Prive By Zalando Review- The Luxury of Affordability

July 22, 2023

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about "Luxury"? Your mind may wander to high-quality products, maybe the names of a few brands, and just as you start to get excited, you remember the most significant part of what it means for something to be considered a luxury product, an exorbitantly high price tag. But wait and hold on to your knickers. You gave your idea of what luxury is, now hear what ours is- Prive by Zalando. 

"Fancy name, but what does that do for me?" well, a lot. You see, this brand is the official and only outlet store for top luxury brands at prices that'll make your jaw drop. "Affordable luxury? That's a myth" The disbelief might be real, but so is Prive. With this brand, you can buy from premier luxury brands for heavily discounted prices. 

Their store facilitates your every need, from quality footwear to incredible apparel, across genders and ages! Enjoy your favorite styles and brands with prices that make the deal even sweeter. Keep reading our review to learn more about this brand that had our curiosity at first but now has our full attention!


Price Tags to Drop Your Jaw

A deeper look at the platform reveals they're the perfect candidate for a one-stop luxury shop. Hosting a wide variety of brand names that will shiver most luxury apparel enthusiasts' timbers, Prive by Zalando offers an unbeatable selection that even some luxury brand retailers don't sport, let alone at such lenient prices.

They have a diverse portfolio of brands, a presence across various countries and territories in Europe, and an easy-to-use website that makes them a leading entity for luxury apparel retail. Now join us as we venture further into the brand portfolio of this retailer that is taking the world of luxury apparel retail by storm.



Brands, Brands, and More Brands!

Undoubtedly the most impressive part of the company's offering is its outstanding brand portfolio, featuring top brands from across the board. You can expect to see the likes of fan favorites and more exclusive luxury brands with a lot to offer.

Prive is an initiative of the Larger Zalando, known to have a forte in the footwear department. Starting initially as a brand specializing in footwear retail, it has since expanded its offering to a more holistic apparel experience for connoisseurs of luxury. 

Prive by Zalando offers an impressive selection of top-tier brands across various fashion categories. The brand carefully curates its collection to ensure a diverse range of options that cater to different tastes and preferences. From clothing and shoes to accessories, Prive by Zalando showcases brands that embody quality, style, and exclusivity.

One particular category within Prive's brand lineup is high-end fashion. The collection includes renowned luxury brands such as.

  • ◾  Gucci
  • ◾  Balenciaga
  • ◾  Saint Laurent
  • ◾  Prada 
  • ◾  Gant

These iconic fashion houses are celebrated for their impeccable craftsmanship, premium materials, and timeless designs. Prive provides customers with access to their latest collections and exclusive pieces.

In addition to luxury brands, Prive by Zalando also features up-and-coming designers and emerging labels. This allows fashion enthusiasts to discover new talents and unique styles on the cutting edge of fashion trends. These brands often offer fresh and innovative designs, catering to those who seek to make a fashion statement with a touch of originality.

The platform also showcases contemporary brands that blend modern aesthetics and accessibility. This includes famous names like-

  • ◾  Adidas
  • ◾  Nike
  • ◾  Levi's
  • ◾  Calvin Klein

These brands cater to a broader audience, combining comfort, style, and functionality in their products.

The brand selection is carefully curated to provide customers with diverse options, spanning from luxury to contemporary and emerging designers. This ensures fashion enthusiasts can find the perfect pieces to express their style and stay ahead of the fashion curve.


Home and Lifestyle 

Apparel isn't the only thing the platform covers; however, why let the joy of affordable luxury extend only to your wardrobe when you can be surrounded by it through great home and lifestyle department picks.

Surround yourself with great picks from the home department that offer furniture, indoor décor, and so much more at affordable prices from top home brands. 

With brands like-

  • ◾  Grundig
  • ◾  Joop
  • ◾  Konstsmide
  • ◾  Pier 1

And a variety of other picks that make your house feel like a home, from interior lighting to furniture, to dinner sets, and much more! Embellish your house with only the best, from the best, and for the best.

What Do the Users Say?

We could go on all day about how great the platform is, but what matters in the end is what the consumers think about it. The best way to understand this is by taking a short hop and a skip to Trustpilot.

Trust Pilot is a platform for 100% authentic reviews from verified users who speak their minds. The platform is notorious for being tough on brands and companies, making it all the more viable and trustworthy as the go-to platform for user reviews.

As for Prive, we are happy to report that it has over two pages of 5-star reviews. With customers praising various things about the website, the central aspect that sticks out for us is how they've made some of the most luxurious brands in the world affordable. They offer customers the opportunity to get way more than what they bargained for. 

To give you a more accurate picture of what customers think, whether positive or otherwise, we have created a list of pros and cons that we’ve compiled below.


The Pros and Cons- A Realistic Look

No business is perfect, but the ones that make an effort to improve, innovate, and move forward constantly are the ones that can even come near fitting the bill for being perfect.

Below we’ve listed a variety of pros and cons that come with shopping prive-

Great Brand portfolio Incidents of products not getting delivered
Product Diversity Isolated incidents of unsatisfactory customer service
Affordable prices -
Round-the-year discounts -
Great customer support -
Quick shipping -


In a Luxurious Nutshell

To conclude this review, we would like to recommend Prive and would encourage you to visit their website and have a look at their products for yourself. Luxury has never been so affordable, and with some of the world's best brands under their belt, you can shop confidently.

They also have the confidence of the consumers going on to prove that they have a reputation for delivering on their promises of affordable luxury and a loyal customer base that further strengthens the case for why you should consider them when considering a wardrobe or interior décor upgrade!


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