4 reasons why Novakids is your child’s BFF- Novakids review

October 31, 2022


Novakid Review & Pricing 2022 Updated 

The early years of a child are extremely important for their foundation. What we teach them in these years, sets the course of their future personality. Therefore, it is pertinent that attention is given to the core development of the children during this time. Speaking about personality development, in today’s time fluency in English has become a requisite.


Better opportunities and a future are the two reasons, but along with that, a child must have the confidence to venture out in the world, without worrying about language barriers. Therefore, in this Novakid review, we have explored the Novakid platform in detail, so that you can make a well-thought decision for your child’s bright future.

Let’s dive into the world of Novakid and see if this platform is the right fit for your child or not.

It is an online English-speaking platform for children where immersive English lessons are taught by certified ESL instructors. The program starts for children aged between 4-12 years old, where they can learn English through individual and engaging lessons. The purpose of the Novakid platform is to allow children to learn the English language natively.

All instructors here are ESL certified and they ensure that your child learns English through a fun and engaging virtual curriculum.

How Does It Work?

As an immersion program, the Novakid ensures that its curriculum is according to the psychological characteristics of the children and their different ages. The core philosophy of this online English learning course is to teach children English in the easiest way possible. With continuous monitoring through lessons and assessments, the instructors keep a vigilant eye on the progress of the child. The instructors ensure that every child is given an individual 25-minute lesson, where they interact and engage with students while imparting the foundations of the English language.

Top 15 Online knows how keen you are to give your child the best quality education, which is why we know how important it is for you to ensure whether this platform would help your child or not. Therefore, we are enlisting a few important details about the platform that can help you in understanding and learning more about Novakid.

Online English Speaking Programme For Kids

Now that you know the course structure, you must be wondering about the core curriculum of this program. With Novakids, one thing you can be assured about is the quality of lessons, as the platform has ensured that they design their courses following the latest methodology which matches International standards.

Reasons To Love Novakids :

1. At par with International standards

Each course has been designed as per the A1 and A2 levels of the European CEFR standards which is equivalent to Cambridge English YLE starters, Movers and Flyers tests. But, the reason which makes Novakids stand apart from other online English-speaking courses for children is that it has given special attention to the psychological characteristics of children of different ages.

2. Structured levels and units

Based on the CEFR framework, Novakid offers four main levels and two advanced speaking-intensive courses (Time2Talk and Virtual Explorer). The levels contain 10-14 units, with each unit consisting of four classes on one topic, as well as grammatical, vocabulary, and speaking practice elements.

3. Personal Supervision

1:1 student-teacher interaction for 25 minutes is a key feature of this platform. Your child will be interacting with just one teacher, who shall be solely focusing on the learning and progress of your child. Teachers would be monitoring and rewarding the student continuously so that the child is motivated throughout the course.

4. Impactful TPR classes

Novakid offers TPR- Total Physical Response classes to its students, which means that instructors teach students through written, spoken, facial expressions, gestures and body movements so that students enjoy the learning experience. The TRP way of teaching has been quite a success at Novakid, as students are continuously entertained and teachers can easily impart the lessons to the children through this way.

With such compelling features, we are guessing you must be wondering what would be the pricing of this online English course. Well, Top 15 Online has already done this homework for you. Below we are listing the different prices of the Novakids online English speaking courses for children.

The Novakid platform also allows you to take a demo class for free so that both students and parents can understand the workability of the platform while also assessing if the English instructor deems it fit according to the child’s requirements.

As we mentioned above that this Novakid review intends to give you comprehensive details about the platform, it is pertinent to highlight that the standard and premium plans vary from each other in terms of the English instructor.

1. In the standard plans - The English instructor would be someone who is a certified teacher who holds a strong command over English.

2. In the premium plan - The English instructor would be someone who is a native English speaker.

TakeAway : Novakid Review

As a credible product review website, we at Top 15 Online take things seriously when it comes to informing our readers A to Z about a platform. And after diving deep into the Novakid platform, we are in a position to recommend the Novakid platform for your child. Its immersive course structure and engaging teaching methodology have been specifically designed to give your child the confidence to speak, write and understand the English language, just like native English speakers.   


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