw food options that include raw meat, bones, and other uncooked ingredients. These diets are typically designed to mimic what dogs might have eaten in the wild.

Grain-Free Dog Food

Some dogs may have sensitivities or allergies to grains. Zooplus may provide grain-free options that use alternative sources of carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes or peas.

Natural/Organic Dog Food

These foods are made with natural or organic ingredients, often focusing on high-quality, minimally processed ingredients and no artificial additives or preservatives.

Specialized Diets

Zooplus might offer specialized diets catering to specific health conditions such as weight management, joint care, sensitive digestion, allergies, or dietary restrictions.

Puppy Food and Senior Dog Food

Specialized formulations for puppies are tailored to their growth and development needs, and senior dog formulas are designed to support aging dogs' health.

Kitten Food and Senior Cat Food

Specialized formulations for kittens are tailored to their growth and development needs, and senior cat formulas are designed to support aging cats' health.

Bird Snacks

Bird Seed Mixes

Zooplus offers diverse seed mixes for bird species like parrots, canaries, finches, budgies, and wild birds. These mixes often contain a combination of seeds, grains, and sometimes added nutrients.

Pelleted Bird Food

Pelleted food provides a balanced diet formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of birds. These pellets often contain a blend of seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, and essential nutrients.



Bird Treats and Supplements

Zooplus may offer a variety of treats and supplements designed to supplement a bird's diet with added vitamins and minerals or to provide occasional treats for enrichment.

Nectar and Soft Foods

They specifically formulated nectar or soft food mixes for nectar-feeding birds such as hummingbirds or lorikeets.

Bird Food for Specific Species

Zooplus might have specialized food options for specific bird species, including parrots, cockatiels, canaries, budgerigars, and more, catering to their unique dietary requirements.

Wild Bird Food

Zooplus may offer food for feeding wild birds outdoors, including various seed mixes and treats designed to attract and nourish different species.

Fish Food

Variety of fish food categories suitable for different types of aquarium fish. These categories may include:

Flake Food

Flake food is a staple diet for many aquarium fish species. Zooplus offers a wide range of flake foods tailored to different fish species, providing essential nutrients and vitamins.

Pellet Food

Pelleted fish food comes in various sizes and formulations suitable for different fish species, including sinking pellets for bottom-dwelling fish and floating pellets for surface feeders.

Granules and Tablets

These are compacted forms of fish food suitable for various fish species. Granules may vary in size, making them ideal for different fish sizes, while tablets can be affixed to the tank glass or substrate for certain fish to graze on.

Freeze-Dried and Frozen Foods

Zooplus may offer freeze-dried or frozen options like bloodworms, brine shrimp, daphnia, and other live foods that have been freeze-dried or frozen to preserve nutrients. These are often used as occasional treats or supplements.

Specialty Fish Foods

Zooplus might provide specialty foods tailored to specific fish species such as cichlids, discus, bettas, goldfish, and others, addressing their particular dietary needs.

Algae Wafers and Vegetables

Food specifically designed for herbivorous and omnivorous fish, including algae wafers or vegetable-based formulations to supplement their diet with plant-based nutrients.

Feeding Blocks and Vacation Feeders

These are food blocks designed to slowly dissolve, providing sustenance for fish while the owner is away or as an occasional supplement.

Why is it the Best Option for Pets?

The Best for You and Your Pets

Zooplus deals in over Eight thousand products of the best quality at fantastic low prices. You will only have top brands and quality products, which shows that Zooplus keeps the quality high.

Not only product quality, it also offers you the best online shopping experience with its delivery and shipping services. Additionally, its website advises buying the best pet product through product videos, customer reviews, photos, and carefully researched product descriptions.

Trusted and Globally Reached

Zooplus has been serving since 1999 and created trust among its customers. It has offices in Europe and Spain. It has offices in Munich, Strasbourg, Krakow, Genoa, and Oxford. Along with this, it gives employment to more than 15 nationalities. They shipped over 48 million parcels to countries across Europe and 28 different countries.

Safe and Secure Shopping

Safety is the primary concern in online shopping, and Zooplus takes care of their customers, as they do not share their personal information with advertisers or other third parties. 

128-bit SSL encryption (secure sockets layer protocol) protects the data at all times.

Quality Shipping

They double-checked the parcel before shipping to ensure safe shipment and no harm would be caused to your parcel. They use the best technology and dedicated staff to work for your quality shipment. 



Customer Service

They also have a customer service network to answer any questions and ensure the happiness of their customer family at any cost. 

You can establish contact with Zooplus through Telephone and email.

Online customer service works 24*7, and you can contact their customer service team from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm & Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm.

Delivery Service 

Zooplus offers free delivery on orders from £39. The exact delivery cost depends on your choice of the delivery service partner, your location, and the weight of your parcel(s), and can be viewed in your shopping basket before checkout.

Returns and Replacements

If you change your mind and get faulty goods, you can use Zooplus’s return policy. You have 14 days to return the product. They do not allow refunds on a small number of products, such as items that have been personalized or perishable goods. 

Shower Your Love With Zooplus

Shower love on your pet by feeding him good quality food and making his living space the best. Give them toys so that they behave in a manner. Your pet is not asking anything from you, just love, but you can use Zooplus to show some extra love and care for your dogs, cats, fish, and birds. 

They never even ask for the bare minimum requirements; you must take care of this as the owner. Ultimately, they give you the world's most precious thing, 'happiness,' without demanding anything. At least you can fulfill their needs.