Saatva Mattress Reviews (2022) - Read This Before Buying

January 21, 2022

We know how crucial it is to have a good sleep and believe it or not, one of the factors on which your sleep depends is your choice of mattress. There are tons of mattresses brands available these days but while filtering the best, we got to know about one of the most known mattress brands, the Saatva mattress. 

In this article, we are solely going to focus on the variety of Saatva mattresses and will figure out whether it is genuinely a good one for your sleep or not. So let's get started. 

Saatva mattresses are known for being the best innerspring mattresses they sell. Be it comfort, luxurious sleeping experience, or quality foam, this mattress is pretty much all that we expect from a mattress brand. But wait, these are the things that the brand claims to have. But is that all true? We have invested a lot of time and research while writing this review so let's take a look. 

A Quick Overview of Saatva Mattress

The brand Saatva mattresses are specialized in making direct-to-consumer luxury mattresses. They sell their product under three brand names which are, Saatva, Loom and Leaf, and Zenhaven. The idea to keep three distinct brand names is originated from selling three varieties. The brand Saatva sells the airbed and Solaire, the brand Loom and leaf sells the all-foam mattresses, and the brand Zenhaven sells latex mattresses. 

The Saatva Mattress comes with two layers of polyfoam, two layers of coils, and a very thin layer of memory foam. You will get three options that are Luxury firm, Plush Soft, and the Firm. It comes in two height options that are 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. The 11.5-inch version comes in the average thickness category while the 14.5-inch option falls in a premium thickness range.


Construction of Saatva Mattress

Now let's take a glance at the construction of Saatva Mattress. We are sharing the whole material used to build each layer and how it will help the user. 


All the Saatva mattresses you'll witness will come with a cover that is made with organic cotton that aids in increasing the softness of the mattress and making it breathable. To make the mattress's top make a pillow top, it will also be filled with soft foam.

Comfort Layers

As said above, the Saatva mattress is all about comfort. They take care of your comfort and hence come with a pillow top. Additionally, it has a thin layer of memory foam that aids in pressure relief to the top of the mattress.

Support Layers

The Saatva Mattresses come with a dual set of steel coins. Talking about the first layer, it has micro-coils that not only support but offer contouring for users. Then there comes a high-grade thick coil layer that is mainly for providing the support and is apt for heavy sleepers. 

Height of Mattress

As mentioned above as well, the Saatva mattress comes in two sizes, one is 11.5 inches which is an average one whereas the other one is 14.5 which is the premium one.


Saatva Mattress Performance 

Discussing the most vital part of any mattress, the performance of the Saatva Mattress is an essential part to know. In order to understand it better, we have tried and tested it on various group of people on the basis of their body weight and has come up with an unbiased verdict on the same. 

You must know that your body weight and sleeping position are two significant elements for picking up the right mattress for you. Each body position and weight requires a different amount of support. Let us witness it for each body type and sleeping position-

For Light sleepers weighing under 130lbs

  • For light back sleepers- If you're a light back sleeper, you're going to get an immense amount of firm support from the mattress. It will be perfect for your sleeping position. 
  • For light side sleepers- For a light side sleeper, we would say that the mattress is a little too firm as they require more pressure relief around their shoulder and hips. 
  • For light stomach sleepers- Again, it works amazing for light stomach sleepers as it will keep your shoulder in line and your hips lifted.

For average weight sleepers weighing between 130 lbs to 250 lbs

  • For average back sleepers- If you're sleeping against your back, you will be able to enjoy the mattress as it will keep your back in a neutral position that would help in back pain.
  • For average side sleepers- Again, for side sleepers, it could be a bit too firm. However, trying the soft model instead of the luxury firm will work for your sleeping position.
  • For average stomach sleepers- Unlike the side sleepers, it works fine for the stomach sleepers. You will get your shoulder and hips aligned while using the Saatva mattress. 

For Heavy sleepers weighing over 250 lbs

  • For back sleepers- If you're slightly heavy and prefer sleeping against your back, you should go for this mattress as it will offer you great support.
  • For the heavy side, sleepers-You should try a softer version from the Saatva brand as this might not be suitable for you.
  • For Stomach sleepers- You will need a little more support than the brand offers for keeping your spine aligned. However, trying the Saatva HD would work for you.


Other factors to be considered

Apart from the construction and the performance, there are many more factors important to be considered. Let us talk about them here-

Sleeping hot or cold

Although we had the impression that the Saatva mattress is a cooling mattress but it turned all opposite. Since it is an innerspring mattress with two layers of coils, it gives enough space for air to flow through the mattress. But the organic cotton cover makes it gain good heat which makes it a non-cooling mattress. 

Motion transfer

If the mattress is not just for one person, motion transfer plays a vital role. Mostly hybrid, innerspring, and responsive foam mattresses are way too bouncy and won't absorb the motion from your partner. And so as Saatva mattress does. You can expect a good amount of motion transfer while using the mattress.

Edge support

Talking about the edge support, it is a considerable element especially for couples as it will let them sleep to the edge of the mattress that gives a satisfactory amount of sleeping surface. And the Saatva mattress gives amazing edge support in both sitting and lying down positions.


You must buy a mattress that is durable as most of the time you don't buy a new mattress for 5-10 years after buying one. And the Saatva mattress is a durable mattress that could last for around 10 years easily. 


Saatva mattress contains coils that give those unnecessary sounds while sleeping. However, we still did not witness any such noise even while changing position or moving around. Having said that, it also makes a worthy mattress for couples. 

Pros and cons 

Let us now read the following advantages and disadvantages of using the Saatva mattress.


  • High-quality mattress with an excellent value
  • Amazing for back sleepers
  • Apt for people switching sleeping positions
  • Durable and sturdy. 
  • Comes with a top pillow feature
  • Recommended for orthopedic mattresses users.


  • Not apt for lightweight sleepers.
  • Not a super soft mattress



For the pricing, refer the table given below.






38" x 75"


Twin XL

38" x 80"



54” x 75”



60" x 80"



76" x 80"


California King

72" x 84"


Split King

76" x 80"


Split California King

Two 38" x 80" pieces



Our verdict

After going through all the aspects of using the Saatva mattress from its making to its performance, we can surely say that it is worth buying a mattress for people who are suffering from back pain, for people who like changing sleeping positions, and also for those who like sleeping peacefully. The disadvantages of the mattress are comparatively less than the advantages. Therefore, it's a thumbs up from our end.

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