Pretty Litter Reviews 2022 - Monitor Your Cat's Health

March 20, 2022

We all are pretty strict when it comes to our pet. And if it is a cat, it becomes more important as cats are generally the delicate animals. Here, we are going to review one of the most important things for your cat that is the cat litter. We are going to have a Pretty litter cat review. Let’s get started.

What is Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter is a litter that is designed for cats. It is another form of crystal cat litter that has pH detecting particles which will help in not changing the color of the litter when the cat pees into it. If the cat litter is not healthy, it may cause health problems such as struvite crystals, kidney tubular acidosis and urinary tract infection. Pretty litter is indeed a smart choice for all the cat owners to choose for cats.

What kind of litter does the brand offer?

As of now, Pretty Litter only offers one kind of litter that is a silica crystal litter which is indeed a lightweight silica get crystal litter. Since the brand wanted to be sure of the product, they have developed this product with the team of veterinarians and scientists that are proficient animals and more specifically in cats.

Features of Pretty Litter

To have a fair understanding of why you should be choosing Pretty litter for your fur baby over any other reputed brand providing the same, we are sharing some reasons. Let us have a look at them-

  • Crystal Cat litter- Unlike most of the cat litter companies, Pretty litter makes special cat litter that is crystal litter. These litters are more visible, better and durable than any of the normal cat litters. It has to be big, clear and clean which makes it a better choice for any cat owner.
  • Dust Resistant- Even if you have placed it in a place where you think the dust keeps coming, you do not have to worry about the litter as it is going to be the dust resistant litter in which you are surely not going to find any kind of dust at all. The litter eliminates the dust automatically and ensures the hygiene for your cat.
  • Household Friendly- Most of the cat owners keep their cats at their home and want to keep it clean and hygienic for both, their own and cats. There are some kinds of litters available in the market that makes the mess at home as they are sticky and can be stuck at your cat’s paws. For that, most of the people use mats but even after using it, you can still find your house messy. Using the Pretty litter will also eliminate this concern for your house.
  • Durable- You can expect the litter to be used for longer duration. if you are tired of changing it in every day or two, you can clearly keep it for more than a week without any hassles. It is a long-lasting litter that can last 50% more than any of your ordinary litter.


Pros and cons


  • 1. Highly absorbent
  • 2. Mutli color changing.
  • 3. Dust resistant.
  • 4. Subscription based.


  • 1. Expensive.
  • 2. Non clumpy


Customer Review for Pretty Litter

To know what impact does the cat litter left, you need to know what people think of the product. Here, we are sharing what are the customer review of using this cool and amazing pretty cat litter. So let’s take a look. These testimonials are taken from direct customers of this brand.

“Most owners don’t realize their cats are coping with an illness unless the disease has significantly progressed making treatment more difficult. That’s why I’m so excited about Pretty Litter.” – Dr. DeWire, Veterinarian

“I was skeptical to start. Cats aren’t the only ones who have difficulty changing. But the promise of “not having to lug heavy boxes of litter around,” really spoke to me (and IT’S TRUE!). It comes to your door! And it really works. What kind of magic is this? My male cat is old and peeing a lot, and it was really getting annoying. Until now! I cannot smell anything! And it looks beautiful. Thank you, Pretty Litter. This stuff is so amazing. I can’t wait for my next shipment.” -MicheBel

I love it. It’s light. Easy to use. Gato took to the change very easily. It let me kno in the middle of the month with a slight color change to blue that his urine was becoming more alkaline. Not good. We were able to take action and change his diet accordingly. You’ve made believers out of us.” – Shelley V.

“It’s great, I have a small in-home Sphynx Cattery, with 4 large litter boxes, I transferred two over to pretty litter and the cats are using them instead of old litter, very little tracking and no smell, light weight; so easy to clean boxes instead of heavy clumping.” – Beth C.

“I started using Pretty Litter a few months ago, and I’ll never go back to traditional litter. This stuff is awesome”.  – Anne

“I can’t believe how spoiled I’ve become with this litter”. -G. Gregory

Pretty Litter has been featured on a variety of media including National Geographic Wild, Forbes, and ABC Family.

How much does Pretty cat litter cost?

If you are buying a single 6 pound bag of the Pretty cat litter, then you will have to pay the price of $22. It is available on the main website of the brand as well. If you are buying more, you will be getting more discount.

For eg, if you are buying 2 bags, you will have to pay $40 and for three bags, you have to pay $60. And the shipping cost will be free. If you are buying more, you can contact the website and they will be providing you the discounts for bulk orders.

Is Pretty Litter Safe?

Safety is one of the main concerns for any cat owner. If you are not sure whether the product is safe for your cat or not, then let us tell you that it is a super safe product made from the super absorbent silica gel which can also be eaten by your cat or dog without any side effects (however, not recommended). So you can use this cat litter without a doubt on your mind at all.

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