Samsonite Review (2023): Luggage or Baggage?

May 09, 2023

Heading out for a vacation? Or trying to travel long hours for a living? Having a backpack or luggage set is an absolute necessity for travel, sometimes even more so than other essential supplies.

Whenever luggage manufacturers are brought up in a conversation, it sounds unfair not to name Samsonite. The globally renowned manufacturer has something in their store for every traveler.

If you are looking to dig in deep to understand more about the firm and whether their reviews are genuine or do the audience feels otherwise, follow our lead today as we have a detailed Samsonite review waiting just around the line for you.


The Origins of Samsonite

Ever since 1910, Samsonite has been offering traveling products for all kinds of ventures. With more than a century's worth of experience, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the brand has carved its own identity in the industry.

The products usually are a great blend of business casuals and journeymen. In simpler terms, this Samsonite review will state how the products are for everyone.


The Audience of Samsonite

Categorizing products doesn't seem like a great idea unless it involves a lot of traveling or moving. From what we understood with this Samsonite review, the products are perfect for people who frequently fly since they would want luggage sets to be dependable, with the additional benefit of backpacks that can store a bunch while being economical in size.


Extraordinary or Exaggerated: The Luggage Review

Extraordinary or Exaggerated: The Luggage Review

1. Samsonite Carbon 2-2 Piece Set 

Tired of carrying your luggage like a hipster on a world tour? Pick up the carbon 2-2 to ooze class with your clothing and your case. It is basically a pair of rolling suitcases that are built for cool customers across the globe.

The carbon exterior is responsible for protecting the possessions from any kind of drops and shocks while offering scratch-proof packaging. Navy, red, and silver are the 3 colors available, so pick your poison accordingly.

What sets it apart from the average luggage is that you can move it even when it is kept upright, courtesy of the four wheels on the bottom that are also multidirectional. In simpler terms, it means that they can spin, roll, and rotate in any direction at any given moment.

You can make it your personal voyage companion at just $190.


2. Samsonite Tenacity 3 Piece Set BP/21″/25″

This is the perfect backpack for a nuclear family or if you just planned a trip with 2 of your other friends, provided that they can fit in close quarters. The dimensions of the backpack are 18x12x8.5.

This 3-piece perfection by Samsonite carry-on-sized luggage is made from polyester and medium-sized standard luggage. Apart from the backpack, all the other items included come with four spinning wheels, advanced interlocking zippers, and the Smartsleeve technology, brought to you by Samsonite itself.

For a mere price of $160, this luggage set can be your next travel companion.


3. Samsonite Novaire 2 Piece Set 

Nobody from our side of the world ever really understood how luggage could look this sweet. This 2-piece set is so neat that you can show up to one of the best parties, and Tupac's "All Eyez on Me" would start playing.

The outer casing is made from polycarbonate and offers more than what meets the eye. The classy exterior provides protection from scratches and dents, while the material lining keeps the shape of the product intact.

Every piece comes with a large suitcase and a carry-on bag, so it doesn't get lonely for the case. Both offer four omnidirectional spinning wheels, internal straps for safeguarding goods, handles that are adjustable, and a TSA-approved lock, with customization available.

The price tag might leave you amused, priced at $336, but the luggage set would have the same effect on people wherever you go with it.

This brings an end to the Samsonite luggage review.

Light Travels? The Backpack Review

Light Travels? The Backpack Review

1. Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit Laptop Backpack

Looking for an all-purpose backpack? Your search ends here. The backpack is everything a human could need, and the versatility isn't the most impressive aspect by a mile. Customers are in awe of its laptop-carrying capabilities.

It can be altered with relative ease for laptops from 13 to 15.6 inches in size. This further implies that you don't have to worry about your laptop getting damaged during your on-road adventures. This travel accessory only costs $80 and can be a great addition to team-on-road.


2. Samsonite UBX Commuter Backpack

One for the common man. Your average 9-5 hustler who is always on the move, traveling every day for their cause, people who have places to be and faces to see. The reason behind this is simple.

The class and comfort of foam straps, combined with water-resistant polyester. The backpack has more pockets than a men's cargo, along with side compartments that are great for carrying water bottles. So, feel free to be the guy who gives.

Get this backpack for $80, but you might have to hurry as it gets out of stock pretty quickly.


3. Samsonite Detour Travel Backpack

Travel stories are best made when you roam on the sidewalk, exploring alleys that are lonely as the moon and cities that call for more than just memories. Getting something a little extra for such adventures can help you better prepare, which is what Mr. Detour here is for.

The backpack offers enough space for you to fill out all the essentials and some other supplies, just in case the weather calls for camping. The great thing about this backpack is it doesn't lose its shape, irrespective of how stuffed it is from the inside.

It comes with waterproof technology combined with a polyester exterior. If all this wasn't already enticing enough, it could hold a 15-inch laptop and still feel a little empty. So, travel the road not taken today with this $100 dollar thing of beauty.


Shipping and Return Policy

Three choices are available for the shipping policy, with the associated charges.

  • ◾  Standard shipping costs a $5 fee on orders up to $150. Shipping is free for orders above that price.
  • ◾  Expedited shipping costs around $20 in shipping fee, with a $10 surcharge for luggage.
  • ◾  Priority shipping is $40, along with a surcharge of $15 for luggage.

Products ordered through standard shipping take 2 to 6 business days once they have been sent for delivery. Number 2 on the list takes about 2 to 3 business days to reach the customers, while priority shipping ensures same-day delivery at the customer's doorstep.

The company offers the opportunity to return any new or unused goods for up to a month after receiving the products. The shipping or handling fees don't get refunded. Apart from that, all of the travel items are subjected to a $15 return fee, while non-travel products cost $10 to Samsonite.

They don't exchange items. They simply offer product refunds.


Judgment Day with Trustpilot: Samsonite Reviews

Judgment Day with Trustpilot: Samsonite Reviews

With a little more than 50 5-star rated reviews on the website, it wouldn't hurt to say that Samsonite has left a mark on the customers, even though there are reviews that might suggest otherwise.

The durability of the products and the other features that are in store makes it relatively more straightforward for customers to pick what they want before they plan their getaway. These luggage sets and backpacks have all that a traveler could need to travel anywhere they want.

These Samsonite reviews only point to one thing. Safe and sound not only rhyme with Samsonite, but the terms are synonymous indeed

Samsonite Story: The Conclusion

If we have put it simply, this Samsonite review has brought out how reliable the products actually are, and the way we see it, there is not a frequent traveler that wouldn’t prefer this luggage and backpacks for the long run.

The comfort and safety measures are more than enough to convince a customer to add Samsonite products to their daily life. 


Frequently Asked Questions On Samsonite


1. Where are Samsonite products made? 

After some research for the same, we found that some of the products are made in Europe, with the majority of them being produced in India and China.

2. Can I get Samsonite shipped internationally? 

Error 404. Samsonite doesn't offer international shipping so far. But customers can buy the products from luggage retailers in their respective nations.

3. Who is the owner of Samsonite?

CVC Capital Partners currently own Samsonite, a British private equity.


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