Sittercity Nanny Services Review - The Best Care for Your Family

February 09, 2022

There comes a point in life when parents require more assistance in caring for their children. Whether you have to be at work, have an essential appointment that you must attend, or simply need a break from family life to maintain your sanity. It could be challenging to find a babysitter for your precious child who can be trustworthy enough to take good care.

There is an online babysitting platform called ‘Sittercity’ which makes it easy for parents and caregivers to seek the childcare, be it for short or long term. We are going to discuss about the Sittercity nanny services review here.

An overview of the app

Sittercity is an online marketplace where you can find sitters and child care providers based on their experience, location, fees, specialized abilities, and various other factors. You can also connect to the baby sitter via chat and ask them questions to have a better understanding.

For downloading the Sittercity app, you can simply use their app from the app store or visit their website.

You may start searching when you sign up and make up a profile. The website provides advice on how to phrase advertising in order to attract the most candidates. User will be alerted of any sitters who respond to the position when it goes live.

When you have a list of applicants, you can go through and check out their information, including their location, photos, experience, credentials, and comments, which will help you narrow down your search.

To check when an applicant is available and how much they charge, click on their profile. Rates are not determined by Sittercity. Hourly rates or pay must be agreed upon by you and the sitter.


Sittercity offers wide range of features in the app such as conducting background checks, scheduling interviews, etc. It offers services like care for people with special needs, companionship, virtual nanny services for pets, etc.

The majority of the nannies employed on the site work part-time to cover temporary positions or even as one-time babysitters. However, depending on your family's needs, you can employ pet sitters or nannies who can work for longer hours.

Babysitter and Nanny are two different job types. The babysitter employment is for a part-time employee that can babysit your children for a few hours on an occasion. A babysitter's responsibilities include looking after your children during certain hours. It might also entail providing transportation to and from school or other activities whereas a full-time child care professional who works at least 20 hours per week is required for the Nannies role. A nanny's typical responsibilities include those of a babysitter. Simple food preparation, feeding the kids, enabling kid-friendly activities, minor domestic tasks, and household administration are all possible responsibilities. Some nannies live with the family for whom they work. Even if they live on their own, kids are usually expected to stay with your family for a long time.

A three-month-old newborn has different demands than a six-year-old child, for example. As a result, you should look for a nanny who has worked with youngsters of your children's age. You can also require a sitter for specific tasks.


  • 1. You’re free to go where ever you want.
  • 2. You have an extra hand to help you with baby.
  • 3. They make idle pairs between parents and babysitters.
  • 4. The platform employs security elements to screen caregivers.


  • 1. No one to keep a check on nannies action.
  • 2. It cost you an extra penny to hire babysitter.
  • 3. Ways of managing child may not match.
  • 4. You need to have premium subscription in order to have access to the sitters’ profile.


Sittercity offers a free basic membership. This gives you a restricted view of sitter profiles as well as certain job posting capabilities. You may also sort and filter the results based on your preferences. You can only see the sitters who respond to your job posting if you have a free membership.

You'll need to join up for a premium account if you want access to additional features. The ability to contact sitters directly, access to all sitter profiles on the site, the option to do background checks, and other benefits come with a premium subscription.

  • 1 month premium membership costs $35.
  • 3 month premium membership is $70, or $23.33 a month.
  • 1 year premium membership is $140, or $11.67 a month.

Is that worth money?

Hiring a babysitter may be a lifesaver, whether you're going out on a date or just need a helping hand at home. hence, spending an extra penny is definitely worth it. When you have kids prancing about the home, it might be difficult to enjoy an evening out with your loved one or go on family trips as a pair. Hiring a reputable babysitter allows you to have more free time while also providing you with peace of mind. Most of the times babysitters perform extra tasks other than just looking after your baby if paid accordingly.


Sittercity is a one stop solution for both the parents and the caregiver. An online platform which is flexible to use and operate. hire or be hired just by few clicks on your smart device. caregivers and parents can use the site to seek long term, short term or part time jobs and babysitters.

Sittercity thoroughly checks the babysitters and nannies before hiring, they have to go through a well designed screen process before being hired. Therefore, parents can trust us with their babies. We believe that if you do your homework, you'll find Sittercity to be a terrific method to discover child care.

Conclusively, babysitters provide a valuable service to families. Parents may not be able to attend social functions without their children if they do not have a babysitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I need to sign up to book a babysitter?

Ans. Yes, you must sign up as a member, subscriber, or make a one-time request. After you've registered, you may use our calendar matching technology to request a babysitter.

Q2. Who pays the babysitter?

Ans. You pay the babysitter an amount that you and the babysitter have agreed on ahead of time. The rates of babysitters are listed on their profiles. We don't get involved in fee negotiations between families and babysitters.

Q3. How to trust the babysitter?

Ans. Examine caregiver profiles thoroughly, paying special attention to experience, education, certifications, and hourly rate. Consider double-checking any information they provide you. Before you offer a sitter the job, schedule a telephonic interview with them. If this goes smoothly, ask about a face-to-face interview which should ideally take place in a mutually agreed-upon meeting site, such as a coffee shop, preferably.

Q4. What will the sitter do when my children are sleeping?

Ans. While the kids are asleep or resting, your sitter will bring a book or quiet task to complete. Outside of cleaning from the time they were with the children during the reservation, sitters will not clean or conduct any household tasks.

Q5. Should I tip babysitter?

Ans. Babysitter tips are optional and appreciated, however, they are not expected. No one should feel any type of obligation to tip the babysitters.