Top 5 Travel trends in post covid world that are reshaping traveling style

May 10, 2022

When Fabiola was heading to the airport at 5 am, all she could think was how will she make it on time to the airport so that she can catch her flight at 7 am? Struggling with her half-sleeping head and lack of caffeine, she managed to get her passport, tickets and luggage stacked with her and luckily, the cab arrived on time and got her to the airport just at the nick of time where her friend was waiting for her.

Pulling out her luggage and sorting her documents, she made her way to the entry point only to be prohibited to enter the airport.

Why? Was she carrying a fake ticket or passport? Or, was she a criminal who was being arrested for bedazzling millions? Was she carrying something illegal? Well, if you are thinking about all these questions, then let us tell you that, no she was not doing any of these things. 


So, then why was she not allowed to enter the airport?

That is because Fabiola was not wearing a face mask; amidst the morning chaos (reiterating the lack of coffee) she had forgotten to wear a face mask for her journey. Yes, she had forgotten for a moment that we are currently living amidst very uncertain times because of the Coronavirus due to which in many places (especially public spaces) wearing a face mask and maintaining social distance is compulsory.

Fortunately, Fabiola’s friend was carrying an extra face mask which came in handy for Fabiola (more like a shining knight) because of which she could finally enter the airport and board the plane for her trip.

Pandemic has changed our lives and has impacted the ways of traveling. Experts have observed that the tourism industry is still reviving from the downfall caused due to the pandemic, but if we continue following some of these new traveling trends, then we can have a much safer and more satisfying traveling experience in the post covid world.


Want to know these top 5 travel trends in the covid world that will help you travel safely in these unsettling times? Read below.


  • No more compromise on health and safety factors

Remember those times when we would enter our hotel rooms and straight crash onto the beds? Well, this might be a thing of the past now as people have become extra conscious about sanitization and cleanliness. It is becoming more and more common to require re-sanitization after checking in. Travelers want hotels and properties to meet certain standards, such as adherence to covid protocols such as vaccination or at least one dose, hand sanitizers near lifts, and body temperature checks upon entry to hotels. 


Considering these new demands (for which people are ready to drop extra bucks as well), the travel industry has been shaping itself to fit its services as per these new travel trends that promote safe and hygienic traveling in actual practice.


  • Flexible policies are new delights 

The introduction of new policies such as free cancellations and 100% refunds has come as a sigh of relief for travelers who do not have to face the burn of charged cancellations or non-refundable reservations due to uncontrollable circumstances caused because of the virus such as sudden lockdowns.


  • Seeking offbeat destinations

Post the pandemic, it has been observed that there is a prevailing sense of getting more connected with life amongst people and maybe that is why people want to isolate themselves from the popular tourist destinations and head towards more secluded options where they can retreat. This doesn’t mean that popular touristy destinations aren’t fulfilling, but it has been observed that after the pandemic, travelers are opting for destinations both domestic and international, which were not quite so popular and are secluded from the hustle-bustle of touristy vibes.


  • Rented properties are the new buzz

Considering the increased health and safety consciousness of people it is no surprise that today people are opting for rented properties as accommodations during their holidays. From studio apartments, trailers to villas, people now rent a property and spend their holidays rather than booking a hotel. 

Experts suggest that this is because, after the covid, people do not want to be in a constant subconscious fear that they might get infected as they are sharing a property with several other people. In rented accommodation, travelers feel more relaxed as they can take care of their hygiene and safety in ways they are more comfortable with.


  • Vaccination is not a joke

Yes, there are many groups who think that Covid vaccinations aren’t necessary, but there are also those who prefer places and people who understand the value and need of vaccinations in order to be safe against the invisible enemy- the coronavirus. Therefore, it has been observed that people are opting to choose to travel in a group only if it’s a vaccinated group. 

Furthermore, the status of hotel staff being vaccinated is also an important factor when selecting the property which is why one can now see that many traveling sites are categorically highlighting whether the staff of a property has been completely vaccinated or has got a single shot.


  • Smooth online services

As covid is still hovering over us, one of the most interesting new trends that have emerged amongst travelers is that people want to be assured that the traveling options they are choosing are safe from all perspectives. From booking holidays through online platforms to having contactless check-in, travelers want these things in line so that they can travel comfortably and safely, rather than getting flustered in crowded lines and increasing the chances of being exposed to the virus.


So, if you have stayed with us till the end, we would want to ask you a question- Do you think these new travel trends make sense? 

Traveling is one of those experiences one can cherish for many years to come, therefore, the smoother and safer a trip is, the greater chance a person would get of experiencing new things. These new trends encourage travelers to travel in a safer, more comfortable manner so that they do not miss out on the experience of exploring a new city because they were too sick to get out of bed. 

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