TUI Musement Review - The New Global Travel Guide?

June 23, 2022

Isn’t it sometimes challenging when you visit a new place and you are clueless about which are the best places to visit there? Googling can help you to an extent, but it can’t save you from the rush of long lines of tickets at the popular attractions, special packages of adventures, etc. Therefore, to solve these issues and give you a package of amusement, we bring to you this TUI review that shall tell you how to have the best of fun during your vacations at prices that shall amaze you. So, without wasting much time, let’s explore the world of amusement.


About TUI

Acquired by TUI group in 2018, the TUI Musement is a leading travel-tech start-up that is revolutionizing the Tours and Activities Market. Travelers can do the most with TUI by taking advantage of local knowledge and recommendations to make the most of their time at their destination. Whether it's activities, tours, tickets, or just ideas for a great night out, TUI and its app (iOS and Android) make all bookings easy and secure.

One can experience the best tourist activities in over 80 countries and 40 cities with local experts. The platform allows you to explore over 200+ museums along with travel agents who help travelers create a memorable experience. Furthermore, the company assists its travelers in 8 different languages, so that every traveler experiences new destinations in the easiest ways.

Some of the destinations that you can explore with TUI

Abu Dhabi









These are just a few of the most popular destinations on TUI that you can check out. There are many more countries that can be explored by visiting their website.


What can you experience here?

With TUI, you can experience the best sightseeing and activities. The platform offers three categories of experiences travelers can avail of.

Some of the most appealing experiences that caught our attention are-


  • Category A- Attraction and Guided tours

- Empire State Building Observatory standard or express pass tickets

What you’ll get from this?

  • 1. Visit the Empire State Building
  • 2. Select between Standard or Express pass ticket
  • 3. Take a 360-degree view of the entire New York City
  • 4. Enjoy the observatory on the 86th floor and interactive museum
  • 5. Duration- 2 hours
  • Category B- Tickets and Events

- Aquarium of the Pacific Tickets

What you’ll get from this

  • 1. Discover sea life- sharks, jellyfish, penguins and much more
  • 2. Explore the diversity of Pacific life
  • 3. Come close to the Tropical, Northern and SoCal/ Baja Galleries
  • 4. Availability- Daily
  • Category C- Activities

Kiztopia Singapore X-tra entrance ticket

What you’ll get from this? 

  • 1. Spend an entire day at Kiztopia with your family
  • 2. Indulge in over 18 different play areas featuring giant slides, an indoor driving zone, an obstacle course, etc
  • 3. Learn and play all at once, a great option for kids
  • 4. Duration- Flexible

The purpose of showcasing these destinations was solely to let our readers know the different kinds of experiences one can avail of from TUI To explore, visit official website to find the best activities and sights for your next trip.



Is TUI affordable?

 The idea behind this travel tech platform is to make everyone experience the best of traveling at prices that do not burn travelers’ pockets. Therefore, it offers several special offers for different experiences so that travelers can enjoy their vacations without worrying about the cost or cutting down on experiences.

Currently, some of the best offers you can avail yourself from the TUI are-

So if you are visiting the following cities then do remember to check out these special offers on experiences and sightseeing curated by the platform are-


Paseo del Arte

Offer Price- $36


You’ll get

- 25% off on entrance tickets to the top three  museums in Madrid with a single pass

- Explore the Golden Triangle of Art

-  No waiting in lines at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, Prado Museuem and Reina Sofia Museum



Essential Vatican guided tour

Offer Price- $36

You’ll get-

-          Explore Vatican city, Gallery of tapestries and Sistine Chapel

-          Skip the lines to Vatican Museums

-          Expert tour guide

-          Audio headsets wherever necessary


Volendam and Marken tour

Price offer- $29.40

You’ll get-

-          Explore the Dutch countryside

-          Stroll through the village of Zuiderzee

-          Luxurious transportation

-          Tour guide

-          Cheese demonstration

-          Explore Zaanse Schans, Volendam and Marken

-          Boat trip to Marken lake



Eiffel tower- Guide climbing tour

Offer Price- $36.10

You’ll get-

-          Intimate guided group

-          Entrance ticket to 1st and 2nd floor of the Eiffel tower

-          Look at the whole of Paris city from above


Pirate Dinner Adventure

Offer Price- $54.28

You’ll get-

-          Enjoy the show

-          3-course dinner while Pirates are fighting with each other

-          Great for family outings



Barcelona Card

Offer Price- $44.10

You’ll get

-          Free admission to the city’s museums and monuments

-          Discount on entry tickets to 70 museums, city sights and restaurants

-          Free travel on public transportation

-          City guide


Why should you trust

  • Secure Booking

Plan your travel with secure booking tickets at TUI Furthermore, you can also avail the features of a Price match and book tickets instantly

  • Immediate Confirmations

It allows travelers to book and get confirmed tickets without any delays. Flexible planning and fast tickets and vouchers of TUI make a traveler's life much easier.


  • 24*7 Customer support

Do not worry about being stranded as the platform gives you 24/7 expert assistance who can help with your orders and other activities information.


  • The best prices

Avail tickets to the grandest experiences and tourist attraction sights at the most reasonable prices. Not only this, enjoy additional activities and expert guidance all in one package.


Let’s explore some verified reviews

  • Cathy from the USA says

“I had practically given up getting a private tour on the date and time I needed for the D'Orsay museum. Lo and behold, yours showed up today and I immediately booked it. Can't wait!”


  • Kelly Grimes from the USA says

“Everything was very clearly laid out and simple”


  • Sami Mourad from ES says

“ Easy and short to navigate website”


Final TakeAway

This TUI review has been written solely for our readers to explore new cities in the best and most inexpensive way so that they have the best of fun on their vacations. In our opinion, TUI allows travelers to explore cities without any limits and hurdles. It makes the local tours and attraction points accessible for travelers while curating the activities in a way that is beyond just “things to do”. With its features of expert city guides who are multilingual and know the city in and out, the platform allows travelers to know the city in its truest spirit. 

So without wasting more time, plan your next trip and check out what has to offer in that city. Visit the site to know more.

Believe us when we say that TUI is certainly the new travel: booking on the go, the best selection, skip-the-line access and local knowledge on the go- the easiest way to know a city and its vibe.


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