Quality Fashion Can Be Affordable - Proved In This Ted Baker Review

October 12, 2022

Fashion is subjective, agreed? But quality fashion is something that everyone wants and deserves, right? Speaking about quality fashion, the one name that has always withstood times is Ted Baker. A popular fashion label since 1988, today Ted Baker stands as a leading fashion brand that offers rich fashion for women, men and kids.

Not only this, Ted Baker has also dived into the decor realm, ensuring that its customers indulge in the luxe of fashion and quality at all times. We at Top 15 online, have explored Ted Baker in its entirety in this Ted Baker review. We have enlisted all its offerings and key information about the brand that can help our readers to make an informed decision before trying out Ted Bakers. 

So without wasting any more time, let's dive into the world of Ted Baker fashion. 

What Is Ted Baker Famous For? 

If you have been wondering why there is so much rage about Ted Baker, then allow us to take you through the panache land of this brand. Here is a small glimpse of what makes Ted Baker so special and famous. 

The Ravishing Women’s Section

From Adele to Ariana Grande, celebs have adored Ted Baker for its elegance and refreshing styles. The brand offers an array of women's fashion that can range from affordable to premium prices. At Ted Baker, women can find the latest blouses, dresses, coats and jackets for all purposes. Also, to complete the look, one can also find a wide variety of footwear, accessories and bags. 

To give you a better understanding of what you can find in women's fashion at Ted Baker, we have picked a few examples that caught our attention. 

1. Odellia-Dress

A beautiful evening wear this asymmetric waist details slip dress is surely a stunner. Made with 100% polyester, this statement piece is perfect for evening events. 

2. Rymiiah- Footwear 

If florals are your statement then you are in for a treat at Ted Baker. These floral printed heels come with court heels and to add a bit of panache, it has been styled with a bow at the top. 

3. Seilveah- Wallet 

Grab this electrifying silver coloured wallet from Ted Bakers to flaunt your unique style statement. 

Impressive right. Well, we can go on and on about the women’s fashion wear at Ted Baker’s,  but we don’t want to spoil your virtual shopping experience. Therefore, we would recommend you to explore the wide range of women's clothing and accessories at Ted Baker on their website. 

Now that we have showcased you what you can expect in the women category, we will now take you through the men’s wear, kids wear and home decor sections in the following parts of this Ted Baker review. 

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The Stand Out Men’s Fashion 

Often it is joked that men have very limited fashion choices. But, what if we told you that Ted Baker’s men's fashion is changing the world of men’s clothing and accessories. Here you can find the latest men’s styles; be it in clothes, shoes, scarves, cufflinks or accessories, you name it and you can find it here. 

Below we are enlisting some of the best men’s fashion that you can find here- 

1. Sanby - Coat

This 100% wool coat for men is one of the best winter statement pieces a man can own. It's stylish and guarantees you to keep you warm during the winter season. 

2. Maisson- Footwear 

Tan shoes are just so regal right? If yes, then grab these classy boots from Ted Baker. Made with Bovine leather, these boots would be your loyal companion during your long work days or travels. 

3. Knottid- Cufflinks 

If you have an eye for quirky things, then we are sure you are going to love these cufflinks. Its knots design in gold colour, make these cufflinks a unique and fashionable piece that will enhance your formal wear. 

Cute Paradise Of Kids Fashion 

Gone are the days when kids' clothes was basic. Today kids' fashion is at par with adult fashion and why shouldn't it be? Afterall, kids dressed in the cutest outfits make the best memories right. Here are some of the most adorable pieces we found in the Ted baker kid section, we are in love with them and we are sure you would love them too ! 

1. Thelmas - Baby girl dress

This floral printed dress is going to make your little one look nothing less than a beautiful dream. Made with 100% cotton, your baby is going to be at utmost comfort in this dress. 

2. Puddles- footwear 

Prep your little one with this stylish boots. Printed with flowers, these boots are stylish while 100% sturdy making it safe and playful for children to have a great time during the rainy season

3. Colle- Jumper 

Made with wool, this jumper is ideal for your baby to be warm and comfortable during the winter season. 

Enliven your space with Ted Baker Decor items

Explore your homeware with the new range they offer the combination of traditional influences with a quirky British attitude. From bedding to rugs, wallpapers, and you’ll find unique, thoughtful gifts and pieces to express your distinctive style at home. Here’s a few options that you can explore from- 

1. Vanwi- Wallpaper 

Bored with plain walls? Don’t worry Ted Baker wallpapers are  just the right addition to your decor. This subtle yet eye-catching wallpaper will give a refreshing look to your space. 

2. Silviyah - Rugs

Quit the regular rugs and add a splash of colour to your decor with this vibrant colourful rug. Ideal for living room and bedroom spaces, the Silviyah is a must have decor item. 

So now that you have got an idea of what all you can expect from Ted Baker, we are thinking that you must be keen on knowing whether Ted Baker is budget friendly or not? 

Hole in the pocket or affordable?

This British brand is one of the most popular lifestyle brands around the world and the reason for its popularity is that it has given its customers an opportunity to experience a premium lifestyle at prices that shall not burn their pockets. Furthermore, customers can avail many offers and the exciting Ted Baker sale

Currently, customers can avail the irresistible up to 50% sale even on its latest collection. Not only this, Ted Baker also allows customers to shop now and pay later with Klarna, making it easy for everyone to access quality products without having to worry about a hole in their pocket. 

1. Student Discount of 15%

Yes you read that right. If you are a student then you can avail a 15% discount at Ted Bakers. 

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2. Delivery and Return policies 

If we talk about the delivery timeline, then Ted Baker does both domestic and International shipping. 

Domestic Delivery time 3-7
International Delivery time  4-14 days

When it comes to returning policy, Ted Bakers allows 30 days return. All you got to ensure is that to avail a refund, you would have to  return the item with a receipt within 30 days of the purchase. 

Final TakeAway : Ted Baker Review

Remember we had begun with the fact that quality fashion is meant for everyone and after considering everything about Ted Baker, we at Top15online certainly feel that this brand is most certainly living upto the expectations of giving its customers an experience of premium fashion and lifestyle at an accessible price.

Furthermore, its friendly delivery and return policies just shows that for this brand, customer satisfaction and long term associations are pivotal. Therefore, keeping all these points in mind, we totally recommend our readers to give Ted Baker a shot as we feel that you shall not be dissapointed. 

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