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January 17, 2022

For a thorough background check, there are more than 100 websites already available and, one of the most reputed ones on the list is TruthFinder. But is that a worth-giving a shot website? To find out that, we need to have a closer look. So here we are with a detailed TruthFinder review after making the comprehensive research. 

TruthFinder is a reverse lookup application that scans all the possible data and records such as public records, dating profiles, owned assets, education history, and social network data to gain accurate and in-depth information about any individual. But what else can this website do? And why should we choose the app TruthFinder above any other data check app? Let us find out with this genuine TruthFinder review that includes every noteworthy point. Let's get started. 

Why TruthFinder app?

There are seemingly thousands of websites offering the same service. So why do we need to go for the TruthFinder? To make it apparent, let us elaborate on the list of characteristics of the TruthFinder app. 

Ease of use

Despite being a highly efficient tool, it is an extremely easy tool where you're only required to fill in the name and the last known state and city of an individual to get started. Once you have added the information, you will be required to wait for a few seconds and the relevant results will be shown. You will be shown the current and previous addresses, age, and relatives. If the shown searches are not what you were looking for, you can modify them as per the information you have. Once it is done, you can view the whole report where everything will be mentioned. The UI of the website is very easy and thus, it can effortlessly be used by anyone. 

Plans and Pricing

The service is available in three pricing plans.

  • 1-Month membership- The first available plan is the 1-month membership that will cost around $28.05. In this plan, you will be needed to subscribe to a monthly membership which will help in unlocking the reports. It works on a rolling basis and hence, the customer will get the privilege of opting to run as many standard background check reports as he/she wants. 
  • 3-Month membership- This plan quite resembles the 1-month membership plan as here too, you can run an unlimited number of standard reports. However, it will be cheaper and more reasonable as you will be paying the lump sum of three months which would be only $23.02 per month. 
  • Phone number lookup plan- This one is entirely distinct from the above two plans. This phone lookup plan will cost you around $2 per month where you can only generate multiple phone number reports.

Detailed information

Having the background check is the main objective of the company but knowing how extensive and detailed it is, is crucial. As mentioned above, the website will scan all the possible records to give the most accurate and detailed results. You are going to get the results in various categories such as- 

  • Personal information- In personal information, you will be able to know the first and last name, age, date of birth, and all the available contact details of a person. 
  • Location history- In location history, you can view the previous and current addresses, census data, possible neighbors, information related to whether the addresses given are commercial or residential, and local demographic data. 
  • Asset evaluation- In this, you will know about property tax, sale amount, mortgages, rental properties, bankruptcies, and liens related to the individual.
  • Online profile- You will be able to view the online profile data such as personal websites, blogs, social media profiles, and news stories (if any). 
  • Education and employment- You can check the higher education degree, educational background, and the whole employment history. 
  • Relationships- Any information such as marriage records, neighbors, divorce records (if any), business partners, acquaintances, and friends and relatives will be shown here. 
  • Criminal records- information such as the charge category, description of the offense, location of crime and arrest, date of the offense and, court name and case number will be shared. 
  • Sexual offenders- You will be shown the sex offender status and any registered sex offenders details in this segment. 

Dark web scanning

This is an interesting feature as dark web scanning is hard. With this TruthFinder tool, you will be able to know if your information is stolen or whether you're a victim of identity theft or not. Extensively confidential information such as passport number, contact information, driver's license, banking details, social security number, and medical identification number can be found by making some customizations on the search. The tool will look at the range of servers and websites available on the dark web that includes web services, chat rooms, social media feeds, peer-to-peer file-sharing networks, and file transmissions.

Reverse phone lookup

With this feature, you can enter a phone number and know the likely owner of the given number. You can use this for all those unknown calls you keep getting. It will scan the public records against the number and will offer you the relevant result. The result may include the known aliases of the owner as well that could aid in finding out the owner. Along with that, you can also see the picture of the owner (if available).

Security and privacy

They know how crucial the term security is and hence, your data is being secured by the industry standard 128- bit encryption. Be it your username, email address, or your credit card number, everything is being secured by it. The company also claims not to log personal data on their servers. It is also feasible to hide your report by contacting their customer support. You can also visit the designated opt-out page and the team will hide your information within 48 hours.

Customer support

If you're facing any issues while using TruthFinder's services, then you can get in touch with them anytime at your convenience. The whole team will be available 24*7. Also, the team is also very active on social media so if you're contacting them through their social media handle, you are likely to get a reply within a few hours only. To keep the website informative, they also have kept a blog part called Infomania where you will get a bunch of articles on how to stay safe online. 


Pros and cons of TruthFinder

For a detailed and legitimate TruthFinder review, it is much required to mention every aspect of the service. Be it its advantages or disadvantages, everything should be transparent with the users. Thus, here's the list of pros and cons of the TruthFinder app. 


  • 1. This service has its own application that can be used in both, Android and iOS. 
  • 2. You are allowed to modify your searches as per the requirement. 
  • 3. If you have taken a monthly subscription plan, you are allowed to make as many background checks as you are looking for. There is no restriction on it. 
  • 4. You are going to be given more information on this tool as compared to any other one.
  • 5. The information provided by the tool will be recent. 
  • 6. It also includes social media reports which are rare and interesting. 
  • 7. The tool will also make a dark web scan in order to protect you against any identity fraud. 
  • 8. It is transparent in terms of the fair credit reporting act. You can also learn how to use their information through them. 
  • 9. It comes with a self-monitoring feature. 
  • 10. It also has a reverse phone lookup and background check option that provides up-to-date data only.


  • 1. This tool does not come with any trial period which is a high disappointment for many. 
  • 2. If you are opting for a PDF copy of the report, you will have to pay an additional cost of $2. 
  • 3. It does not have any single search option available as of now.
  • 4. Currently, you can only search about people living in the United States.
  • 5. There are several pop-up advertisements there which could annoy you.


Our take on the TruthFinder app?

After this detailed TruthFinder review, we would certainly say that this app is indeed a leading one for a background check. There's no match to that in terms of quality data collecting with a compelling presentation. And the features such as scanning the dark web adds up to it. From us, it is a green flag if you're looking for detailed information about any individual living in the United States. The only drawback we have witnessed is the pricing of the app and the fact that it does not come with any trial period and its terrible slow speed. Other than that, it is hands down the most considerable reliable background check tool that we have come across. 

Wrapping up,

It was all about the tool, the TruthFinder. All the aspects including its pros and cons are well mentioned in this genuine TruthFinder review based on our experience and extensive research. If you have any more confusion concerning this app, please comment below and let us know.