Make Moments Memorable With Luminar Neo: The Photo Editing Software

January 09, 2024

Pictures are like mirrors. They carry a lot of memories and life scenarios that remind you of your best time. What if your memories are adorned with some extra stars and pearls? 

Technology innovates some image editing software and apps so that you can rectify some mistakes and unwanted things from your picture and enhance the beautification and presence of your photo. 

Luminaire Neo is one of them; these AI-powered tools and features eliminate the need for photo studios and photo editing experts to enhance the look of your photos. 

Here are the details on the tools and specifications of Luminar Neo.

Subscribe and Unlock Advance Features

Luminar Neo has many affordable subscription plans to make photo editing seamless. You can even unlock some advanced image editing software. 

One-time Purchase

Skylum often allows users to make a one-time purchase of their software, allowing indefinite use of the software version purchased. This plan typically includes software updates within the version purchased but might only have access to future significant releases with an additional purchase.

Subscription Plans

Skylum might offer subscription-based plans that provide users access to the latest software version, updates, new features, and support for the subscription period. Subscription plans often offer more flexibility and ongoing access to the latest features and improvements.

Different Tiers or Versions

Sometimes, companies like Skylum offer different tiers or versions of their software at varying prices, providing users with options based on their needs and preferences. These tiers offer different feature sets or capabilities.


Cancel Any Time

It is optional that once you subscribe to the Luminar Neo, you can cancel it and be compelled to subscribe repeatedly. It can be withdrawn at any time whenever you think that you don't need it. 

For this, you need to cancel the auto transaction before 24 hours in advance to end the current period.  


It isn't enjoyable if there is a repetitive process of subscription you need to do every month. But Luminar Neo is giving you the option of auto-renewals for those who want to skip the repetitive task. Once you activate this feature, Luminar Neo automatically deducts the amount for your chosen purchase from your iTunes account.


Luminar Neo offers enormous features and tools for elegant photo editing work. Using Luminar Neo, you can resize, enhance, and brighten the photo. Along with this, you can also erase the sky and correct the picture's colors. 

Luminar Neo includes:

Image Resizer

Image Saturation

Sepia Filter

Body Photo Editor

Batch Photo Editor &

Portrait Bokeh Effect

Color Photo Editor

Accent AI

Image Color Replacer

Photo Blemish Remover

Darken Image

Auto Photo Editor

Grain Filter

Blur Backgrounds

Precise Image Recolor

Add Noise to Image

Sky Replacement

Photo Filters

Dehaze Filter

Straighten Image

Fade Images

Image Eraser

RAW Photo Editor

Removing Peoples

Clone Tool

Image Tinter

Skin Retouching

Selective Color

Photo Unblur

Transparent Background

Flip Image

Photo Enhancer

Photo Restoration

Golden Hour Tool

Neon & Glow Editor

4K Image Upscaler

Image Brightener

B&W Photo Editor

Blending Images

Change Background Color

Motion Blur Effect


Photo Editor with AI Power

Luminar Neo is powered with Artificial Intelligence to level up your editing capabilities. Next-generation AI-powered tools help you to change your raw files into stunning and unique photos with excellent color tone, warmth, and creative filters. AI enables you to push your boundaries and create spectacular pictures. 

AI technologies are designed to streamline photographers' challenges with scene manipulation, removing unwanted objects, and expanding the canvas of a photo.

Let's discuss some of them.


It helps to erase the distractions and fills the gap with AI-generated textures and elements. It increases the clarity of the picture.


As its name suggests, it adds new dimensions, visuals, and original images and expands the boundaries of your photo. 


Swap means the replacement of relevant elements with irrelevant ones. Luminar Neo's easy photo editing software effortlessly replaces specific elements with AI-generated visuals.

Sky AI

Some pictures have sky areas, but you find them irrelevant and want to remove them. With the AI-powered features of image editing software, you can replace the sky automatically.

Studio Light

Studio photoshoots are best in quality, or if you have an iPhone, only then can you capture the best lighting pictures the studio likes. But with Luminar Neo image editing software, you can replicate lighting effects like expensive studio equipment.

Neon and Glow

In Luminar Neo, AI-powered photo editing adds captivating lighting effects and effortlessly blends neon elements in your photos.

Skin AI 

Everyone wanted to look beautiful and perfect in the picture. Luminar Neo detects and removes all skin imperfections while preserving pores, texture, and hair.

Atmosphere AI

Sometimes, the atmosphere, like fog, mist, and haze, could be better for the picture. They affect the beauty of the image. But with Luminar Neo, you can simulate weather effects realistically using content-aware 2D to 3D depth reconstruction.

Expert Membership 

Luminar Neo also has a membership program for beginners to learn how to edit photos with Luminar Neo. With this membership program, newbies could unlock these features:- 

  • •  Educational video library- To understand the techniques and tools of photo editing.
  • •  300 exclusive Presets or LUTs- Helps to build your style
  • •  300 unique Skies or Overlays- Make your photos breathtaking.
  • •  30% OFF bundles of assets by Team Skylum- To get access to a bundle of creative tools.
  • •  15% Luminar Marketplace discount
  • •  Exclusive community- Get access to exclusive free webinars and photo editing events.

Experience the Studio Quality

These Artificial intelligence tools flourish your memories and beautify your diary with more pearls of color, tone, and texture. 

Adjusting your color tone, erasing unwanted elements, and swapping authentic images in the raw files can all be done with one app, Luminar Neo. You experience the studio quality with this. Beautifies your memories with these tools to make them more memorable