Unlocking Health Secrets with Beyond Body Wellness Book

November 22, 2023

Jim Ryun is right when he says, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” In this era of fast-paced life, nobody has time to give some part of it to themselves and their Body. 

But as time changes, fitness is not just the era's need. It is vital to have a good life. For this, everybody needs to exercise and adequately follow their diet chart to achieve fat loss, improve the mobility of joints, and reduce joint pain. 

Being overweight is the most common problem in today's world. 

Beyond Body is fighting this problem; they have developed their weapon, which they named Beyond Body Health Book. 

This book helps people to become healthier and accelerate fat loss.

Beyond Body it has developed a customized wellness book that gives each person a unique 28-day weight loss meal plan and distinct chapters based on the answers to an essential questionnaire. This is appropriate for men and women from all walks of life. 

Let’s discuss how this wellness book is your guide to healthier.

Personalized Plans

Beyond Body, at the beginning, they ask questions based on your food habits, exercise plans, daily routine, health status, and many more. This information helps them to create a personalized meal plan for you. This plan is only for you; no one else can use it for its profit because the meal plan and the exercise involved in your diet plan are designed totally for you, and it depends on your choices. 

The book even takes care of your food allergies and intolerances. Beyond Body will customize the meal plans to suit any of the following:

  • •   Lactose
  • •   Cow’s Milk
  • •   Eggs
  • •   Tree Nuts
  • •   Peanuts
  • •   Shellfish
  • •   Wheat and Gluten
  • •   Soy

They offer personalized exercise plans based on your fitness levels, lifestyle choices, and other preferences.

Each exercise starts with a warm-up, leading to a combination of cardio and strength training. The session will end with stretching and cool-down activities to help you prepare for your next session. Every workout is designed to provide a challenge to the individual. 

They even provide a hard copy of your use specifically designed for you.

Mouth Watering Food Creations

Not just the keto diet but any diet plan is expensive, and people need help finding something tasty to eat, so it becomes difficult to follow the diet chart. But with Beyond Body, it is the opposite. You can easily follow the diet chart and cook some mouth-watering creations yourself. 

The plan does not force you to add those things into your diet that you don’t like to eat; it makes your diet chart according to your likes and dislikes. So, this is another reason you will not drop your diet in the middle.

No Need to Follow the Plan

If you go to the gym or a dietitian, they will give you a proper diet chart that you must follow for months or maybe for your whole life. But with Beyond Body, you need to follow the instructions for some days, a short time. 

This diet chart is not made for months or years; it is just a 28-day plan, which means it takes hardly 4-5 weeks to make you fit and lose your lousy fat in a very short period. 

Hypocaloric Diet

Beyond Body’s meal plans are centered around the hypocaloric diet and are grounded in medical research and weight management principles. This works off the basis of eating 200-300 fewer calories daily. 

A hypocaloric diet eliminates the need to remove entire food components to lose weight. A hypocaloric diet makes your fitness plan enjoyable or sustainable. Instead, the focus is on gradually reducing your calories and choosing the healthy option more often than not.

You are more equipped to sustain a healthy lifestyle by building healthier habits in your diet.

A Questionnaire for Your Health Trip

Beyond Body asks you some questions, as stated earlier. The question arises about what kind of information they seek from that questionnaire and what questions are involved. Let us dig into this concept to have a clear understanding.

It can be divided into Four categories: Basics, Food preferences, Physical Activity, and Demographies.

Let’s start with the basics.

Part 1: Basics

This section gathered basic information about you, like your gender, hours of sleep, stress levels, and many more.  

Following information gathered in basic information:- 

  • •   Physical body parts that require transformation (i.e., chest, arms, abs, glutes, and thighs);
  • •   Knowledge of the ketogenic diet (i.e., beginner, intermediate, advanced);
  • •   Hours of sleep and type of work shifts (day, evening, overnight);
  • •   Average levels of stress and alcohol consumption;
  • •   Medical history (including pregnancy if female).

Now, it is the time to know your Food preferences, like your likes and dislikes.  

Part 2: Food Preferences

In this section, Beyond Body puts questions in front of you that focus on your consumption habits. This helps you to discover your likes and dislikes. Then, your favorites are included in meal plans, So you are inclined to stick to the diet. Specific questions include:

  • •   Current relationship with meat (i.e., pork, beef, turkey, chicken);
  • •   Existing relationship with seafood;
  • •   Preferred vegetables;
  • •   Foods that people would like to avoid;
  • •   Allergies/intolerances (i.e., lactose, eggs, nuts, soy, fish, shellfish, gluten, sesame);
  • •   Daily availability for meal preparation;
  • •   Whether lunch is generally prepared or purchased.

Part 3: Physical Activity

In the Physical Activity section, they asses your fitness and determine what kind of fitness program is most appropriate on an individual basis; the following questions are asked:- 

  • •   Activity level (i.e., beginner, intermediate, advanced);
  • •   Frequency of exercise (i.e., three, four, or over five times weekly);
  • •   Body shape (i.e., triangle, circle, hourglass, rectangle);
  • •   History of heart conditions, high blood pressure, and spinal injuries;
  • •   The health of bone, muscle, and joints;
  • •   Choice of transportation;
  • •   Preferred activity (i.e., cycling, roller skating, running, swimming, walking)

Last but not least is the Demographic section. 

Part 4: Demographics

This final set of questions concerns age, height, and target weight. Upon completing these questions, individuals will be instructed to customize their unique Keto Beyond Body programs.

Goal Achieved??

This online wellness book is available Online or in the form of a physical book. It allows you to become healthier and accelerate fat loss. This complete health book is your key to being perfectly fit with a cost-effective fee. 

You don’t need to follow this diet for so long, which is dependent on your will, whether you want to follow it later or just for 28 days. Beyond Body wellness book offers an Assistant app for 33% faster weight loss. The app lets you track your weight loss, recipes, workouts, etc.

Becoming fit is enjoyable, tastier, and easy to follow the diet chart.