Redbubble Review 2022 - Is it Safe To Buy From Redbubble, Are They Reliable?

February 20, 2022

Redbubble is a global online marketplace where you may order printed things on demand based on artwork contributed by users. This platform was founded in 2006 in Australia, and the firm now has operations in Berlin and San Francisco. Redbubble is a legitimate company. It is not a con since they will provide you with the service for which you have paid.

This Redbubble review will investigate Redbubble in order to address all of your queries. It's a fantastic fulfilment business that provides high-quality, speedy printing services when you need them, and they offer a wide range of items to choose from.


Functions and Features:

With print on demand outfits on the market, Redbubble has a lot of the same qualities. However, because it is a stand-alone service, it does not provide any apps or assistance for connecting to other platforms like as Shopify or WooCommerce. This means you won't be able to sell your items through Shopify, but you may upload your logos and designs to Redbubble and sell them there. When you sell your items through their platform, managing your whole collection becomes more easier and less time consuming. The disadvantage is that there is no branding, and you are unable to create your own name and brand in the manner that you like. You'd be a Redbubble artist, which isn't necessarily a bad thing unless you require your own branding and shop, in which case you'd have to utilise another provider. This platform is really easy to use in terms of operations. You just establish an account, then upload the unique designs and logos you've created and display them on any items you wish to attract more customers and market. The best part is that you get to choose your profit margin on each product. Because everything else you get goes straight to your wallet, our platform will only charge you for your base pricing. For example, if the base price of a t-shirt is $5, and the selling price is $15, you have generated a profit of $10. There is no such thing as a Redbubble hoax. Continue reading the Redbubble review to learn how to create an account.


Is it legit?

Of course it is; there is no such thing as a Redbubble hoax. It's a legal firm that prints on demand and provides outstanding service to artists and customers. When using the platform, you don't have to worry about anything because everything is taken care of.

All you have to do now is upload your artwork and choose which elements it should reflect. You don't have to worry about the manufacture or shipment because Redbubble takes care of everything. It is quite safe, and your money is never at risk. When you achieve the minimum line in earnings, timely payments will be issued to your account. Whether you're a client looking for a bespoke t-shirt or a phone case, Redbubble has you covered. Let's take a deeper look at the benefits and drawbacks of Redbubble to round up our Redbubble evaluation.




  • 1. The item's quality: This platform has a large selection of things made from high-quality materials. High-quality ink is used to print the artwork, ensuring that it will endure a long time.
  • 2. They ensure that transactions are secure: The platform employs the most up-to-date methods, as well as 256-bit SSL encryption, which safeguards your information when you make a purchase.
  • 3. You may obtain one-of-a-kind designs: Independent artists created each logo or design that appears on the site. Despite the fact that designers may utilise their designs on a number of goods, your product will undoubtedly stand apart.
  • 4. They only print on demand: You may select your chosen style as a gift or for yourself, with a variety of logos and artwork reflected on various things.



  • 1. The main downside is that when you receive your chosen designs, they are likely to appear different. A screen may alter shadows, forms, and colours, and you can end up with something you didn't anticipate. It is possible that your things will take some time to arrive.



This platform has a simple pricing policy. Every product found on Redbubble has a base price which all customers can see and the designers can set. You can choose to have a percentage markup applied to every product and category. For instance, a ten per cent markup on every product your design appears on. You can also place the markup percentage on just one particular category, such as ten per cent for phone cases, fifteen per cent for clothing etc. Finally, you may pick the number based markup on some items or categories or every product. The only part Redbubble collects is the base price, everything else is yours.