Ollie Dog Food Reviews 2023 - Best Fresh Pet Food Around?

January 31, 2022

Imagine if one day you wake up to your dog speaking to you and telling you that the food you have been giving to him/ her is bad and they doubt that you ever loved them. Well, this would be a heartbreaking scenario for pet owners as for them their four-legged babies are nothing less than their best friends, a family member, a child and who would want to feed their loved ones tasteless and unhealthy food right? Yes, we agree that waiting for the day when our dogs start communicating to us like humans is a far-fetched idea but they wanting to have tasty and healthy food is not at all a far-fetched idea but a basic necessity these voiceless babies want and deserve. Thus, to offer what these sweet souls deserve, Ollie dog food has come up with an array of recipes that are customized for your paw babies according to their health and needs. We are going to critically analyze Ollie dog food in this Ollie reviews so that you get to know what this brand is all about and whether it is beneficial for you and your pawsome buddy. So, let’s dive into the Ollie reviews to know more. 

What are Ollie Dog Food Meals? 

When it comes to providing healthy and tasty food for your dogs, Ollie is the new name on the block that is now getting synonymous with healthy dog food. This innovative and healthy meal has revolutionized the pet food industry as it offers fresh human-grade dog food right at your doorstep. The recipes have been specifically curated to give the right proportions of nutritious meals to your pets. It comes in easy packaging and is made with fresh human-grade ingredients that are gentle on your dog’s stomach. 

How does it work? 

Ollie dog food can be availed through the United States right at your doorstep. To avail of their services, one would have to fill in a few details about your pet in a form on their website. The form asks questions regarding the pet and their age, weight, breed and whether they are spayed or neutered or not. These factors are given a lot of consideration at the Ollie as it helps them to curate recipes for your pet that ensure that the meal prepared for your fur baby has the required nutrients in a balanced amount with other elements that shall be healthy for your pet. 

The recipes are cooked with human-grade ingredients and are prepared in human-grade kitchens. All meals are prepared according to the guidelines by the AAFCO’s Dog Food Nutrients Profiles for all life stages so that the nutrition levels given to the dogs are as per their age and overall health. 

What are the recipes that Ollie offers in dog food? 

So when it comes to tasty and healthy food, Ollie ensures that there is something in store for every kind of dog. They offer four delicious recipes such as chicken, beef, turkey and lamb. 

Each recipe is cooked by keeping in mind the balanced proportions of nutrients and vitamins. To keep the balance, the meal is blended with an array of healthy food like butternut, squash, pumpkin, spinach, kale, sweet potato, lentils, chickpeas, blueberries, fish oil and omega fatty acids. 

Why give the dogs any veggies when they are having meat? 

The following are veggies that are mixed with meat in Ollie dog food so that your paw babies eat wholesome nutritious food every time- 

  • Spinach—Gives iron and antioxidants
  • Cod liver oil—Source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Carrots– Enhances vision with its phytonutrients
  • Blueberries—Filled with antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals
  • Chia seeds— Gives fiber to the dogs as it is filled with copper, zinc, and manganese
  • Butternut Squash—Adds more fiber to the meals
  • Kale—Good for skin and fur 
  • Sweet potatoes—Powerful dietary fiber
  • Peas—Its lutein help the skin, eyes, and heart
  • Rosemary— Contains anti-microbial properties

Furthermore, it is important to highlight in this Ollie reviews that the most popular recipes amongst customers are-

The Beef Recipe

Filled with antioxidants this recipe is a hit amongst the customers because of its great taste and the benefits it offers the dogs such as, nourishing the skin, enhancing the vision and keeping the heart-healthy. 

Turkey Recipe 

This recipe is best for doggos who have a weak tummy. Abundant with nutrients this recipe helps in smooth digestion making the dog much more active and comfortable.

Lamb Recipe 

So if your paw baby has allergies then you would like to give this recipe to them. It replenishes muscles, keeps the skin and fur healthy, and is a soothing recipe for dogs with allergies. 


How is Ollie dog food prepared?

The Ollie as a company is committed to minimal processing so that our pets consume food that is real and healthy in totality. 

No, by real we do not mean raw food but food that is prepared with light heat to ensure that all the ingredients do not lose out on their composition. The minimal processing ensures that Ollie's recipes are full of whole protein, vitamins, and minerals, so your dog can benefit from them.

As this process doesn’t diminish the value of the food, it delivers the active nutrients to the body, creating favorable results.

What is the shelf life of Ollie food packs?

The fresh food items arrive frozen, packaged in dry ice to ensure they stay at the perfect temperature until they reach you. Once you have extracted the contents, you can put the contents into the fridge to thaw for 24 hours. You can store thawed food in the refrigerator for up to three days after it has been thawed. The shelf life of wet kibble is significantly shorter than that of dry kibble. Despite that, we think the benefits outweigh that fact.

The process of ordering 

After you have completed filling out the questionnaire, you would be getting the recipes that are suitable for your dog. The options you would receive would be in one, two, three, or all four recipes, each having different pricing. Once you have chosen the recipe you can do the payment which would be followed by a confirmation email that would have the estimated delivery date and other details of the transaction. 

Ollie is a subscription-based service, so your credit card would be charged and the meals would be shipped automatically. The best thing about Ollie is that it can reach anywhere in the United States, so even if you are traveling, you can get your ollie services delivered to the new location or you can also skip or pause the delivery while they are away from their home. 

What can one expect in the Ollie Box?

Another good thing about Ollie is that it allows you to avail of a starter pack so that you are sure whether Ollie dog food suits your buddy or not. 

In a starter box, you would get- 

  • 2 weeks of food packs
  • Feeding guide
  • Storage containers 
  • Serving scoop


Is Ollie dog food affordable? 

Ollie offers a 50% discount at the beginning of your subscription. If you are happy with Ollie's meals and feel it is right for you, these payments will switch to full price.

However, if you are not satisfied with Ollie for any reason, Ollie offers a 100% refund policy.

So far what are the problems that Ollie dog food has solved? 

As per the reviews of Ollie Dog food, it can be understood that Ollie Dog food does benefit the doggos. Many customers have stated that they can see enhancement in the health of their dogs, their energy levels after feeding them the Ollie Dog food. 

A few of the common problems that many dog owners had are now solved by Ollie. For example-

1. Help in losing the extra kilos

Many owners who had obese doggos tried the Ollie dog food and have seen their dogs losing the excess kilos. The blend of meat and veggies in proportionate amounts has helped the dogs to shed all the extra weight and become more active than before.

2. Taste is a rockstar amongst the picky ones too 

Dogs who have been picky about their food have also approved the taste of Ollie dog food. The fresh flavors have enhanced the meal, making the dogs relish healthy and delicious meals. 

3. Enhanced coat and skin

A maximum number of dog owners have noticed that since they have started feeding their dogs the Ollie meals, there is a significant improvement in their coat and skin, as it has made it soft and shiny and has also reduced allergies. 


Ollie reviews final critical analysis- Pro and con of Ollie Dog Food

The Pro

  • 1. Minimal processing
  • 2. Specifically curated meal recipes 
  • 3. Hassle-free delivery at your doorstep 
  • 4. Meals are prepared with USDA approved human-grade ingredients 
  • 5. Packaged with recyclable containers

The Con


As this is a subscription-based model, the Ollie dog food may not be suitable for many people. The payments are automatically charged from the credit card and the prices vary according to the plans one picks but these prices may not be friendly for many of us. 

Time-consuming to thaw

The only and major problem with Ollie dog food is that it can get a little tiresome when one has to, again and again, thaw the food before serving it to their dog. 


The Takeaway

Ollie Dog food is the new definition of healthy meals for our dogs as they have shown everyone the importance and benefits of giving our dogs healthy meals. With human-grade ingredients and recipes that have been curated with veterinarians' expert guidance, this dog food service is something that one should not miss out on. Since Ollie meals can be delivered anywhere in the USA region, it makes it much more convenient for the pet owners, because they do not need to worry about what their puppies will have or will suffer any food problems since Ollie meals are available anywhere in the US. 

Healthy and delicious meals, like those prepared at Ollie Kitchen for our pets, are the perfect way to show our love and care for them. Through this Ollie reviews we have intended to show that love and care is so much more than words. Yes, our dogs and we don't speak the same language but it is important to show them that they are truly loved and valued by us. Therefore, the easiest and the best way to show them this is by giving them the right kind of food that will help them to lead a healthier and longer life so that they are able to stay with us for more time.