SpareFoot Storage Reviews - Services, Details, Benefits

March 18, 2022

Want to know about SpareFoot storage review? Here, you are going to get every detail about it including the services, details and benefits. So let’s take a look.

What is SpareFoot?

SpareFoot is one of the largest online marketplace that are available for reserving and finding a self storage unit. They are known to be world’s largest self store marketplace with more than 20,000 storage facilities. It is available in 50 states. They offer storage unit at low prices. Be it for starting a venture, needing a place to store your goods or for moving purposes, you can find plenty of space to fit your storage.


Services SpareFoot provides-

Before you think if you should go for their services or not, it is important to see the services they offer. We are sharing the list of services provided by the company in details for everyone-

Self Storage -

If you are running a business, you will need some extra storage where you want to store your goods. It could either be for short term or for long term. The brand offers the self storage so that people can manage it by their own easily. It can also be apt for people who are either shifting for renovation or doesn’t have enough space to keep their goods. It works by selecting the size and area required for the same. Customers can easily use the chart outlines to know the size and capacity along with the pricing.


5’ X 5’

About the size of a small closet

Range of $30 to $70 a month

5’ x 10’

Studio or 1-bedroom apartment

Range of $50 to $90 a month

10’ x 10’

A two-bedroom apartment

National Avg of $97 a month

10’ x 15’

A small house, car, or boat

National Avg of $126 a month

10’ x 20’

A three-bedroom house

National Avg of $138 a month

10’ x 30’

A very large house or business storage

Range of $150 +++


College Storage -

The college storage is the 5*5 and 5*10 units storage that are based near major universities. In this category, the brand targets students and hence, you can expect some ongoing discount offers for them.

Car, Boat and RV Storage -

For that, the sizes will be 10*15, 10*20 and 10*25. Since it may need larger space too, you can find it in their chart. Some options will also have the outdoor, outdoor space with roof coverage and indoor.

Portable Storage -

Portable storage means renting a portable storage container that could be anything. They are mainly offered by smartbox and pods. It will provide you with a container that will use the space of your home and office only. However, if required, you can keep the container at their place as well. But the best part is that it will be movable so you can move it anywhere.

Moving trucks -

If you are renting a moving truck, you can also demand for some space from the company. They will arrange the space for you so you can get the self storage rental for the same.

Moving Supplies -

Moving supplies will have the moving box, rope, adhesive labels and etc that can be used for moving your goods. You will be getting all these products the very next day you place an order.


Pros and Cons

There are many benefits associated with the services provided by SpareFoot. And similarly, you can also find some cons of the same. Here, let us find both of them-


  • 1. Most of the services by the same brand.
  • 2. Secure and reliable.
  • 3. Placing product is easy.


  • 1. Expensive.
  • 2. Only in the U.S

Customer review

Here are some of the reviews customer have told us about.

Getting set up was a breeze.
“We are extremely pleased with the high quality tenants SpareFoot has sent to our facilities. Their pay for performance model means no risk for our company there is only upside. Getting set up was a breeze through the direct Centershift integration and I’m happy to report the quantity of tenants from SpareFoot is growing substantially every month.” Christina Breeze.

ROI is excellent so far.
“Just a note to let you know how satisfied we are with SpareFoot. When we signed up in April, our sales rep told us to expect maybe one lead per month due to our facility being very rural. In the first month, we got 6 leads and were able to convert 4 into tenants. ROI is excellent so far.” Greg Micheal

SpareFoot brings in tenants who wouldn’t ordinarily find us.
“I hear some facilities were getting 10–12 leads per month from SpareFoot, and I felt left out of the loop. I wanted a piece of that! We got our first lead just one business day after signing up, and every SpareFoot lead since has become an actual rental. They reach outside our direct local market to bring in tenants from all over town, who wouldn’t ordinarily find us. And the SpareFoot team gets things done quickly, from set-up to support—that matters to me.” Lisa Parker

It helps a regional company like us compete with the national companies.
“SpareFoot moves the needle. If you’re interested in growth, then SpareFoot is the single most effective alliance that you can affiliate with, because of the quality and the volume of the leads. It helps a regional company like us compete with the national companies, with their national footprint. We feel like SpareFoot is as effective from an optimization perspective, and we can ride on that.

Each year that we’ve been with them, the quality of the prospects has gotten better. It’s about 2,500 booked rentals per year. Our close rate is in the 70% range. We’re very happy with the quality of the leads because they’re committed prospects. On our portfolio, which is about 15,000 units, I’d give SpareFoot credit for 4-5% of our occupancy level. That’s pretty significant.” Max Tomfield.

Worth trying?

Yes, If you are in rush for renting out a storage for your business or goods, you can surely trust their services. We have tried their services and till now, we did not find any major drawback of using it.