Professional Edits with WeVideo: Free Online Video Editing Tool

December 06, 2023

This is the era in which everyone could be a master of all and Jack of all trades, as technology allows you to be a pro in every sector irrespective of the fact that you are a novice somewhere. 

All you need to get this tag of ‘Master of all’ is a knowledge of new technologies and trends in the market. 

Editing is one of the significant works in the field of creativity. An editor can make words a reality with beauty, but it takes work. 

Technology has developed tools that make this work easy, even if you learn them with their interactivity features. 

WeVideo is one of the technologies that help newbies in the field of editing and allows you to create your video without seeking help from experts, which causes costs for your project. 

Features and Tools of WeVideo

WeVideo has many stunning and practical features that help users with efficient editing, even for newbies. To do editing in video, you don’t need to be a master in editing who knows Adobe Premier, FPC, and other editing software, which are made for experts in editing. 

In short, video is made for learners and those with zero knowledge of editing software. 

Let’s discuss the features of Wevideo, which tell you why Wevideo is perfect for the novice. 

1.  Online Video Editor

WeVideo offers you to use online video editing tools that help you make videos anywhere and anytime for your personal, school, and professional work with WeVideo's video editor. If you have a problem making videos, Wevideo also provides learning classes to use the app seamlessly and effectively. 

2.  Use Your Phone as Local Library

You can use videos and photos from your phone that you have shot from your own or phone camera. Your phone could be your local library for editing. You need to select and drop on the timeline, and then you can start your editing using practical editing tools. 

3.  Tools for Effectiveness

Wevideo facilitates its users with various editing tools and features, which help create a beautiful and impactful video in less time. You can 

  •  •    Arrange videos in your desired sequence. 
  • •    Tim clips according to your needs and remove the irrelevant section of the video
  • •    You can add music and voiceovers to make your video more effective and informative.
  • •    Titles can add beauty to your video; Wevideo allows you to add text and captions to spread your message effectively. 
  • •    You can also choose the pattern or style of your video and how it will look to the audience, whether in landscape or portrait. 
  • •    With transitions, filters, animations, and more, you can enhance the visibility of your video and add more color to it. 
  • •    Royalty-free video clips, music tracks, photos and illustrations, Motion titles, and Sound effects add value to your video.


4.  Stunning Video Effects

There are some stunning video effects also available, such as 

  • •    Photo animations- to make photos come alive
  • •    Speed control - Alter the speed of your video with effects like slow-motion
  • •    Background blur - Use blurred background to enhance your vertical videos
  • •    Green screen - To change the location of your video to give the appearance that you're anywhere, it is available only in paid plans
  • •    Remove the WeVideo watermark; it is available only in paid plans

5.  Effortless Storage and Sharing

With Wevideo, you can publish your high-quality video, such as up to 4K Ultra HD, which means it is responsible for the quality of work. Along this format, your videos can be vertical or landscape for easy viewing on any device. Furthermore, you can store your product on your device or in the cloud. 

Moreover, you don't want to wait for sharing and looking for easy sharing. In that case, it allows you to communicate directly with your social media sites such as TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook.

6.  Affordable Subscription Services

Here's an overview of the typical subscription plans WeVideo provides:

Free Plan

This plan usually offers limited features and storage, often with watermarked exports and lower-resolution video output. It's primarily designed for basic video editing needs.

Power Plan

This mid-tier plan provides more features, increased storage, higher resolution exports, and the ability to remove watermarks from videos.

Unlimited Plan

As the name suggests, this plan usually offers complete access to premium features, higher storage limits, highest quality exports, and additional perks like advanced editing tools and priority support.

Business/Enterprise Plans

WeVideo may offer customized plans for businesses and enterprises with specific needs, such as team collaboration features, more storage, advanced security, and branding options.

Quickly, you can categorize the subscription plans into different sections:-

  • •    Free**
  • •    Mobile Pass ($5.99 month/ $49.99annual) **
  • •    Power ($9.99 month/ $59.99 annual)***
  • •    Unlimited ($15.99 month/ $95.99 annual)***
  • •    Professional ($35.99 month/ $214.99 annual)***
  • •    Business ($59.99 month/ $349.99 annual)***

Interactive Video with WeVideo

WeVideo aids in online editing learning, and you can consider this the best online video editor for beginners. The following points prove this sentence right:- 

Accessible Platform: Offers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and learning.

Hands-On Experience: Provides practical editing tools for immediate application and experimentation.

Tutorial Resources: Offers guides, tutorials, and how-to videos for step-by-step learning.

Collaborative Environment: Facilitates teamwork and sharing, encouraging learning through collaboration.

Varied Features: Provides diverse editing tools catering to different skill levels.

Real-Time Feedback: Allows immediate feedback and adjustments, accelerating the learning curve.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Online accessibility enables learning at one's pace from any location with internet access.

Project Complete

Now, you have all the information about Wevideo, which can help you use this platform for your benefit. You have deep insight into the features and benefits of video, such as transition tools, filters, text & titles, green screen, and many more, which help you to create scenic beauty in your video. 

Besides this, you can subscribe to the different video plans for exclusive tools to make a perfect video effortlessly. 

Furthermore, you have detailed information about the subscription plans, from which you can choose the perfect one. 

So, the time has arrived to use the information and fulfill your editing demand without looking for an expert. With the free online video editor services of WeVideo, video editing is no more difficult now.