Stream High Definition Entertainment with Sky Live TV

January 31, 2024

Have you a set-up box at home to enjoy limitless entertainment in movies, comedy shows, TV shows, cricket, and many more?

If yes, then unfortunately, you do not belong to this 21st century because you live in a black-and-white era, where you still need to install a set-up box or satellite for your entertainment. For you, it’s high time to get technological updates and enter into the world of artificial intelligence, where you don’t need remotes anymore to operate your TV because you can access it by just saying, ‘Hey, Sky.’

This article will give a whole sky of entertainment, after going through this you will not be more outdated in the entertainment field.

Dive into the Sky of Entertainment

The Sky is not just the brand. It is a deep, dense sky of unlimited entertainment, ultimate comfort, impressive suitability, practical affordability, and many choices. This article will give you deep insight into what Sky offers you apart from entertainment. It provides you not just entertainment but also the best streaming services in terms of online entertainment while traveling or making your holiday special with your family sitting in front of your TV.

Let’s start this journey with exciting and unique things you don’t know about the UK’s best streaming service. From Sky Glass to Sky Stream and Sky Live, you will learn about all the minor-to-minor information; perhaps you are finding them on Google. Well, this article will be your one-stop shop for every query regarding Sky.  

What is Sky?

The Sky has been serving its users for the last 30 years and has made a successful relationship of trust and confidence with them. It has a lot of entertainment on its list, with limitless streaming services that make advanced technologies available. In 1989, Sky launched the UK’s first satellite TV service with four free-to-air channels, and now, in 2024, it has millions of customers and families who are happy and satisfied.

That is why it has almost 300+ TV channels, from heartwarming romances to action-packed thrillers; you can watch whatever you like or prefer.

It has a wide array of channels with different genres such as:- 

1.  Sky Originals

2.  Sky News

3.  Sky Sports

4.  Sky Cinema

5.  Sky Atlantic

6.  Sky Max

7.  Sky Witness

8.  Sky Arts

9.  Sky Documentaries

10.  Sky Comedy

11.  Sky Crime

12.  Sky Nature

13.  Sky Showcase

14.  Sky Kids

15.  Sky History

16.  Sky World

17.  Sky Store

18.  Sky Sci-Fi

Sky Glass, Sky Stream, and Sky Live

Let’s delve into the deep sea of Sky’s services, which are the primary reason for its unbeatable success. Sky offers many streaming services, but on a significant note, it is flourishing your entertainment with Sky Glass, Sky Stream, and Sky Live.

Sky believes in Better products, better service, and better value. Consequently, it is better to discuss them individually to understand Sky's services better. Therefore, here is a detailed review of its products and services; let’s start with Sky Glass, the most prominent and famous in the Sky group.

Sky Glass

Sky Group offers you highly-watched TV shows on your phone and TV at home with Sky Glass. This is the Sky of entertainment as you can access entertainment on TV and Netflix without installing any starlight and set-up box and paying additional installation costs.

Here are the specifications that make Glass TV the first choice of viewers:

Make Your TV Smart with Sky Glass

If you are accessing Sky Glass TV at home or on your phone, you can control your entertainment with your voice. You will get a remote with Sky Glass TV, but you don’t need to use it, as it can work on your instant voice command.

Make your Playlist of Sky Entertainment

Sky Glass TV allows you to create your playlist, which offers you entertainment whenever you are free to watch or want to watch. By pressing the ‘+’ icon, you can easily see your playlist and enjoy it whenever you want.



Record and Enjoy with Sky Glass

If you don’t want to add any show to your playlist and want to record, you can do that too. Sky Glass provides you with the service of recording your favorite show. You can record shows from Sky, TNT Sports, Alibi, Gold, Kids, and more. Or you can save a show to watch later using the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and All4 apps.

No Worry for Storage in Glass TV

As it allows you to record the show, you might be worried about the storage capacity of your Phone or smart TV. Hence, it is not a problem if you are a Sky glass user, as it stores all the content in the cloud, so you need not worry about storage or clashes.

Restart Your Journey of Sky Entertainment

Sometimes, you need to stop in the middle of your entertainment; some apps and streaming services do not allow you to restart your entertainment from where you left it. But with Sky Glass, you can easily continue your journey of entertainment where you have left.

Affordable Sky Glass

Skyglass includes all the services in one package. You don’t need to pay additional charges for extra services, which makes it more affordable and suitable. You can easily make payments every month as well.

A warranty

Sky Glass comes with a two-year warranty as standard. So, if something does go wrong, you’re covered.

CorbonNeutral Certification

Sky Glass's most significant achievement is that it is the first product to be certified as carbon neutral.

  • •  They use the carbon impact of the raw materials in manufacturing, manufacturing sites, packaging and transport, electricity use in a customer’s home for seven years, and end-of-life.
  • •  They prepared a detailed product Lifecycle Assessment at every stage, which accurately identifies the product's carbon footprint.
  • •  Their target is to improve efficiency and to offset the remainder to be carbon neutral.

It's time to discuss the second one, ‘Sky Stream.’

Sky Stream

It is a streaming service that allows its users to access all the content streamed online without needing a satellite dish or set-top box. Sky Stream gives you access to exclusive TV shows, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, live TV, and box sets to watch whenever you want. You only need one internet connection or WiFi, nothing else.

Here are its specifications, which make it unique and comfortable:-

Sky Stream Broadband Speed

According to the Sky Stream terms and conditions, you need at least 25mbps speed to access the Sky Stream. If you use less speed than this, it could create hurdles in your entertainment and along with your whole family.

Sky Stream Subscription Prices

Sky Stream package

Monthly cost

Contract length

Sky Ultimate TV and Basic Netflix



Sky Ultimate TV and Basic Netflix



Add-on Sky Sports



Add-on Sky Sports



Add-on Sky Cinema



Add-on Sky Cinema



Add-on BT Sport



Add-on Sky Kids



Add-on UHD & Dolby Atmos




Sky Stream add-ons

You can enjoy some add-ons while streaming Sky Stream, which could enhance your experience of entertainment, and you will be over the moon; these are the following included in the 31-day rolling contract or an 18-month contract:

  • •  Sky Cinema includes content from Paramount+ and two free Vue cinema tickets per month. It will cost you £13/month in a 31-day rolling contract or £11/month in an 18-month contract.
  • •  Sky Sports: £22/month (31-day rolling contract) or £20/month (18-month contract) (usually £27/£25 per month)
  • •  TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport): £28/month for £18 months (usually £30 per month)
  • •  Sky Kids £6/month (31-day rolling contract)
  • •  Whole Home Pack: Get up to five additional Sky Stream Pucks for £12/month (31-day rolling contract).
  • •  Each new box has a setup fee as outlined above – although, on occasion, Sky may offer customers their first additional device for free.
  • •  UHD and Dolby Atmos: £6/month (31-day rolling contract)
  • •  Ad-Skipping: £5/month (31-day rolling plan)
  • •  Netflix upgrade: £6/month for Netflix Standard (ad-free) or £11/month for Netflix Premium (UHD).

And last but not least, Sky Live

Sky Live

To avail of the services of Sky Live, you can easily change Sky Glass to Sky Live. It will make your TV the smartest ever, allowing you to make video calls, do yoga, and play games by just saying, ‘Hey, Sky.’ Basically, it is a new platform that makes Sky Glass even smarter.

With Sky Live, you can do

Zoom calls to friends and family from your Sky Glass TV to any device. Making calls with Sky Live means more explicit video calls, giving you smooth and seamless conversations with a 4K wide-angle camera.

  • •  A range of fun games and immersive experiences are specifically designed to be played on your Sky Glass TV.
  • •  If you are far from your family and friends, Sky Live allows you to spend time with your loved ones wherever you are and watch your favorite shows with your friends and family.
  • •  Sky Live developed an Mvmnt app in partnership with the fitness brand WithU. This brings fitness to your home by taking the gym to your home on big screens.

Reasons Why to Choose Sky 

Now, the time is here to explain why Sky is better than anything else. Here are some reasons that make it unique and extraordinary:-

Streaming Devices

Sky offers Android-based streaming devices that allow users to connect their TVs and access a wide range of streaming content.

Access to Apps

Sky devices support popular streaming apps and services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube.

Live TV Streaming

Some Sky devices may offer the ability to stream live TV channels, providing users access to real-time broadcasts.

On-Demand Content

Users can access on-demand content, including movies and TV shows, from various streaming platforms through the Sky devices.



Easy Installation

Sky devices are designed to be user-friendly, with easy installation processes, allowing users to set up and start streaming quickly.

4K Streaming

Some Sky devices support 4K Streaming, providing users with high-resolution content for an enhanced viewing experience.

Customizable Interface

Sky devices often come with customizable interfaces, allowing users to organize and personalize their streaming experience.

Technical Support

Sky may offer customer support services to assist users with device setup, troubleshooting, and general inquiries.

Be the Biggest Cinephile With Sky TV

Hence, you have a weapon of advanced technology that intimidates you not to be called outdated. To be part of the 21st century, you need to stop using a remote to operate the TV and video Calls on the Phone, install satellite for online streaming, and no need to get subscriptions for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazone Prime separately, not recharge your TV set-up-box separately.

In this 21st century, you get all these in one plan, or it can be said if you have Sky Glass, Sky Live, or Sky Stream at your place, then all these features are included in one single payment plan, and no additional is required for installations as there is no need to install satellites or set-up-box. So what are you waiting for? The new technology in entertainment is in the queue; all you need to do is take the first step, tell your story about TV shows and sports, and be the biggest cinephile.