Top 15 outdoor activities to burn more calories

February 20, 2023


Remember the enthusiasm and determination you had on 31st December 2022 about how from 1st January 2023 you shall be hitting the gym every day and finally getting that dream body of your's? If you haven't been able to hit the gym, we recommend you stop stressing over missing the gym goals and try out some new goals by doing outdoor activities. 

Studies have suggested that people tend to do outdoor activities for longer than a 2 hour session. Furthermore, it is also suggested that outdoor activities are more strenuous than gym workouts, as it has been observed that outdoor runners tend to flex their muscles more than people running on a treadmill. 

Interesting right? So, now if you think that trying outdoor activities would bring you a little closer to your body goals this year, then we have enlisted 15 outdoor activities that you must try if you aren't able to hit the gym- 


1. Cycling 

Cycling was fun in childhood and is much more fun and beneficial during adulthood. It helps you increase cardiovascular fitness, build muscle strength and flexibility, and maintain weight.

So now hit the road on your brand new cycle and achieve your body goals in a fun way. 

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2. Running 

As mentioned above, running outside in the open pushes you to stretch your muscles more than what one does on a treadmill which is why if you are thinking of running a few miles in a day and keeping your mind and body fit, then why not do it in style in a Trisuit. It's made of breathable fabric, which gives you swift movement during the run session

Create new milestones in your fitness journey in this comfortable and sturdy tri-suit 

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3. Swimming 

Channel your inner mermaid or merman and hit the pools to achieve your fitness goals. Enjoy a nice swim in this durable and designed water sports swimwear made with chlorine-resistant fabric to keep your skin safe during long and refreshing swimming. 

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4. Jumping 

Though many would think jumping is for kids, what if we told you that 30 mins of jumping every day could benefit you with increased aerobic capacity, a decrease in blood pressure and improved metabolism. Amazing right? 

Start your jumping routine with this sturdy trampoline fit. Just place it in your home or backyard and easily maintain a good heart and body. 

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5. Stepping up 

Another fun outdoor activity, the step-up, is an exercise that helps you tone your leg muscles and maintain weight. You can do it over the regular steps around you or you can also do it with this adjustable aerobic strength that can be incorporated in various exercise routines. 

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6. Bench workouts

Start your intense workout right at home with this folding barbell weight bench designed to give you a comprehensive workout with intensity without grabbing too much space in your living space or backyard. 

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7. Squats 

Readers, you do not need to go to the gym to do your squats. In fact, you can step up your squat games with these multi-weight kettlebell weight set that come with an ergonomic grip and vibrant colors. This powerful exercise can be done in your bedroom or even on your patio. 

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8. Mountain climbing 

If you can squeeze some time in your schedule and make your way outside the city to walk around nature and climb mountains, this outdoor activity will instantly give you long-term benefits. Climb those mountains and difficult terrains in these comfortable mountain trek shots that give easy movement because of its stretchable fabric. 

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9. Paddleboard 

Give yourself the treat of the ocean with this paddle boat set made with advanced Drop stitch light technology. Available in blue, black and white color this entire set can make you swiftly sail toward your fitness goal. 

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10. Badminton 

Don't want to exercise alone? Grab your friend for a badminton match and both of you can garner the benefit of toned muscles and improved flexibility. Also, if both of you are trying to lose weight, try playing badminton daily to facilitate weight loss and improve metabolism. 

Start your badminton matches today with this ergonomically designed racket and 6 shuttlecocks combo. 

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11. Skateboard

Skateboarding is another outdoor activity you must try out if you are looking for exciting cardio activities. It helps in making bones stronger as well as relieves stress. 

Skate ahead to a healthier lifestyle with this sleek and sturdy skateboard.

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12. Kayak 

If you are a water baby, you must try your hands at kayaking. This fun activity can help you improve your muscle strength, torso, and leg strength. Ensure your safety with this durable vest specially designed for beginner canoeists and kayakers.

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13. Ankle weight exercise 

Want to get rid of those love handles? Then put on these ankle weights and lift your legs sideways. Do 15 times for 3 reps on each side and voila, see those love handles melting away in no time. 

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14. Surfing

Conquer the waves while building leg and core strength with surfing. A vigorous form of exercise that helps burn calories is equal to playing football. Start surfing today with this sturdy and sleek surfboard. 

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15. Playball

Start playing with balls to increase your metabolism. Playball exercise has been considered an effective way to manage weight and increase muscle strength. 

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