Hosting Review - Everything You Need To Know

January 10, 2022

All about the features and tools of

Establishing a business is the first step of expanding your services. But if you don’t invest in getting a website for your business, then you’ll probably not find potential customers. The internet has become a powerful tool that connects us to people. Companies employ it to generate revenue and eCommerce services. Whether you want to buy and sell something or wish to showcase your skills, a professional website can do the work for you.

Since there are lots of website hosting companies in the market, you may find yourself confused among them. A web hosting company ensures that your website is visible to the viewers. It also offers different tools and features to help you build a website. Interesting, isn’t it? That’s not it. Here we have reviewed, a web hosting company to make things easy for you. So, sit tight and gather all the information.


About is a company that assists big and small businesses in achieving online solutions. It offers different types of hosting services and tools to make your work easy. You can create your own website and run it online with efficiency. The company also has a DIY website builder to make the work super simple for you.

Who should use it?

Though’s services are suitable for all the business types, most of them are made keeping in mind the requirements of medium-sized businesses and WordPress users. This section of users does not find reliable services everywhere. This is the major reason behind the popularity of as it has a plethora of services to help medium businesses expand their reach.


Creating a website is just the beginning. Once you’ve purchased a plan and created a domain name, you can move forward with other features as well. These include customizing the website design by choosing an attractive and user-friendly website template and theme. has a collection of some amazing themes that can make your website stand out. Other features include tools for making transactions, unlimited bandwidth, and the list goes on.

Pricing and packages

Let’s talk about the downside of’s pricing before we discuss the glowing sections. The annual renewal cost for the plan is $38 which is very high. In contrast to this, almost all other competitors charge you $5 to $25 for the same. So, this is a section where stays behind.


Hosting features offers several websites hosting features to its customers. You get to enjoy the following features:

CodeGuard: This tool is responsible for managing the backups of your website. This ensures that no data is lost under any circumstances.

SSL Certificate: In all the packages, you receive a free SSL certificate to make the transactions and data logins safe and secure.

SiteLock: The tool works as an anti-virus. It protects your site from all kinds of viruses and malware.

MyTime Support: This tool is responsible for assisting the users in building their websites with ease.

WordPress Hosting is very popular for providing multiple themes that can elevate your blog's aesthetics. All of these themes and plugins are for free. So, you can easily customize your blog and website. The WordPress website you create is fast and responsive. This is one of the major advantages of buying a web hosting plan from

Customer Support

The company provides 24x7 customer support to its customers. The team can be reached by telephone. You can give them a call and the team will solve your query in no time.

Now that you have understood the features, tools, packages, and functioning of, you can make a sound choice. Go ahead and enhance your business online.