The Ultimate No-Code Platform-

September 11, 2023

As a business owner, one of your first concerns might be how credible your customers consider your business. In a world with a veritable mix of companies in every space and market, it is challenging to stand out and be considered credible. How does one do that unless you go the extra mile to differentiate yourself from the crowd? You might wonder if our answer would be to build a notable digital footprint. 

Social media accounts, a great website, and, oh yes, a web app. To many, however, that idea seems farfetched. Developing a web app is expensive and a technically jarring undertaking requiring much coding work. Wrong,, you can get started on your web app with absolutely no coding job. You can also integrate it into your existing workflows and invite your non-technical staff to change it. Welcome to the bubble world, where you can build web apps without code. Let's find out more below.

Build Web Apps with Bubble

To describe Bubble, you would require splitting the topic into two parts: its design capabilities and its web hosting capabilities. The platform is committed to providing you with an expansive visual programming suite complemented by a robust hosting service that runs and maintains your masterpiece online. 

The Visual aspect expands on design tools that are extensive in nature and allow you to design and execute a fully functional web app complete with layouts, icons, and other design elements that bring the whole package together. 

With cross-compatibility across mobile and desktop web browsers, you're given the tools to create, expand, and scale up your business without any hassle or worry. You're given complete control of your business's destiny with the best marketing tools, from web designing to graphic elements and the final execution and hosting. 

But the dimensions of what BubbleBubble can do for you are much more three-dimensional than just the design and execution. The web app allows you to understand the engagement and make behavior-driven decisions to lead your product to success.

With extensive SEO and analytics, the capabilities of this powerful platform are a complete enterprise solution for your business's growth and expansion.

Find out more about this game-changing cloud platform below as we dive deeper into its capabilities. 


Build, Grow, Expand- The Bubble Promise

Growth should always be nurtured and encouraged. Bubble styles itself as a catalyst for that growth. Built for expansion, Bubble provides numerous options to developers and product owners to take the following steps toward success. We've decided to list for you the complete lifecycle of what you, as a business owner, can expect from the platform in the below phases-

Create- Every journey of a thousand miles starts at that first step for a business owner looking to grow their digital footprint, which begins with creating a web application for their product. Here's what BubbleBubble offers for the building phase- 

  •   ♦  Build a UX- Building a User Experience with comprehensive logic and real-time interactivity that brings the app to life is Bubble's forte. 
  •   ♦  Manage Data- With the platform's scalable options, you can manage data and store accounts created by users registering with your business, manage logins, and sync with Oauth 2.0 compatible providers such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc.
  •   ♦  Integrate with all integration is a specialty with BubbleBubble. Extend your app with Java Plugins or get your plugins on the marketplace to ensure your web app is ready for anything.

Design- Half of the race is always won by the way your product is designed, and with the love, effort, and time you must have put into creating your product, why not translate that into your web application as well? 

  •      ♦  Drag and Drop- Visual programming is a powerful means of telling a story and making the most of it with drag and drop, where you can use practical design elements, insert images, crop images, and more. 
  •      ♦  Use Dynamic Content- Integrate content from user-generated sources like Facebook and edit their font, text color, etc. 
  •      ♦  Create a multilingual app- Bubble knows that your customers might be from different countries. This is why it offers multilingual support that extends beyond 80 languages. 

Host- The next step after you build your web apps is to host your web app. With the hosting option, you can get the site you've created online and scale up with relative ease, never worry about server maintenance, and expand beyond! 

  •      ♦  Scale your Application- Size up from a demo application to a fully developed web-scaled application ready for action at a larger scale. 
  •      ♦  Version Control- Upgrade your app version, add changes, and revert to previous versions if needed. 
  •      ♦  Stay Secure and Private- Bubble acknowledges that your website information and data are confidential. Keep your data, privacy, and collaborators safe with security measures such as multi-factor authentication and SSL certificates for every Bubble website. 

Grow- Development is just half the work. The other half is to measure statistics, track engagement, and grow your presence. This can be achieved through the platform's extensive growth tools and SEO-

  •      ♦  Track- With seamlessly integrated analytics dashboards such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, etc. You can track your engagement and make informed business decisions. 
  •      ♦  Grow- E-mail marketing is an integrated marketing solution offered by the platform. With advanced E-mail marketing tools, SEO control, and more, you can grow your business your way.
  •      ♦  Process Payments- Integrate your Bubble app with payment solutions such as Braintree and Stripe to process complex payments seamlessly. 

Collaborate- Connecting, working together, and collaborating has never been easier than with BubbleBubble-

  •      ♦  Upto 40 Collaborators- Invite Collaborators and let even the non-technical staff give recommendations, work together, and help in development as you iterate. 
  •      ♦  Work Together in Real Time- Work in real-time with other collaborators and see changes and recommendations live, increasing collaboration and team spirit.
  •      ♦  Develop Privately- Bubble understands the confidentiality of your work and acknowledges that you may require enhanced security. That's why it provides password protection so you can work secretively until you're ready to show your project to the world. 

With collaboration, growth, and design at the heart of Bubble, building web apps without code has never been easier. Go with Bubble, Grow with Bubble.

Trusted on Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is the premier destination to understand whether a business, app, platform, or website lives up to the hype built around it. Known for brutally honest reviews and customer reviews across the board, it's the best place to tell whether Bubble is all it's cracked up to be.

An analytical review reveals that 39% of reviews are 5-star alone, with a broader positive outlook towards the company. However, the site comes with its faults. To give you a better perspective, we've compiled a list of pros and cons that will help in gaining a view on the website- 


  •   Robust design and creation suite with the capability to build SaaS platforms
  •   Comprehensive tools for building and design
  •   Seamless integration of tracking tools
  •   Marketing and SEO solutions to grow and expand your business
  •   Cost-effective solution
  •   Better as compared to similar apps


  •   Customer support is slightly lackluster
  •   Free trials come at a cost


A Conclusive Look

No matter your product or business, from an e-retailer to a SaaS provider, you can build CRM without code and achieve so much more with BubbleBubble. From comprehensive design and building tools to growth and post-development tracking, BubbleBubble is an application for every season and business.

Whatever the size of your business may be, build, grow, expand, and create a web application, develop, track, and expand your business.