Upskill Seamlessly with Online Classes with Masterclass 

September 19, 2023

This is the era of learning, where professionals in every field are moving towards broadening their horizons and expanding into new disciplines, ideas, fields, and functional areas. Certification courses have been all the rage over the past decade, being seen as valid instruments that can be used towards career progression or can at least serve as an acknowledgment of new knowledge that one has gained. 

Virtual learning has taken over the role of traditional classroom learning in a big way, allowing individuals to learn anything from anywhere, as long as they have a stable internet connection, a device to stream on, and a will to learn. But professional endeavors are just one side of the upskilling coin; one must, after all, also invest in self-development, with a swath of courses on various important topics such as personality development, discipline, nutrition, and so on. But with the variety of courses comes a variety of platforms. The question many ask is, "Who's the best?" We've found the answer. Let's explore the fabulous world of remote learning with Masterclass.


Masterclass Explained- Online Education Made a Joy

Masterclass is a subscription-based learning platform that provides a wide variety of courses that range from self-development and go all the way to upskilling and professional development.

This very assortment of courses makes it one of the most popular e-learning platforms, with courses from popular personalities such as their course on critical leadership training from popular internet personalities and retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink. 

Other than personal development courses, they also have a variety of professional development courses that delve deeper into the hard skills you need to learn the discipline you want to be a part of. 

One of the main features that many look for is affordability, and that, too, is something that the brand offers. With constant sales on their subscription, you can access all their online courses at reasonable rates and deep discounts depending on the time of the year and the popularity of the course. 


Key Features of Masterclass

Masterclass has various features that make it as popular as they are, whether it's their affordability or course catalog. To give you a deeper insight, however, we have listed some of their most stand-out features below- 

  •   Engaging Instructors and Course Design- The courses and instructors at Masterclass are the lifeblood of their offering. With courses being designed and delivered by popular personalities who are known to be the best in their field, the platform offers a never before insight into the lives of these personalities and the craft they’ve come to be known for. The course design is also realistic and provides a real-world insight into how to become a master of your field.
  •   Diverse Courses- The courses in Masterclass are various, which would be an understatement. They cover a variety of fields that cover the spectrum of self-development. The course catalog here has rare competition from other similar platforms available.
  •   Self-paced- With Masterclass, you get to learn at your own pace. Take your courses as you want to, with your own approach to learning. Pace yourself and know when you have the time to learn. 
  •   All-Access Pass- Unlike most other E-learning platforms where you have to purchase each course individually, on this platform, you get access to all the courses on the platform with the price of one subscription, meaning you can access every single course on their website through a variety of disciplines, all for one subscription. 


The Best of the Best- Ranking the Top 5 Online Tutorials

Masterclass puts a massive emphasis on course quality. This ensures that all their courses are up to date and are designed to teach the course taker the nitty gritty and essential details of the topic. But there are some courses that, as per course takers, stand out and deliver on the qualitative expectations that one has come to expect of the platform. 

These courses are as follows-

  •   Scientific Thinking with Neil Degrasse Tyson- For those with a more scientific bend of mind, keen on exploring the universe's wonders and mysteries. This course on Scientific thinking is Neil Degrasse Tyson's Masterclass on how to develop a more logical and reason-based approach to life and beyond!
  •   Cooking With Gordon Ramsay- As one of the premier chefs in the culinary world, multiple Michelin star-winning chef Gordon Ramsay shares his tips, tricks, advice, and secrets with aspiring culinary chefs to carve a successful career in the field. 
  •   Filmmaking with Martin Scorsese- World-renowned director Martin Scorsese lets you in on the inside scoop on how to make epic films that will shake the foundations of the cinematic industry. 
  •   Tennis with Serena- Undoubtedly one of the most well-known names in the world of sports, Serena Williams stands as a bastion of just how much a woman can achieve. Get insider tips and tricks on how to train for a pro career in the world of Tennis. 
  •   Music Masterclass with Hans Zimmerman- As a legend in the music world, Hans Zimmerman has delivered some of Hollywood's most iconic background scores with generations of moviegoers at the edge of their seats. Learn with this virtual course what he does differently and gain insider knowledge of what it means to be an award-winning musician. 


The Trustpilot Shakedown

The best way to understand the credibility of any given business, product, or service is Trustpilot. A leading forum for publishing customer reviews, the platform is known for its brutally honest reviews, this applies to online education websites as well. 

After some analysis, we looked at the reviews and were able to ascertain that the website has over 400+ 5-star reviews alone. With a generally positive customer outlook, there were specific chinks, too, which we thought were worth mentioning. That's why we've listed below a list of pros and cons that come with using this service-


Variety of courses Cancellations are difficult
Impressive instructors Customer support is not satisfactory
Courses are fun and insightful -
Courses are great for self-development -
Pricing plan is affordable -


The Short of it All

The best way to describe Masterclass would be expansive and impressive. Instructors are the masters of their fields, and courses are vast. This is the main strength of this online tutorials platform. 

That said, it does have its chinks, and customers have expressed dissatisfaction with specific quirks; however, the impression is mainly positive, with course takers being thoroughly impressed with the platform. We recommend the platform to every person wanting to expand their skills and learn something new, all while having fun.