Nurture Life Brand Reviews 2023 - Benefits and Risks

March 16, 2022

Bored of cooking new things for your baby? Try Nurture life. They are going to make the work easier for you. However, before going in details, let us read the Nurture life brand reviews- benefit and risks.

What is Nurture Life?

Nurture life is a brand that is specialist in making nutritious yet yummy meals for both, toddlers and kids. They have their own team of dieticians and master chefs who helps in preparing the balanced and nutritious ready to serve meals for your kids. You are going to get whole grains, organic produce and healthy protein sources for your toddler. Since the food will be cooked, you only have to heat it once and serve it to your kid. It is a weekly subscription service which also can or can not be paused as per your requirements.


Meals and plans options with Nurture life

If you are taking the services of Nurture life brand, then it is required to know that they offer various meals for every age group-

  • For 10-24 months- This is the baby food category where you are going to find finger foods that are enough for self feeding. It ll mainly include sweet potato, chicken, mac and cheese with peas, waffle, mini falafel, rice and carrot.
  • 1-4 years- This will be the toddler category where you are going to find veggie filled favorties such as make your own pizza with Italian sausage and apple slice, chicken bites with mashed sweet potatoes, mac and cheese and butternut squash.
  • 5-12 years- This is the kid category where you are going to serve kids under 13 years. It will include chicken parmesan with broccoli, teriyaki salmon with rainbow veggie rice, chicken meatball slider and carrot and pear slices.
  • 13 years and up- This will be the category for the teenagers that will focus on portions so it will include chicken biryani, tortellini alfredo with asparagus, pot roast with mashed potatoes and many more.
  • Cold lunches- It also comes with cold lunches that are not required to heat. It will consist chicken meatball slider with carrots and pear slices, build your own pizza with apple slices and cheesy pesto tortellini with chicken breast and carrots.
  • Shareables- The last kind of meal they serve is shareables which comes in large size of portions so that you can also share it with more people. It can be shared between 4 people easily. It includes maple glazed heirloom carrots, chicken meatballs with marinara and parmesan, mushroom and truffle ravioli, etc.

How Nurture life works?

The good question that comes in our minds is how it works. Is it subscription based or what? So the answer is, yes, it works on subscription basis that helps you in personalizing your own meal online for your taste. If your kid has some sort of allergies and serious dislikes with certain food, you can save them as a list and the website will remember it. The subscription works on week but you can also skip, pause or even cancel it anytime.

All the ingredients involved in making the food are fresh and hence, the shelf life of the food will be around 6-7 daily easily if you are using the normal refrigerator to keep it. However, if you are freezing it, you can use it up to 9- days too. The basic of the food is pretty easy. You will get the meals delivered to your doorstep in a tray and those trays will be microwave safe. So you can easily microwave it and serve it to your kid. If we talk about the packaging of the food, then it is recyclable apart from the seals and gel packs so you do not have to feel guilty about harming the environment.


Nurture life benefits and risks

There are certain benefits and risks for having Nurture life subscription. Let us know about them in details-


  • 1. You can save lot of time in planning and cooking meals for your kid.
  • 2. Smart option for people who are not into cooking.
  • 3. It helps in providing the balance diet so parents do not have to care much.
  • 4. Flexibility of choices to eat so children can eat various food.


  • 1. You may find it expensive.

How much does it cost?

The Nurture life meals will start from $6.89. and the minimum order you can put is 6 meals so you will be able to have the better cost for shipping and packaging. In this subscription, the more you order, the more you are going to save.

  • For 9 meals- you are going to get free shipping.
  • For 12 meals- you are going to get $10 off on entire order along with free shipping.
  • For 15 meals- you are going to get $15 off on entire order with free shipping.


Customer review

When we checked TrustPilot, we found many reviews and out of all, most of them were on positive side which is a good thing for the brand. The rating were 4.2/5 which is also impressive.

“I do not like making food at home so one day, I tried Nurture life and yes, it gave me exactly what I needed. I’m surely in love with this brand.” Martha’l key.

“Due to hectic duty, it was very difficult for me to cook meals for my kids. I and my husband can eat from out but for our toddler, it was not really possible as I was concern for the nutritional value we provide to him. Thanks to Nurture life, I’m able to provide good food to my kid now.” Ashley.

“I have three kids and all of them are from different age group category and it is very hard to cook food as per their needs for them. It is a tiring job and I hated doing that. But Nurture life has made it easy for me. Now I know what exactly my kids need and I order them food as per their age group and yes, it is working like a magic. I’m highly impressed.” Robert Maddison.


Is it worth using? Bottom line

By looking at every aspect of Nurture life brand, we understood how the brand works and why it is essential for your family. As per the review and research we have made till now, It is a thumbs up from our side as apart from being little not so pocket friendly, everything else is superb about the brand and the best part that we have come across is the customization and healthy choices. So yes, it is a must try product.