Thalia Review: Buy Your Books Your Way

August 01, 2023

The world is ever-changing, progressing forward every day as innovation and technology leads to the fore. This innovation touches everything in our lives, even the way we shop. Gone are the days of traditional shopping, where you would have to step out for all your shopping needs, with the help of modern technology all that you need to do is download an app and order away! With Thalia online that’s the best way to shop, shop all your books and stationery with Thalia and experience the convenience of easy delivery and gain access to the truly expansive world of the platform that has revolutionized how you shop for books. 

But is the hype well-founded? Let’s find out as we move to decode the book retail giant and show you what it’s all about, with that being said, join us as we dive deep into the world of books, stationary, and much more!   


Thalia Online Shop- The Definitive Destination for Great Books

There is nothing quite like reading your favorite book with a freshly brewed cup of your preferred drink. A book can make you feel and understand things that no other medium of communication can, it can broaden your horizon, change your perspective, turn your mood around and so much more! That’s the power of the written word, it has made people’s lives, taken them from rags to riches and much more. But every great idea starts out small, to inspire yourself and to change the way you look at life you need to take that first step. 

And that first step is buying the book that’ll change your life, and what better way to do that than to visit Germany, Austria, and Switzerland’s leading bookstore, the place where you can find your next literary endeavor no matter the genre or author. Available not only in aesthetically appealing physical stores for the more “see it before you believe it” types but also in an online store that sports the entire collection available in their physical locations and much more! 

But wait! There’s more. The retailer also offers a variety of different stationary that ranges from cute bookmarks to signatory pens that can be gifted! The curious world of Thalia is a heaven for the bibliophile as it sports great books, book-related accessories, and stationary, making it your one and only stop for all your literary endeavors!

As per news from Thalia 2022 marked a resurgence in visits to their physical stores and the book sales online were nevertheless stable. They’re back and better than ever with great picks for you no matter what taste in authors you might have or what genre you might be interested in.

Locations to Consider

Looking to hit up your local Thalia physical locations for a more hands-on approach to your purchasing? If you’re based in Austria, we would recommend considering the below options as these are the best locations not only in the sense of accessibility but also as they offer a calm environment to browse through, sit down, and read your books in peace. You can also buy your stationary and much more-

  • ◾  Thalia At
  • ◾  Thalia Wien Mitte
  • ◾  Thalia Mariahilfer Straße
  • ◾  Thalia Wien 
  • ◾  Thalia Graz 
  • ◾  Thalia Linz
  • ◾  Thalia Gutschein 
  • ◾  Thalia Salzburg
  • ◾  Thalia Scs
  • ◾  Thalia Westbahnhof
  • ◾  Thalia Wels
  • ◾  Thalia Hauptbahnhof
  • ◾  Thalia Donauzentrum
  • ◾  Thalia Offnungszeiten
  • ◾  Thalia St. Pölten
  • ◾  Thalia Bücher
  • ◾  Thalia Landstraße
  • ◾  Thalia St. Pölten 

The chain has over 200 stores spread across its territory of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland making it the biggest book retailer for these countries. However, if you’re placed anywhere else you can purchase your book of choice online. If you want a more in-depth look into their branches, simply visit their website and look up their available branches for a more detailed look into their available physical locations. 


Reading Too Deep Into It- A Look at Trustpilot Reviews 

A great way to understand how good a company, product, or service is, is to look at their Trustpilot reviews. We took the liberty to visit the platform and check whether the hype behind the book retailer is worth it or not.

A look at the reviews on Trustpilot will reveal that the platform has overwhelmingly positive reviews, a deeper reading of it will reveal that there are over 6,681 5-star reviews. Customers cite their favorite features the reliable shipping, great online and offline shopping experience, and the customer support team. To give you a better perspective though we have listed a variety of likes and dislikes that customers have mentioned in reviews to give you a more accurate insight into the world of Thalia.

Great customer service. Inventory issues.
Wide range of books available.  Occasional delays in shipping.
Excellent Ebook selection -
Fast deliveries. -
Quality of books. -


On a Conclusive Note

Thalia has cemented its place in the book retail market as a bona-fide European giant. Having made a name for itself as the destination for connoisseurs of the literary world, the brand as the Thalia name meaning implies serves as a paragon of literary flourishment and has changed the game for readers across Europe and beyond with its online site.  

Buy from the brand and feel the difference in service and standards that has made Thalia one of the foremost names in the world of literary retail. 


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