Tune Up Your Symphonies: Townsend Music Online

November 29, 2023

Hans Christian Andersen is right about music ‘Where words fail, music speaks.’ Sometimes, when you feel upset or lonely, you want to do only one thing: listen to your favorite playlist. Not in hard times. When you feel happy, excited, loving, and romantic, music is your only partner and helps you to enjoy your moment the most. 

Music is the only thing hardly denied by anyone in the universe. No matter the age group, gender, or community you come from, every human being loves to listen to music. According to the likes and dislikes, everyone has a playlist that they enjoy while traveling and reading the book. 

The music industry is the most loving and never-ending industry that does not need support to stand in the market even though other sectors seek its help to stand and grow more. 

Townsend Music is one of them that helps new artists and the leading ones grow their roots in the United Kingdom and worldwide. 

Townsend is the direct-to-fans platform, which builds a bridge between the fans and their favorite artists. 

Here is detailed information and review that will help you find the right reason to choose Townsend as your music partner as an artist and a music lover.


Dashboard is where you can manage your online record store and music shop. You can control Townsend Music's features, including your music release, music shop, product creation and stock management, sales reports and account information, promotional tools and widgets, fan mailouts, and more.

UI Experience

Townsend's website is entirely user-friendly and easy to access. It is designed according to different devices, such as laptops and phones. You can efficiently operate its website on your phone as well as on your computer. You can easily manage your music shop on your phone, and there is no need to have a laptop or any computer to operate this.


To analyze your success, it is essential to have your sales analytics and reports of your music release. Townsend Music Store timely emails you the words of your sales. Sales reports can be divided into individual products and sizes, time and date, sales by region, and even currency. These reports can even be automatically received via email.


Promotional Tools

Townsend Music Store promoted your music release to engage the audience for you. Using social media interaction as a promotional tool, Townsend Music Store engages your fans with music and fully customizable splash pages. With its promotional tools, it draws focus on the latest releases and campaigns.

Sales Tools

Townsend Music store has a wide range of different sale options to increase your sales for your music releases. These include:

  • •   Product-specific sale periods
  • •   Discount codes
  • •   Multi-buy bundles
  • •   2 for £ X-type campaigns
  • •   Multi-item discounts

Products of Townsend Music

Townsend Music sells the new releases of your favorite artiste. You can buy CDs, vinyl, cassettes, Merch, boxsets, or test pressing format for your favorite. You can choose your gender and the type of music you enjoy. This music shop has alternative, folk, dance, hip-hop, metal, indie, pop, reggae, rock, and more. These genres can further be found by the name of their singers or songwriters.

Pre-Order Facility

Some fans are eager about the new release of their favorite artists. Townsend Music Store lets you pre-order the new music release through this online music shop. This is what pre-orders are for before any rush. You can place a pre-order with this company. 


Townsend's online records store and online music shop accept payments through many gateways such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Giro Pay, and others. This ensures convenience in the payment mode. You do need to have a specific account or method of payment to enjoy your Townsend music. 


You have booked your order and are eagerly waiting to enjoy it in your free time. Townsend Music knows your curiosity, and this, too, so you can't wait any longer. They deliver in 7b working days after placing the order. 

Shipping Charges

They are delivered through DHL and the Royal Mail. The delivery time and fee depend on your location and preferred shipping method. International deliveries may be subjected to customs taxes in that country. 

Returns Policy

Items may be returned within ten days. The store accepts the return of things that do not satisfy you as long as they are returned undamaged and in their original packaging. 


It distributes your music with three different methods to increase your global reach and audiences in every corner of the world; it ensures that nothing is left and your favorite artists reach you in time. 

1.  Physical distribution

  • •   They own and operate a UK distribution facility and can securely store your cassettes and merch in all formats before distributing them to your fans worldwide.

2.  Digital Distribution

  • •   With all major digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, HMV, Napster, and Spotify, Townsend distributes digital music and video to hundreds of online and mobile retailers worldwide.

3.  Affiliates System 

  • •   An affiliates program is designed for selected websites, fan forums, and companies. To become an affiliate, visit affiliates.tmstor.es and fill out the form.

Listen and Relax

So, whatever you are feeling right now, enjoy your feelings with Townsend Music and choose your favorite artiste or the playlist you want to listen to. 

Choose your cassettes and merchandise to feel like a real music fan and express yourself through the language of music and its different genres. 

Townsend is there to help you choose and stay connected with new music releases.