Online Furniture for the Contemporary Home- Our Pottery Barn Review

August 24, 2023

Homeowners worldwide can agree that furnishing their interiors makes their house a home, a space with unparalleled comfort that gives off that warm feeling that makes you feel like you're at home. To feel like you're in the warm embrace of comfort and happiness. But that's not all. For many, a dwelling serves as a space where they let out their creative inclinations and paint it with the shades of their personality and artistic temperament. 

With such importance assigned to the humble home, there is no doubt about how important it is to have the right store to shop for all your furniture needs from. That’s where we start our case for Pottery Barn, a furnishing brand known for quality, a range of great products that fit almost every palette and taste. So, delve deeper with us and learn more about how to furnish your special place with classic home décor accessories, classy furniture pieces, and more!


Pottery Barn- Tasteful Interiors for Every Home 

The brand is defined by its distinctly tasteful and expansive offering of home furnishings and interior decorations that make it a premier option for most homeowners wanting to give their interiors an update. 

Its upscale products also define it. Known as a luxury furniture brand, Pottery Barn has created a legacy of upscale retailing and luxury products, but what's the history behind the brand, and how has it come to be one of the first choices for any savvy homeowner or interior enthusiast who wants to give their living space the upgrade that it deserves? 

Started by a Manhattan duo of brothers, West Chelsea's Secon brothers Paul and Morris found three barns full of pottery, which they took under their possession and used to start a business. From this, they expanded their presence into seven different locations before selling their shares. After changing hands a few times, the company was acquired by Williams Sonoma, Inc., which propelled the brand to entirely new dimensions. 

After printing its first-ever mail-order catalog in 1988, Pottery Barn got ready to move to entirely new dimensions, launching its famous Pottery Barn Kids line in 1999 and then making the digital move in the year 2000, where it set up its E-commerce website for quick orders and processing, making it one of the first furniture and interior stores to go online at a very early phase of the internet era. 

Unparalleled Home Décor Products- Pottery Barn Today

That's just the history, though. The more important part, though, is where does the company stands today. What's the outlook on the brand in the modern day, and has it held its place as a leading luxury furniture retailer? We would need to take a quick look at their website. 

A look at the official Pottery Barn Website will reveal an opulent User Experience and interface that would be a pleasure for any buyer to go through; with fresh selections and their latest seasonal specials running on the front page, the loading page gives you a playful taste of what you can expect from the brand. 

A deeper look will reveal a variety of options to choose from. A range of tasteful furniture, accessories, and much more awaits you as you click through them. But let's discuss the broader categories first before we dive deeper. 

  • ◾  Furniture- Tasteful interior furnishings for your beloved home space, whether it be your drawing room, your living room, or more.
  • ◾  Outdoor- Curated outdoor furniture options for a more rugged audience, the outdoor options consist of more durable and tactile options. 
  • ◾  Bedding- Relax in comfort and give your bed the love it deserves with solid bedding options from Pottery Barn, made for comfort yet effortlessly stylish.
  • ◾  Bath- The Bath options from Pottery Barn present you with a new way to indulge in taking relaxing baths, made from luxurious materials and suited for every bathroom.
  • ◾  Rugs- Opulent rugs that provide matchless comfort and a luxurious feel. The rugs from Pottery Barn give you an excellent option for styling your interiors. 
  • ◾  Lighting- Light your house with style and luxury and shop the range of lighting choices from Pottery Barn, from lamps to night lights and beyond!
  • ◾  Decor & Cushions- The décor and cushion options from Pottery Barn are your ticket to soft and comfortable interior decorations.
  • ◾  Tabletop- The tabletop options are tasteful decorations that light up your space with the right interior decorations.

These are the broader categories. For your specific needs, you can always take a deeper look into these categories to understand what the perfect fit for your home would be. 


A Tasteful Experience for the Young Ones- Pottery Barn Kids

They say that you should teach them young, instilling great habits and taste from a young age helps the young ones develop the proper habits and attitudes towards tastefulness.

And what could be more tasteful than Pottery Barn, with unique pieces tailor-made for the young ones? Pottery Barn Kids provides them with the taste of luxury and class that one would love for their offspring to have. 

So give your young ones the gift of unparalleled class and luxury with a curated selection of interior furnishings that reflect character, quality, and durability


Aura Points

Purchasing tasteful furniture comes with its own perks and rewards. Other than the fact that it takes your home space to the next level, it also rewards you with Aura points, special points that are awarded to you on your every purchase.  

These points, once accrued, can be redeemed or used across any Pottery Barn or Pottery Barn Kids outlet or online. The more you accrue, the more you're able to spend.


A Touch of Elegance 

Whether you’re out to shop baby furniture or classy pieces for your living space, the brand gives you the opportunity to dive headfirst into a world of exuberant luxury and unparalleled opulence with the selection from Pottery Barn. 

Be it baby gifts or bathroom pieces. The brand covers the world of home furnishings from A to Z. Discover the world of comfort and class with the brand that has changed the face of high-end furnishings and interior accessories.  


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