Benefits of cross-platform software - Read this review to know more

June 10, 2022

Parallels started its journey as a cross-platform software company in 2006 and today it has expanded to the region of North America, Europe and Asia. The company has garnered quite an impressive reputation for its advanced cross-platform software that has helped several businesses and working professionals. In 2018, the company became part of the Corel Corporation which means it has joined hands with some of the most renowned brands such as CorelDRAW, WinZip and MindManager. In this review, we will first go through what cross-platform software is and why we need it and how Parallel cross-platform software can benefit you?

What is a cross-platform solution?

The cross-platform solution is better known as Cross-platform software that is designed to work on many computing platforms. With the aid of cross-platform software, one can use the same program on any of the platforms such as Windows/Mac.

The benefits of using a cross-platform software

  • Similar experience in different applications

Different devices can have different ways of functioning which means that many times users can get confused while using an old application on a new device. But, with cross-platform software, this problem gets solved, as it allows users to experience the similar characteristics of the application on every device.

  •  Cost-effective solution

One major factor because of which cross-platform software has become a popular choice amongst businesses regardless of small or big, is that it is a cost-effective investment that saves a lot of time for businesses to function properly.

  •  Makes life easy

Another reason that such software is needed in today’s digital world is that it is user-friendly. It helps users to do their work on different devices with similar experiences easily. 


Why choose Parallels cross-platform software?

Parallels is one of the renowned names for cross-platform software. It helps businesses, public sector organizations, educators and individuals to access applications and files which they require to create an optimal working environment. Through Parallels, one can avail of the best technologies such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Cloud, etc. The cross-platform solution offered by Parallels helps to solve complex engineering and user problems cost-effectively and simply.


Products offered by Parallels

Parallels offer two different categories of products-

  • 1.       For businesses
  • 2.       For home

Products for Businesses

Products for home

Parallels RAS (Remote Application Server)

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition

Parallels Toolbox for Mac & Windows

Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS

Parallels Access

Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition



Highlights of the bestselling Parallels products-


Product name


Parallels Desktop for Mac

A powerful, easy and smooth running solution for windows on Mac. One doesn’t have to reboot. #1 cross-platform software for Mac user

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS)

Access secure usage to virtual applications and desktops through this all-in-one remote working solution

Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS

Full feature Window application can run smoothly including the native Microsoft office on chrome devices, both online and offline mode

Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows

Access more than 30 tools for macOS and Windows 10 with this all-in-one solution

Parallels Access

Easily access applications, files and computers all in one place


How does work?

  • Start by making an account

Visit its website, on the right side of the page, you will find the drop box. Click on it and click ‘my account’ on it. 

  • Explore the products

You can browse Parallels products by clicking the option “Products”, a drop box shall appear which has products categorized – for business and home. You can also click on “All products” to explore the entire categories of the products.

  • Buy or download free trial 

Every product enlisted on comes with the option of “download free trial” so that customers can be 100% sure about the product and its efficiency before making the final purchase.


Efficient Customer Support understands that things like software can be a tricky business for many people which is why it offers 24*7 Contact Support through phone, chat, and email.

After signing in one can avail the chat support through-

  • Phone, emails and chats
  • The support is valid till the subscription period of the product
  • Perpetual licenses have 30 days of phone and chat support and email support is available for 2 years after the release date of the product.
  • Every product on the has an assigned customer support column so that it is easy for customers to find a solution for their issue


Other ways of customer support-

  • - Facebook
  • - Twitter
  • - Parallels community


Verified review- What do people have to say?


Crystal H-

“I like that once installed, I can choose the amount of power dedicated to my Parallels desktop. I can also disable file sharing between the two environments. The Windows environment runs smoothly. And I can have more than 1 Windows environment.”


Wilfrido E

“It's simple to use and setup. There's no unnecessary functionality or things in the way of the user yet it's powerful enough to categorize and maintain a long-term personal log of notes. It helps me get things done”


Will G

“Parallels makes it seamless for myself and my clients to run native Windows apps without ruining the simplicity of their Mac experience. I work with a lot of creatives who have never used windows or hate it. Parallels make it possible to "sell' them on it.



This review has been solely written to enable its readers with the solution of finding the best cross-platform software in today’s time that shall smooth their work as well as save them money. After reviewing every detail, we feel that Parallel helps its customers to access the best of technology without wasting time. Its advanced products, customer support service and verified customer feedback show that Parallels have indeed made lives easier for people who juggle their work or life between Windows and Mac. Not only this, the company’s fair pricing of its products and also giving the free trial period, makes this company stand apart from its competitors. Therefore, if you have been searching for the best cross-platform software, then we would suggest you check out and avail of the cross-platform software that suits your requirements and budget the best.