Reviews 2023 - Best ways to book transport for Europe

March 10, 2022

Are you planning to roam in Europe for a month and is looking for an affordable service for the same? Try, a complete solution to book a transport in Europe. This guide is all about the genuine and unbiased review and to show all it offers.


What is

Omio is a unique transportation site that can book, trains, buses and even flights in Europe. Be it your first trip or the most recent ones, this website is going to offer the best deal for everyone. You are going to save a lot of time, money and energy using this website as you do not have to make deep research for the tickets and offers on the same. You are going to get all the leading site and offers on this place only.

Transport you can book from Omio?

If you are using Omio, you can book

  • 1. A train
  • 2. A bus
  • 3. A flight
  • 4. A ferry
  • 5. Rental cars

Although everything is old in this site, rental car option is something new that you can see lately only. All these vehicles can be booked using the website,

Here are some of the companies that Omio has partnered with-

  • ● National Rail
  • ● Deutsche Bahn
  • ● SNCF
  • ● Renfe
  • ● Italo
  • ● RegioJet
  • ● Trenitalia
  • ● SNCB
  • ● NS
  • ● ÖBB
  • ● SBB
  • ● National Express
  • ● SJ
  • ● Thalys
  • ● Eurostar
  • ● Ouibus
  • ● Eurolines Switzerland
  • ● Movelia
  • ● RedCoach
  • ● OurBus
  • ● GoBus
  • ● Amtrak


Features of

There are numerous features available of the website, Omio. But before you dig into the details of the site, you must know the top most features that defines the website for you. So let’s get started.

  1. Quick Process- The whole purpose of using this website is to save your time and efforts and thus, it is a quick process one can go through. Since everything is available, you are not going to take time in finding a deal and once you book a ticket, it will be sent to you immediately.
  2. Extremely Easy- Booking a ticket or searching for one is an easy process that you can encounter while using this website. Just by entering enough details such as place, best route and preferred transport, you will be able to see the best results. You do not have to visit multiple websites and since this site cover the whole Europe, you will find it worth using.
  3. Legitimate- Most of the website that requires payment and details are subject to risk and hence, people prefer using only those that are legitimate. However, if we see Omio, you will find that it is the legitimate website with 100% authenticity. You do not have to worry about anything while using this safe site.
  4. Affordable Pricing- The main purpose of anyone while finding ticket in multiple platform is to save money. We all want to save as much money as we can and thus, we go to different platforms. Here in Omio, you will find that multiple options for every transportation will be available so you really can pick the up that is budget friendly for you.
  5. Amazing Customer Experience- If you are using this website as an outsider of another country, you do not need to worry about poor translation or any such other issue. The website is going to offer you the best in this. Talking about the customer service, it had hands down the best one as you can go through the translation easily and the site accepts the credit card from all around the globe.
  6. Customer Service- Even if you are someone not well versed with English, it is completely okay with this website as you do not need to know a language to use the site. The website offers their services in 12 different languages and for any issue, the customer service is available via call or email. If you want to reach them out personally, you can do it through a phone call.


How to book a ticket on Omio?

Now before we head to anything else, let us see how one can book a ticket on Omio. The process is very affordable and easy to do but for your understanding, we are going to share the whole process here-

  • 1. First, you need to start with entering your details. The detail will include the departure and arrival destination along with the travel dates. Enter all such crucial details and proceed.
  • 2. Now the second step is to check the routes. You need to compare the transportation routes between two destination and see which one is useful for you. You can use the filter and see the cheapest ones, fastest ones or the most recommended ones as well.
  • 3. Now you can book your tickets easily. Once you select the route, you can easily book your tickets and proceed. Once it is done, you can get your tickets printed or downloaded and you’re done.

Pros and Cons

There are both, many pros and cons of using the Omio’s services. But what are the main pros and cons of it? Let us read the same in this article-


  • 1. Amazing customer experience.
  • 2. Great customer support.
  • 3. Affordable and time saving.
  • 4. Faster process.
  • 5. Legitimacy.


  • 1. Not all the countries are listed.


Is Omio reliable?

You may be wondering whether Omio is reliable or not. There are many such more websites serving the same. So now you need to know about the reliability of the same. We have witnessed many such websites that provides the same but is not safe at all. However, Omio stands out among all its competitors. It is a reliable platform that will make you travel within some clicks. The credit goes to having some really good relationships with major train and bus companies in Europe from which they have tied up.

Our take? Worth trying or not?

After going through the whole article where we have witnessed the definition, features, pros and cons, process and everything that is about this website, we can conclude that this app is surely a worth trying as it does not have any thing bad as such. You can surely give a try to this website if you are living or planning to visit Europe in a week or so. By using this website, your transportation requirements will be fulfilled and you can surely end up saving loads of money.