Pier 1 reviews– The Ultimate In Interior Decor

May 16, 2023

Picture this. You visit your grandma's house over the weekend. Upon entering the house, you are met with out-of-touch sofas and tacky wallpaper, but that comes with the territory, right? 

She shuffles down her shag carpet as you settle into the 60s sink-in sofa, feeling that there's so much you could improve in this space.

Why wouldn’t you? After all, you developed your taste in interiors from the ultra-chic Pier 1. The ultimate in-home décor, there are but few that can claim to be near the level of Pier 1 when it comes to tasteful interiors. 

Join us as we venture into the world of tasteful home furnishings made for all seasons and for all tastes. We will not only dive deeper into their product offering but also take a closer look into what their customers think of them. 

We will read Pier 1 reviews and help you decide whether this should be your next furniture destination. 


A Closer Look 

They say a home isn't a home unless it doesn't reflect a bit of who you are in it if it doesn't remind you of yourself. With Pier 1, you can express your most authentic self with décor items that give a new and graceful twist to what you consider home.

The platform is a complete one-stop shop for all things home deco, putting you in the driver's seat of your home creation journey. They cover the As and the Zs of what it takes to convert an empty space into a warm and loving home. Listed below is their product range –

  • ◾  Candles and fragrances A home cannot feel like one without the ever-lasting scent of scented candles, choose from their premium range and illuminate your home.
  • ◾  Home Furnishings- Furniture shopping has always been challenging. With a wide selection of furniture available, your taste is sure to be served.
  • ◾  Décor and lighting- Whether it be art for the interior or that extra lighting to set the mood, you can’t get better offers than Pier 
  • ◾  Dining and entertainment- If your kitchen sets badly need a revamp, then look no further. Elegant dining sets and entertainment pieces are all available for purchase at an unbelievable value.
  • ◾  Rugs and curtains- Buying rugs and curtains won't be a chore anymore. Buy all kinds of carpets and curtains from the comfort of your home, all at a click's distance.
  • ◾  Outdoor – Add a touch of class to your outdoor space with outdoor decorations that are sure to brighten your outdoor spaces.
  • ◾  Seasonals- Pier 1 reviews say that they curate Seasonal picks for every season. Buy your favorite décor items specially made for the season you're in.


Pier 1 Outlet

Pier 1 Outlet

The Pier 1 outlet warehouse is an exclusive discount store available to all customers who want a real bang for their buck. 

They house all sorts of items that are there in their regular selection, making sure you feel you're getting all the benefits. The warehouse outlet also provides you the opportunity to have a look at a more comprehensive selection of items not available in the main store.

You can find heavy discounts and great offers on all your favorite items. All categories from the main shop are available here as well.

Best Sellers

Best Sellers

The best sellers section is your access to a selection of specially curated popular products. These products span every available category making sure you have every possible aspect of your home interior covered in this section.

This section is committed wholly to providing you with a look into the best of Pier 1, but don’t blink. You might miss your next piece of home furniture.


The Peoples verdict – What Do Pier 1 Reviews Say?

A quick look at the Pier 1 reviews on Trust pilot will tell you that the company has excellent reviews. Customers laud their quality and value as their main points of contentment. Customers have also quoted fast deliveries and easy checkouts as other attributes they like. This has resulted in multiple 5-star reviews for the site.


The Good And The Not So Good

Like every other service, Pier 1 could be better. For their fantastic selection and excellent benefits, they do have certain downsides. 

Pros and cons are unique to every company, and as per Pier 1 reviews, we can see the same applies here. For a more clear picture of their services, we have listed a set of what they get right and what they could improve on- 

Great range of products Occasional misplacement of orders
Consistent quality Unaccounted for deductions to account balances
Collaborative customer service -
Easy-to-navigate website -
Creative décor options -


In A Nutshell

To sum it all up, we recommend Pier 1 to anyone looking to give their living space a new lease of life. A great home is one that feels like an extension of you. With Pier 1, you get access to a wide range of services that make sure you always feel like you're at home.

Additionally, they have a great product range where they make sure your décor needs are covered from end to end. Pier 1 reviews are also favorable and speak to the high opinion that their customers keep of them.

Join the décor revolution today and get your first piece of Pier 1 furniture shipped to you, free of any hassle. 


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