The Ralph Lauren Review: An Instinct for Excellence

May 23, 2023

Very few names come to mind immediately when you think of "legacy." Yet, in the world of fashion, Ralph Lauren is a name that will come first to your mind.

A carefully created legacy that has been enjoyed by enthusiasts of fashion through generations, finding brands with the same pedigree as Ralph Lauren is a complex undertaking. 

Curating classics since 1967, the brand has grown into a juggernaut, speaking to its quality and class in a marketplace that was and still is highly competitive. Fashion is an instinct that Ralph Lauren has cultivated over years of research, development, and evolution.

Today we endeavor into the curious world of Ralph Lauren, exploring thoroughly what makes them as iconic as they are.


The Beginning of It All

Fifty-six years ago today, in a congested "single drawer" office, as the New Yorkers would call it, a man named Ralph was busy creating a line of clothing he knew would be iconic.

You see, Mr. Lauren used to work with Beau Brummel, a prominent tie manufacturer, but he didn't just want to be an obscure face in a line, no. That would be the furthest you could ever go from describing Mr. Lauren, a man of vision, creativity, and endless ideas. He was an idealist and a hard worker.

From his experience, he convinced his boss to allow him to start his line. Day and night were inseparable from him. In pursuing his dream, the concept of workdays was obscure. He delivered and designed his products himself.

But success is never far for those who chase it. The man partnered with the department store Bloomingdales which exclusively sold his ties in their store. 

After that began the meteoric rise of the Ralph Lauren Corporation, styling themselves as a brand that sold clothes for those seeking the elite American lifestyle, the emblem of the patented polo player on the chest became more of a crest, denoting fashion royalty, made for those with a taste for the finer things in life.

Polo Royalty – The Iconic Offering

Polo Royalty – The Iconic Offering

Among all the polos available today, few are as distinct as Polo by Ralph Lauren; not only did the brand pioneer the term "Polo" regarding the beloved classic tee with a color, an emblem, and half-sleeves. But the brand also constantly innovated and expanded its offering.

Making what they offered a timeless classic, fit for every generation, every season, and every taste. Below we have listed what you can expect to find when shopping for the Ralph Lauren experience- 

  • ◾  Polo T-Shirts

  • ◾  Casual Shirts 

  • ◾  Jumpers and Cardigans

  • ◾  Hoodies and Sweatshirts 

  • ◾  Jackets and Coats 

  • ◾  Jeans

  • ◾  Shorts and Swimwear

  • ◾  Trousers

  • ◾  Formal Shirts

  • ◾  Suits

  • ◾  Blazers

  • ◾  Tracksuits 

  • ◾  Sleepwear 

  • ◾  Loungewear

  • ◾  Unisex Collection 

Ralph Lauren believes in consistency, and that’s why it offers the same collections across the board. Be it a man, woman, or child. Everyone gets to experience the American dream. 

They also offer a variety of accessories to touch up your look with the generous help of class. Be it wallets, watches, sunglasses, or other accessories, and you need never look further than Ralph Lauren if you want unparalleled luxury clothing and accessories in your wardrobe.


Customer Opinions – What Do Shoppers Think

Customer Opinions – What Do Shoppers Think

The iconic offering would never be so if enthusiasts disapproved of them. To understand what customers think about the brand's legacy, we take a short detour to Trust Pilot. 

A quick lookup at the phrase “Ralph Lauren review” reveals that customers have an exceptionally positive outlook on the brand. With pages worth of 5-star reviews, we couldn't hope for a better outcome.

Widely renowned for its quality, customers jokingly remark that their polos would outlast them. Apart from the quality, the brand has an instantly recognizable logo and branding, making it something you can wear confidently.


What’s Good (and What’s Not)

Customers have a lot of praise regarding Ralph Lauren, but like every other brand, it could be better. For the sake of clarity and transparency, we have listed below a variety of pros and cons that come with purchasing something from the brand – 

High-quality clothing Incidents of items not being delivered
Great range of colors  Refund processing issues in some incidents 
A varied range of accessories  -
Supporting customer support team -
Fast deliveries  -


Polo Ralph Lauren – Is It Worth The Hype?

Yes, readers, we indeed have reached the end. But the question still needs to be answered, and our ralph lauren review needs to be completed, is the brand genuinely worth the hype? Per our reading of Ralph Lauren's jeans review and other products, a resounding yes is the answer. 

Not only are the products of high quality but the brand is well recognized and has a global presence. A Polo or any other article of clothing through their selection would be recognized instantly. 

We want to conclude our ralph lauren review by saying - Tradition, legacy, and pedigree that's Ralph Lauren.


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