Starz Review: Ready, Action, and Cut!

June 07, 2023

Digital media has always been a moving factor, be it a movie, TV show, or even a documentary. People take out their time to appreciate art on a screen, be it on their cable service or OTT platforms. Another rising force by the name of Starz has made headlines due to the shows that are in store for the audience.

So how good is Starz? Let us better understand this without Starz review today.


Starz Defined

Let us take you back in time. The year is 1990, and a premium channel is launched. 3 decades later, Starz network has transformed into something entirely different and offers a wide range of media for users to consume and enjoy.

At present, the platform has more than 7,500 TV show episodes and movies. With more than 20 premium channels, a brilliant streaming service, and mobile applications for both Android and iOS, it has arguably become one of the biggest stars on the planet as a network.

Majorly Starz is known as an add-on for every cable service, but it can also be purchased as a standout service, which starts at a mere $9 per month, a rather affordable price.

In terms of pricing, Starz definitely comes out on top when compared to other services like Showtime and HBO MAX. It isn't just about the price but also the fact that the price drops even more if you subscribe to it as an add-on with cable service.

There is plenty of content available on the platform that cannot be found on any other service. The best part is that users can try it for free for seven days before they make up their minds about the streaming service and whether to buy the subscription or not.


Add-ons and What can you Watch

Some of the most popular Starz channels include the likes of;

  • ◾  Starz
  • ◾  Starz Edge
  • ◾  Starz in Black
  • ◾  Starz Comedy
  • ◾  Starz Cinema
  • ◾  Starz Kids & Family
  • ◾  Starz Encore
  • ◾  Starz Encore Action
  • ◾  Starz Encore Classic
  • ◾  Starz Encore Black
  • ◾  Starz Encore Family
  • ◾  Starz Encore Suspense
  • ◾  Starz Encore Westerns
  • ◾  Starz Encore Español
  • ◾  Movie Plex
  • ◾  Indie Plex
  • ◾  Retro Plex

All of these channels offer original Starz content. Although you might not get access to every channel with a streamer or via cable, subscribing directly to the channels with the Starz app can get it done.


Interface of Starz

 Interface of Starz

Users that have had experiences with Amazon and Netflix previously will feel at home while using Starz. The content is sorted in pretty familiar ways. This personalization not only makes it easy for users but also enhances the overall experience.

There are other sorting options also available at the top of the homepage of Starz, including Home, series, movies, featured, and Schedule, with a live TV option in case you buy it as an add-on with other services.

The great thing is that the experience remains the same no matter how you visit it. It is worth noting that downloaded content remains only in the device where it was downloaded and cannot be transferred or moved to a different location.


Starz Lineup: Features

1. Multiple Device Streaming

Even though the platform is already impressive enough, it adds to it as users can stream up to four devices simultaneously. Everyone loves the idea of simultaneous streams, especially people who enjoy entertainment with their families.

In simpler terms, it means that four different people can watch four other shows in four different places without having to worry about any interruptions unless, of course, dinner's ready.

2. Watch Offline

Similar to many popular streaming services, this star also offers the option of offline content. Simply move to the title you would like to download, and once the download is complete, use the menu to find the titles and enjoy your offline binge-watch session.

3. DVR In-Store

What most people don't know is that Starz doesn't have its own DVR storage, which further implies that if you have subscribed to Starz independently and not via a streaming device, you might not have a DVR entirely.

But once you have added it with a DVR such as YouTube TV or Hulu+Live TV, the store content can be recorded with relative ease. What is more impressive is you can start a show on one end and pick it up from the other without even doing anything.

Not to mention that live airing shows are also available after you have subscribed to the platform, which is even better if you are watching originals and want to watch the next episode on the same day it airs.

4. Sporting Events

Sadly, the sports section is a major missing from the platform's categories. The reason is plain and simple. It was originally meant for shows, movies, documentaries, and originals, which is why there were no sports involved.

But even then, you would be able to find sports-themed movies, shows, and a handful of other things related to sports, but nothing specifically for sports is available on the network.


Viewers and Ratings FT Trustpilot

The platform has received some praise on the website, with a handful of high-rated reviews to its name. It only goes to solidify that Starz has everything that a user could ask for entertainment. With its creative user interface, a wide range of TV shows and media available, and a nominal cost for the subscription, Starz has the potential to challenge the monopoly of global OTT platforms and networks.



Entertainment is a daily essential for everyone these days. Everybody likes a light comedy or horror after work, and Starz can provide just that. With its easy-to-use interface and a wide range of content to choose from, it has everything that screams entertainment.

Get your subscription today and get started with the binge-watching fun.