Record, Capture, & Summarize: Your Meeting Assistant

December 20, 2023

The real meaning of Artificial Intelligence is ‘Assistant in Issues,’ which means someone can help you with your issues and give you a solution. Artificial Intelligence is fulfilling its objectives and making human lives easier than expected. 

It is a part of daily life, whether professional or personal. You have Alexa to assist in driving, cooking, and lighting your homes. Siri can make calls, message someone, open apps, and do many more activities on your phone and computer. 

This article will tell you about Artificial intelligence, which could be your meeting assistant. Yes, provides facilities for taking notes of meetings, creating summaries, Real-time AI Transcription, recording audio, capturing slides, and generating AI meetings. 

AI Meeting Summary

Artificial intelligence is made to make your work easier, even making records. Online meetings are the new market trend, emerging rapidly in business. Even after the pandemic, it takes a lot of hype. It is easy to take notes and even memorize the critical points of a meeting in physical or face-to-face mode. But now, online meetings such as meetings on Zoom are the most common mode of communication. 

Online meetings can be recorded, but it is difficult to summarise the discussion as you have no time to take notes, and the person on the other side of the screen needs to learn about your state of mind. 

The best to summarize the meeting is with the help of, as it allows collaboration with team members in live chats, adding comments online, and highlighting the key points. 

Record Meeting

With the help of, team members can record the meeting when it is happening. This feature of helps the team members make meeting minutes quickly, as they can go through the forum again and use the recording. 

This enhances the ability of the team member to make MoM, as the detailed report is created, because of the facility to hear it again and again as much required. 

AI Meeting Note Taker

Even if you don’t want to waste your time making meeting notes from recording, has the feature to automatically make notes of the meeting, even faster than any human. That is why it is called the AI meeting note taker. 

Set Reminder

In a busy schedule, there is a chance of forgetting some crucial meetings of the day, or you need to understand the dates; this may cause harm to your business, even your impression in front of others. eliminates this chance of missing meetings. You can connect your Google or Microsoft account with Otter, which knows all the information about your upcoming appointments. It reminds you about your meetings and automatically joins them if your session is on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet.

Chat Live and Get Answers Instantly

With, all the team members can chat live and raise their queries in the meeting without disturbing the Speaker and any other team members. Then, the Speaker immediately replies to your questions and instantly solves the problem. This means fastens the communication between the two. 

Did You Missed Something- No to Worry

If you have missed some part of the meeting, Otter will fill the passage for you. You can review the forum and get the information you want as it records the forum. 

It also prepares the summary automatically, so you do not even have to waste your time watching recordings; outlines will help you find the answers to your questions. is more than just helpful; you're third during the meeting. It helps you in all three stages:-

  • •   It helps you in planning before the meeting.
  • •   Capture slides, record meetings, and engage your teammates during a meeting 
  • •   Last, it helps you collaborate easily for meeting notes and summaries after a meeting.

Before Your Meeting- Plan takes all the responsibility for your meetings, as it is connected to your Google or Microsoft calendar; in this way, it can easily prepare your OtterPilotTM to auto-join Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet to take and share meeting notes. No worries if you are running late or can’t make the meeting - OtterPilot will still take notes.

During Your Meeting- Capture Slides and Engage 

Capture slides

It records audio and takes notes in real-time, even capturing the important slides for you. You can easily capture slides and save them for later use. You can highlight critical takeaways to reference anytime. 


Once you highlighted some points during the meeting, they were automatically added to the takeaways panel. Afterward, you can tag your teammates and inform them about the critical issues requiring more focus. It reduces the time spent on analytical studies and enhances engagement time. 

After the Meeting- Collaborate      

Otter will create an Automated Meeting Summary with hyperlinks to the notes and slides. Otter automatically emails the summary to all the meeting participants. Search, read the letters, and playback the audio. Assign any additional action items or add comments or questions to the notes.

Jack of All Trade is not just meant for the business sector; you would be amazed that it is also helpful in education, media, transcription, and sales. Let’s discuss how it is beneficial in all these sectors. 

For Business

You have already told how Otter is a helping hand for the people of the business sector. Some points still need to be discussed. 

Keyword Search and Highlighting: Users can search through transcriptions for specific keywords or topics, making it easier to find relevant information within lengthy conversations or documents. also allows users to highlight important points for emphasis or future reference.

Integration with Other Tools: integrates with various productivity tools and platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and others, making capturing and transcribing conversations within these applications seamless. Integration with CRM systems or project management tools can streamline workflows.

Customization and Accuracy: Users can train the AI to recognize specific terms, names, or technical jargon used within their industry or organization, thereby improving the accuracy of transcriptions over time.

Security and Privacy: prioritizes data security and offers encryption for stored data, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.

For Sales 

Otter helps in pitching and training the employees for better performance. It even helps in follow-ups.

Better Follow-Ups: Transcriptions provide a comprehensive record of conversations, making it easier to follow up with clients or prospects. Sales reps can revisit discussions to understand client needs better and tailor follow-up communications accordingly.

Training and Coaching: Sales managers can use to transcribe sales calls for training purposes. By reviewing these conversations, managers can identify coaching opportunities, highlight successful strategies, and provide feedback to improve the sales team's performance.

Documentation and Compliance: Transcriptions serve as documentation for agreements, negotiations, or compliance purposes. A written record of conversations can be crucial in clarifying terms, resolving disputes, or adhering to regulatory requirements.

Integration with CRM: can integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, seamlessly transferring transcribed data into client records. This integration streamlines workflows, ensuring sales teams have accurate and updated client information.

Pitch and Presentation Enhancement: Sales professionals can use transcriptions to refine sales pitches, presentations, or proposals. Extracting key points or client pain points from transcriptions can help tailor pitches for future meetings.

For Education

Yes, Otter also helps the education sector and benefits teachers and students. 

Lecture Transcription: can transcribe live lectures or recorded audio/video content in real time. This feature helps students by providing accurate and detailed notes that can be used for studying, revising, or referencing later. It's particularly beneficial for students who may have missed a class or require additional support.

Language Learning: can help learners transcribe conversations or audio content in different languages. This feature allows students to practice listening comprehension and improve language skills by reviewing transcriptions.

Collaboration and Group Projects: enables students working on group projects to transcribe discussions and meetings. This assists in documenting group decisions, dividing tasks, and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS): can integrate with various LMS platforms, allowing seamless sharing and incorporation of transcribed content into the educational curriculum.

For Media

Interview Transcription: can transcribe interviews in real time or from recorded audio for journalists and reporters. This feature assists in accurate and detailed note-taking, ensuring that quotes and essential information are captured precisely.

Content Creation: Content creators, including podcasters, YouTubers, and bloggers, can use to transcribe their spoken content. These transcriptions can be repurposed as captions, blog posts, or articles, making content more accessible to a broader audience and improving SEO.

Editing and Review: Editors and content producers can use to transcribe rough drafts or raw footage. This allows them to review content more efficiently, identify critical points, and streamline editing.

Archive and Research: Media organizations can use to create searchable archives of audio content. This makes it easier to retrieve information for fact-checking, research purposes, or revisiting past interviews and reports.

Integration with Editing Software: integrates with various editing and production tools, allowing seamless transfer of transcribed content into editing software. This streamlines the workflow for media professionals.

Legal and Compliance: In media, accurate records of interviews and discussions are essential for legal and compliance purposes. helps create reliable transcripts that can be used as legal documentation.

For Transcription

Audio Input: Users can provide audio input to in various ways, including live recordings, uploaded audio or video files, integrations with conferencing platforms (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet), or through direct recording within the app.

Speech Recognition:'s speech recognition technology utilizes machine learning models trained on vast amounts of audio data. It processes the audio input, breaking it down into smaller segments and identifying speech patterns, words, and phrases.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): The AI engine of employs natural language processing techniques to understand the context, grammar, and semantics of spoken content. This step helps improve transcriptions' accuracy and identify speaker identification where applicable.

Contextual Understanding: doesn't just transcribe words; it also tries to understand the context of the conversation. This involves recognizing different speakers, identifying conversation flow, and distinguishing between similar-sounding words or phrases based on context.

Machine Learning and Training: continuously learns and improves its transcription accuracy through machine learning. The AI algorithms analyze user interactions, corrections, and feedback to refine their transcription capabilities. Users can also train to recognize specific vocabulary or terminology.

Transcription Output: Once the AI processes the audio, it generates a real-time transcript displayed in real-time within the app or dashboard. The transcript is time-stamped, indicating when each word or phrase was spoken and can be easily edited, searched, shared, or exported into various file formats.

What Else Left? has done everything for you, from making notes in meetings, scheduling them, recording, engaging, and even helping in pitching and presenting. It will not be fair if Otter is discussed in business or sales; it also helps in education and transcription, as it helps everybody in the virtual world. is the best AI for meeting assistants, and it does all the work that an assistant does for you and takes your care. It has nothing left behind.