Take a Ride to the Creative World with Envato Elements- A Universe of Creative Templates

January 24, 2024

Creating something new is as tricky as creating a whole universe. But if you have someone by your side who can help you to think and create this difficult task, it becomes as easy as taking a step. 

Are you a graphic designer stuck in a situation where you are frozen and have no idea what to do or how to create something new? So, pause and take a deep breath to relax; this article has something for you. 

If you are a designer and want a weapon that can enhance your work efficiency and productivity, save time, give you basics where you could work further, and seek a helping hand, here is Envato Element, which is made for you.

This article gives you deep insight about 

  •  •   What Envato Element can offer you to make your work seamless and more creative?
  •  •   How could you use its elements?
  •  •   Is it cost-effective?
  •  •   What are the creative tools and assets it offers?
  •  •   What does it have in its library?

Let's start the journey which could ease the life of a graphic designer.

What Is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is a library for 2+ million Graphic designers and the creative community. It has a vast library with thousands of creative assets and tools designed to enhance work efficiency and create more creative projects. It offers millions of digital creative assets and tools, including video footage, audio clips, images, and graphic design templates.

This makes the work of creators easy and smooth and helps them to focus on enhancing their creativity; it gives foundation assets for creative projects. 



Why is it so Popular?

The answer to this question is the features and services offered by Envato Elements, such as PowerPoint templates, Y2K fonts, and flyer templates. 

Diving deep into the ocean of unique and seamless features of Envato elements is excellent. 

Access to Unlimited Downloads

A creative designer is already pressured to create something unique and new, and if you bind him or her to the limits of downloads, it may cause harm to the quality of work. They will feel restricted. But with Envato Elements, designers only need to focus on their quality work rather than adding credits or managing download limits. Envato Elements gives its users access to unlimited creative assets and tools.

Subscribers have the advantage of unlimited downloads, allowing them to access and use as many digital assets as they need without incurring additional costs per item.

Community of Independent Designers

Envato Element is an excellent stage for passionate designers and an online community for their users. Envato Elements provides high-quality and unique assets for creative projects. It has many digital assets from talented designers.

Envato Elements for All Content

Thinking and creating creatively is a big task, and in this situation, if you have some ideas and a foundation to work further, it will add more stars to your creative project. Envato elements help you work in the right direction without distracting you. 

It gives you a license to board in the design community to use items in all your projects confidently.

Shares Revenue

Envato Elements believes in sharing; passionate designers share their creativity worldwide and earn profits from this sharing. Envato Elements provides more than just a platform for sharing creatives; even shares generated revenue. 

Envato Elements is known for its Variety and Quality

Envato Elements offers you top-notch resources from passionate designers in the field of creativity. It has diversity in 2 million assets such as stock photos, videos, graphics, website themes, templates, and more. Envato Elements library contains the following types of digital assets:

Stock video

Envato Elements has 4,884,929+ stock videos to spice up your content with high-quality videos. It has thousands of HD and 4K stock videos, logo stings, motion graphics, broadcast packages, and more.  

Video templates 

It has an 88,775+ video templates; with these templates, you can make a creative intro for your video.


with 154,264+ catchy background music, you can find the perfect audio for your video. This will help you to produce high-quality video. This background music is royalty-free.

Sound Effects For Video

Envato Elements has 634,374+ Sound Effects to add more aesthetics to your creation.

Graphic Templates 

With 254,494+ Graphic Templates, you can stand alone in the market for the best work portfolio. Flyer templates are the famous and most used graphic templates. 

Motion Graphics 

Envato Elements has 527,637+ motion graphics, which are considered to be accessories for your video.

Powerpoint Templates (Presentation Templates) 

In Envato Elements, you can access 103,199+ presentation templates that will help you create a brilliant and effective presentation with minimum stress.


Envato Elements has served the designer's community for the last 20 years. That is why it has 8,697,356+ and 5M+ stock images, creating an excellent library for creative projects. 

You can use these photos in your blog, adding beauty and elegance to your post and making your webpage more appealing to its users. 

WordPress Themes & Plugins 

If you are going to design your website, Envato Elements is offering you 6,287+ professional WordPress Themes & Plugins for creating a better, user-friendly website.


Words are the real power as they carry your emotions and message, which you want to convey to your user. Envato Elements is a vast library of fonts as well. It has 40,572+ fonts, and y2k fonts are one of the popular fonts from its library.

Cost-Effective Creative Assets

Users can access individuals and businesses with frequent creative needs with a single subscription fee. It is a cost-effective subscription model designed according to your creative needs. It has two types of subscription plans: one is Individual, and the second is Business.

Here are the details of both the plans with their prices and features you get:- 




It starts from $16.50/m

Unlimited creative assets for organizations, agencies, and teams of six or more

It starts from $10.75/m per member.

It offers:- 

Millions of creative assets

Unlimited downloads

Simple commercial licensing

It offers:- 

Everything in Teams, plus:

Custom licensing

Tailored indemnification

Dedicated account management

You can add up to 5 members.


It offers:- 

All the features offered in individual plans, plus:-

Teams save up to 34%

Scale & change members at any time

One central location for all downloads.

Consistent and Updated Graphic Templates

Envato Elements keeps its library up to date with regular additions of fresh content. New assets are continually being added, ensuring that you have access to the latest trends, designs, and industry-specific resources. You can infuse your projects with contemporary elements by staying ahead of the curve, keeping them visually appealing and relevant.

Commercial License For Online Community

Subscribers receive a commercial license for all assets, allowing them to use the content in various commercial projects without worrying about additional licensing fees.

Easy-to-Use Creative Tools

The user-friendly platform makes it easy for subscribers to browse, search, and download the assets they need for their projects. The assets are also organized into categories, making it convenient to find specific types of content.

Time Savings Smart Design Assets

Envato Elements offers a diverse range of digital assets across various categories. These tools help you save time as you need to work on the given or downloaded template without creating a whole new one, which could involve more time.



Support and Tutorials

Envato Elements supports its users, and tutorials are available to help subscribers make the most out of the platform and its resources.

Online Community for Collaboration And Creation

Envato Elements allows its users to collaborate among team members for seamless project coordination and enhanced productivity. Multiple users can access and work on shared projects with a single subscription. 

Envato Elements Vs. Envato Market 

Envato Elements and Envato Market are two distinct platforms offered by Envato, each serving different purposes and catering to different user needs. Here are the critical differences between Envato Elements and Envato Market:



Envato Elements

Envato Market

Content Model

It operates on a subscription-based model. Subscribers pay a monthly or annual fee to access a vast library of digital assets, including stock photos, videos, audio tracks, graphic templates, fonts, and more. The subscription provides unlimited downloads of assets during the active subscription period.

It operates on a marketplace model. Users can purchase individual items (themes, templates, plugins, graphics, etc.) from the marketplace on a per-item pricing basis. Each item is typically priced separately, and there are no subscription fees.


Users pay a fixed subscription fee to access the entire library of assets. The subscription model is often cost-effective for those who have frequent and diverse creative needs.

Users pay for each item individually, and prices vary based on the type of item and its complexity. This model may be more suitable for users with specific, one-time needs.


Subscribers receive a commercial license for all assets, allowing them to use the content in a wide range of commercial projects without additional licensing fees.

Licensing terms can vary by item. Users need to review and understand the licensing terms associated with each individual item they purchase.


The library is regularly updated with new content, providing subscribers with a continuous stream of fresh assets for their creative projects.

Updates depend on the individual authors and developers of items. Users may need to check for updates from the authors of the specific items they've purchased.

Types of Items

Offers a wide range of digital assets, including graphics, photos, videos, audio, fonts, templates, and more.

Offers a marketplace for various digital products, including website themes, templates, plugins, and other items for web development, design, and creative projects.


Let's Board on A Creative Ride With Envato

Envato Elements has everything you need as a creative person; millions of creative assets and tools are in a single subscription plan. No matter whether you are looking for a helping hand for you or your team or enterprises. You can access unlimited downloads and team collaboration for creative projects with different subscription plans.

Envato Elements has millions of Video templates, Graphic templates, Presentation templates, Site Templates, WordPress Themes, and Unique themes, making your work seamless and way more creative than doing it yourself. 

If you have an option for help, don't stop yourself from taking it; just use it, and you can work more efficiently and creatively.