Tech League: How Android 14 Might Be Apple’s Kryptonite

November 17, 2023

October 4, 2023, is the day when Google decided to surpass Apple in service provision. The launch of Android 14 Google proves that Android can also have some advanced features like using your phone as a webcam and your data is way more secure than ever before. 

But this is not the end of the story, in December 2023, before the end of this year Google is going to give a New Year gift to its users. Android 14 which was recently launched, will enhanced and reamed as Android 14 QPRI with some more features.

In this article, we will discuss both Android 14 and Android 14 QPRI, so you can understand more about how the tide has changed in the OS market.

Android 14- New Era of Security 

Let's look at the new features of Android 14 as they are both user-friendly and app developer-friendly.

Following are the new features of Android 14:- 

1.  More Customized

2.  PIN Protected

3.  Improved battery life

4.  Soothing to the Eyes

5.  Gives Preferences to your health

6.  Improves your hearing habits

7.  Gives you privacy in Notification

8.  App developers-Friendly

9.  You can choose to provide access

10.  Enhanced your security

11.  No more Threats to Your Data

12.  Regional Preferences

13.  Improves Sharing Options

More Customized

Android 14 has more customized lock screens. It offers lock screen pikers, templates, a monochromatic theme, and support for ultra HDR images. Along with this, you can also create your wallpapers with your photos and text. 

You can even create cartoon-style wallpapers with your favorite emojis and AI-generated wallpapers based on the text and your thing. 

PIN Protection

A lot can happen once your PIN gets cracked by the hackers. Many hackers use screen sharing to know your PIN by screen animation while pressing the buttons on the screen. But with Android 14, realize you can stop animations, making screen sharing useless for hackers. 

You don't need to press the OK button after your pin's final input. Android 14-supported phones automatically complete your action when you enter your last input. 

Improved Battery Life

Android 14 reduces the power drain by enhancing its background operating system, which handles the background tasks and applications, which reduces the use of battery in the background. Also, it gives you information about your screen time since the last full charge.

The Eyes, Chico

Sometimes, you feel that some specific text should appear large so that you don’t need to stress more power to your eyes to read them. Unlike Android 13, 14 allows you to enlarge your text to 200 percent, just 130 percent in Android 13. 

It gives you a comfortable and convenient screen that does not impact your eyes and protects you from vision-related diseases.

Health Preferences for You

You monitor your sleep and track your fitness goals, and there is a lot you can do to make yourself healthy and fit. You use different apps to check on your other health activities. 

But Android 14 has a Google Health App, which allows you to track your health activity in one place and share this data to different platforms.

Improved Hearing Habits

While listening to music and watching videos, sometimes you increase your volume above the average limit. This may cause you to use a hearing aid. But you will never face this issue if your phone is updated with Android 14 features. Android 14 warns you about the loud music and volume with pop-up notifications. 

Along with this is the era of wireless headphones and Bluetooth earphones. But unnecessary notifications are disturbing and interrupt listening to your favorite music. With Android 14, you can choose which Notifications to hear on your Bluetooth device and which will only be restricted to your phone screen.

Notification Privacy

You don’t want unnecessary notifications to disturb and divert your attention whenever you are in professional meetings or family functions. Sometimes, they are embarrassing and portray you as unprofessional when your phone pops up in business meetings. 

Samsung and Apple already offer this feature to their users so that they can manage notification sounds. Instead of sound, their users have the part of a camera and screen flash option, which indicates to the user that they have something to see.

App developers-Friendly

Android 14 advises App developers to make apps fit for every screen size. Apple successfully gives this facility to its users; all its apps can be accessible on iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads. Now, Android 14 also provides this facility.

Pick your Accessibility

Whenever you download any app, before its use, you need to be permitted to access your photos and videos to the app. Yes, it's true that these apps already have set policies regarding personal data sharing.

Android 14 has some additional features that allow you to provide access to some particular kinds or natures of photos to be accessed by any app. With Android 14, you can now manage access permissions for your pictures and videos.

Security Enhancements

Some Apps may cause harm to your security and breach the firewall. Android 14 won’t allow you to download apps with Android 5.1 or earlier versions, which can harm your phone's security.

Data Threats out of the Window

What if apps suddenly change their sharing policy and sell your data to any advertising company? This will impact your personal life and breach your privacy. 

Android 14 gives you monthly warnings about the changes in the sharing policy of apps, which allows you to restrict those apps and can help save you from data theft.

More Sharing Options

Android 14 makes sharing more convenient by customizing your sharing options. You have a lot of thoughts to share, like reels from social media, but choosing to share with someone specific is a lengthy and sometimes repetitive process. Android 14 creates customized sharing options and shows top folks or media platforms that you use most to share.

Android 14 QPRI- Start of New Journey in Android

All this information is about Android 14, but in December, Google will launch its advanced version, Android 14 QPRI.

Android 14 QPRI has more advanced features; how can we leave this aspect if we are talking about Android 14? 

Let’s have a look at the upcoming features of the Android 14 QPRI 

1.  Adds Weather to the Clock App

2.  Use Your Phone as a Webcam

3.  Change the Aspect ratio on the Pixel Fold

 4.  Adds a Battery Cycle Count

5.  Gets a New Lock Screen Clock Style

Adds Weather to the Clock App

In Android 14 QPRI, Google adds weather forecasts and multiple time zones to its Clock app's widget. When you add multiple time zones or places to the Clock, you can see the current weather conditions in all areas. The feature extends to the clock widget, at least in bigger versions.

Phone Webcam Functionality

Apple is already offering this feature to its customers. Apple users can use their phones as webcams on Macbooks and iPads. Android 14 will soon give this feature to increase the user experience. This feature will come in Android 14 QPRI.

Change the Aspect ratio on the Pixel Fold

Android 14 QPR1 offers an experimental aspect ratio section in system settings under Apps. In it, you choose which apps to set to fullscreen and which to put to letterboxed.

A Battery Cycle Count

Some Google Pixel users have been using Pixel phones for years, but there is a day when they stop charging properly, even takes a whole night to be set. Android 14 QPRI gives you information about the battery cycle count, which warns you about the damaged battery. 

Gets a New Lock Screen Clock Style

Android 14 QPRI makes your lock screen more personalized as you get one more Clock to tune your lock screen. It's called Metro, and it offers a multicolor look with different shapes and forms, making great use of Material You or whatever color you choose for the Clock.

It’s Not Complete Yet!

This is not the end of creating technological advanmcement, there is still a long way to go. It just the begining and foundation stone for better services in Android world. 

The time is running quickly as our innovations are evolving too. Nowadays android users are also using their phone as a webcam and customizing their lockscreens with a lot of features. 

We can say that Android is changing and setting stage for fair competition betten iOS user and Android user. It’s not lacking behind and giving neck to neck competition.