Entertainment Sports Fanatic? Viagogo for Buying and Selling Tickets

November 29, 2023

The real identity of a country lies in its culture, like theatre for entertainment, concerts and clubs for modern ways of life, and sports for its people. But how will you find a way to enjoy all these things? As a traveler, you are learning about the country, so who will tell you that you should go to this place for the best experience, and how will you buy the tickets? 

There is an online ticket marketplace that can help you with this. Viagogo is the best option to enjoy theaters, concerts, and sports in a specific country. 

Here is a detailed list of Viagogo's services, pros, and cons. This list helps you analyze only Viagogo if there are other options. 

Let’s start with global reach.

1.  Global Platform

A trusted brand always reaches every corner of the world, and people from different regions can trust them due to their services. Viagogo is one of the trusted brands as it has global reach. 

Here are some statistics and data that prove Viagogo is a global ticket marketplace. It has reached worldwide and is facilitated to the whole world approximately.

  • •   Viagogo operates in more than 60 countries
  • •   It is one of the largest ticket marketplaces in the world.
  • •   Over 4 million tickets are listed on Viagogo at any given time.

2.  Partners with Leading Brands

Viagogo is partnered with leading industry brands, ensuring its stability and reliability. Viagogo is a leading online marketplace that facilitates buying tickets for different sports and entertainment events. You can also sell tickets if you have changed your mind to others and earn well. Over the years, it has collaborated with multiple organizations and entities to bolster its market presence and offer diverse ticketing options to users.

It has a partnership with:-

  • •   Sports 
  • •   Entertainment and Concerts
  • •   Corporate 
  • •   Technology and Innovation 
  • •   Legal and Regulatory 

These partnerships have allowed Viagogo to establish itself as a prominent player in the ticket resale market, offering users a wide range of event options and a platform for secure transactions. However, the specifics and status of partnerships might have evolved or changed after my last update, so it's advisable to check Viagogo's latest announcements or press releases for the most current information on its partnerships.

3.  Buy Tickets for Your Gener

You can choose over 50 million tickets from an ocean of events and the type of genre you enjoy the most. With multiple partnerships, you have many options for your enjoyment, such as:-

  • •   Football Clubs

Viagogo has partnered with many football (soccer) clubs globally to become their official ticketing partner. Clubs such as Manchester City, FC Bayern Munich, and others have collaborated with Viagogo to provide a platform for their fans to buy and sell match tickets.

  • •   Tennis Events

Viagogo has partnered with significant tennis tournaments like Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open to offer tickets for these prestigious events through its platform.

  • •   Concert Promoters and Artists

Viagogo has worked with various concert promoters and artists to facilitate ticket sales for concerts and live events. This includes partnerships with music promoters like Live Nation Entertainment and AEG and collaborations with artists and bands for ticket distribution.

  • •   Theater and Cultural Events

Viagogo has expanded its partnerships to include theater productions, musicals, and other cultural events. Collaborations with theater groups and event organizers have enabled the sale of tickets for Broadway shows, West End productions, and more.

  • •   Travel and Hospitality

Viagogo has partnered with travel and hospitality companies to offer integrated services. Collaborations with hotel chains, airlines, and travel agencies aim to provide customers with bundled services, combining tickets with travel accommodations.

  • •   E-commerce Platforms

Viagogo has integrated its ticketing services into various e-commerce platforms, expanding its reach and accessibility to users across different online marketplaces.

  • •   Tech Companies

Viagogo has partnered with technology firms to enhance its platform's functionality and user experience. Collaborations include leveraging innovative solutions for ticket distribution, user interface enhancements, and data analytics for better user engagement.

  • •   Industry Associations and Regulatory Bodies

Viagogo has worked with industry associations and regulatory bodies in different countries to address legal and regulatory concerns related to ticket reselling. Collaborations aim to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations while maintaining a secure and transparent ticketing marketplace.

4.  Viagogo Mastered In

A Vast Selection of Events

You have insight into the multiple event options in Viagogo. It shows that it has a vast selection of choices. You can choose what you want to select for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Safe and Secure Transactions

It ensures 100% security to its users while making payments. It accepts payments through credit and debit cards, offering a more secure payment method. 

International Currency Support

It also supports international currency as it simultaneously offers services in 60 different countries. So, currency exchange is acceptable for Viagogo, the ticket marketplace. 

It would be the best option for you if you are a traveler and want to book concert and theater tickets through an online access marketplace. 

App Facility

Viagogo, the online ticket marketplace, does not just have a website; you can also use its App on your phone for theatres at Viagogo and concert tickets. The App is user-friendly, and you can download it from the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google App Store for Android users. 

Guarantee of return

Most of the time, you decide to drop your plan, but you are worried about the money you have invested in the tickets. With Viagogo, you don’t need to worry about this; you can sell access to someone and get your money back guaranteed. 

5.  Some Flaws in Viagogo

Steep Service Fees

Like a ruthless highwayman, Viagogo isn’t afraid to take its cut. The site charges up to 25% service fee on top of the ticket price, which can leave a bitter taste in the mouths of budget-conscious consumers. This increases the ticket prices, so it is recommended to compare the prices with some other platform to check its authenticity and cost-effectiveness. 

The Scalping Problem

Viagogo does not have any Foolproof system to manage ticket scraping. Ticket scalping is a persistent issue on Viagogo. 

Customer Service Woes

It feels like you are talking to a wall while you contact its customer services. Their customer service could be better. 

Viagogo- Something Good, Something Bad

This article shows that Viagogo is an online ticketing service that is good at some points and even destructive at others. It has pros and cons both simultaneously. Suppose you can choose over 50 million tickets for concerts, theaters, Sports clubs, etc. It would help if you were careful with ticket scraping and price hikes due to its 25% price cut. 

You have multiple options and no need to worry about payment boundaries as it offers safe and secure payment gateways. You can also buy tickets in 60 different countries, making it perfect for international currencies and allowing you to enjoy your trip with entertainment worldwide.

Viagogo could be your traveling partner if you are a traveler and traveling is your passion. You can enjoy concerts of different genres in different countries and even know the world's theaters. You can enjoy sports activities. With Viagogo, you can see the country from its roots and culture.