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April 11, 2022

Ustraa is one of the famous men based brand trending these days. But have you made any purchase till now? When we wanted to know about the product review of Ustraa, we searched a lot on internet but couldn’t find something useful. And that’s when we thought why not to come up with our own tried and tested review of Ustraa products? So here’s what we have experienced.

About Ustraa

Ustraa is a complete men focused brand famous for their grooming essential. It is an Indian brand who aims for men’s overall grooming. Unlike other brands, Ustraa comes with 100% guarantee of their products and all the products they sell are generated and formulated in their own lab and they give you 100% SLS, PARABENS and other chemical free products. The brand’s moto is to give a new and good look to every man in affordable pricing.

Why Ustraa?

Before trying any brand, one consistent question that comes in everyone’s mind is why this brand when we have got multiple other options too? So to keep it straight, we want to discuss the main features of the brand Ustraa which makes it easier to decide if you want to use the brand or not.

  • Unique variety- Selling hair oil or shampoos are no different or unique. But the kind of variety the brand holds does make it different from other brands. Ustraa comes with variety of options in each of the category that not only makes it unique but different too. You are going to find variant in every product and most of them will come from natural stuffs like neem, aloevera, etc.
  • Low cost- It would be wrong to that you can find all the Ustraa brand products in very low price. However, if you see the quality and the competitor’s price, you will surely understand why we call it low cost and an affordable brand that makes product for everyone. Even while enjoying the high end natural components used products, you don’t have to the pay high cost.
  • Great offers- Since the brand is relatively new in the industry, they keep giving offers and discounts to their users to make them happy. Although the brand does not compromise in the quality of products, you can find really tempting offers.
  • Free shipping- When it comes to shipping, you don’t have to pay a heavy price for the same. The team is going to provide you free shipping in most of the products that is surely going to make a customer happy.


Ustraa Products and Categories

The brand sells in many of the marketplaces but apart from that, you can also shop from its original website as well. They have a wide category of cologne, trimmers, face and body products, beard products, hair products, skin products, essentials and accessories available at their website. In each of the category, you can again find various categories and different products. Some of their best selling products are their beard products and hair related products such as oil, shampoo and creams.


Shipping, Cancellation and Refund

Ustraa ships PAN India as of now and their shipping cost is also nominal. In most of the products, you are going to get free shipping and if your order value is not eligible for the same, you need to pay the nominal amount of INR 49 as shipping cost. If your product value is exceeding 999, then you are going to get free shipping which is surely a great thing for all their customers. They also have the next day delivery available for their customers at the cost of 150 inr.

The brand also has their subscription model based on months. Users can subscribe to the products they use every month or once in three months and get those products in discounted price. They have some of their combo available for the subscription plan at a nominal cost and your subscription can be cancelled at your ease anytime. You can do it by going through your account.

If you didn’t like any of their product, then returning the same is very easy. You do not need to make and extra or additional effort for the same. You can contact to their customer care team or go through their application or website and make a request for the return or exchange.


Customer service

The customer service of the website is good enough and helps in providing their customers 100% satisfaction. They have their helpline number available at their website for specific timing. Other than that, you can contact 24*7 at their email address or contact them via their application.

Our take?

We haven’t tried all of the products yet, but we have ordered the hair growth oil from the brand and our team has actually found it useful. Their products light weighted and surely chemical free as we did not experience any major hair fall or damage while trying their products. All over, they are serving good products and it’s a thumbs up from us. 

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