Walmart Review: A Supermarket Sensation or Something Else?

May 01, 2023

Death, taxes, and Walmart.” Three things that you can find everywhere. The American operator has made quite a name for itself. Ever since the first store was opened in 1962, a billion more stores, and six decades later, the company stands as one of the world's largest retailers, with countless loyal customers.

But no matter what the Walmart review looks like from the outside, how does the firm fare from the inside? Do the customers think the same, or is there a tale yet to be told?

Follow our lead with this Walmart review as we walk you through the subscriptions, services, and products offered by this modern-day giant, starting with the Premium service.


An Insight into Walmart Plus

With this Walmart Plus review, we aim to help you better understand how it works, how you can access it, and how to make the most out of your subscription.

For starters, Walmart Plus is a membership offered to users with which they can have access to gas at member prices, unlimited free delivery, and many more. As per the website, additional benefits also get added to increase the value of the membership. With the current setting, the subscription is available at 12.95$ per month and 98$ annually, plus the applicable taxes.

The membership program works similarly to the e-commerce giant's service, Amazon Prime. Although, Amazon has the upper hand there since it offers a lot more features and delivery preferences in accordance with the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a plus point as well.

You can quickly get started by opting for the 30-day free trial and deciding whether you want to have a yearly or monthly subscription. Let us learn about the benefits that Walmart Plus has in store.

  • Simply make the experience touch-free as you can check in the store and pay by scanning to speed up your next Walmart visit.
  • More than 4,700 stores are part of Walmart Plus, and you get free delivery, although there might be a charge for express delivery. Also, the order can be as little as $3, and it would still be delivered, but the perk might not be available on every item.
  • Every member gets to save 10 cents on every gallon of gas purchased.

Now, the question that lingers is, should you get a Walmart Plus subscription?

It is safe to say that the membership is a safe investment for the long run of things, especially with features like the scan and go. Users get the liberty of ordering both ways, physically if they want to make a quick run and pay with a touch-free experience or simply by sitting at home to get the order the next day.


Mobile: The Walmart Phones Review 

Walmart already had everything that a store could have, only to move up a notch and get into the communications and technology market. For the general audience, Walmart family mobile is basically a mobile virtual network operator, implying that it offers discounted cell phone plans by using another company network.

Let us walk through the brights and downsides of Walmart family mobile to learn if it's the perfect fit for your needs.


The Bright Side 

◾  Network

The one thing that Walmart doesn't have is an actual cell phone network, which is why it makes use of T-mobile by leasing them. You will have great coverage around T-mobile. The network is already going strong, and things are only going to get better, which is excellent news for the customers.

◾  Mobile Hotspots 

Looking to work on a cross-country road trip? Or looking to stream an episode of your favorite sitcom while the internet at your place is down? The mobile hotspot covers it for you. The cheapest plan isn't capable of hotspot services, but the rest of them are.

All of the allotted 4GB can be used with the hotspot for the limited plans, while the unlimited data plan can take you up to 10GB.



The Downside

◾  Deprioritization

Whenever evaluation comes into question, deprioritization would be the shade that no one likes. In simpler terms, it refers to when the parent network slows down the speed of the customers to prioritize the data speed of others. It is no secret that the network will prioritize its own customers over MVNOs.

To get a practical aspect, it would imply that you might be deprived of internet privileges and even experience lag in rush hours.

All of this makes it clear that even though their mobile plans might not be the cheapest in business if someone is looking to hook their family with unlimited data plans, this would be a perfect match for them.

The customer service isn't bad either, although there are no solid proofs that can validate the statement. If you ever need assistance or technical support, give them a call, or just in case you feel bored.

◾  Carrier Expenses

Price is a significant factor with discounted providers, including yours truly. There are plenty of other carriers that are offering their services at reasonable rates, so if you are not cutting it down a notch, why would the users want to pay for your services?

This is where it goes wrong for Walmart since they offer way too expensive plans, whereas their rivals are offering twice as much data within the same or lesser price range.


Walmart Furniture Review: The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between

◾  Affordable

By now, we have established that Walmart has a hand in almost every industry, so why not go the extra mile and put furniture in it? One of the primary reasons why the Superman of stores is popular is because everything inside is affordable. Even though there can be some products that seem expensive, almost none would seem way out of pocket.

The thing that's worth mentioning is to look out for the prices of the furniture as that depends on what you are looking to get for the place you call home. But the good part is that this Walmart furniture review will give you more insights into the prices as well as the build quality, so stay tuned.

◾  The Quality Quest

This is another good reason why Walmart has established a global monopoly. But the customers seem to have mixed feelings towards furniture as some have stated that it didn't last for long, while some are happily living with it.

It is essential to take a look at what customers are buying and what they are comparing it with, especially when Walmart isn't a furniture company from the get-go. Take a look at the furniture that has excellent build quality, including coffee tables and sofas, since these are the ones with decent reviews.

Do not let the reviews be a turn-off since you will find mixed reactions from customers for every furniture company. Safe to say, you can't please everyone.


Walmart ≠ Furniture

Before writing them off, try to understand that they don't sell furniture as their primary product. Generally, people come to these stores for groceries and other essential commodities since it is affordable and handy.

Nobody really barges in and thinks that buying furniture from Walmart is on their to-do list today. All these things only point in one direction, which is to shop from a furniture-oriented shop, unless you want your money to be down the drain. Furniture stores can offer a lot more options, helping you to make up your mind before you sign on the dotted line.

As far as the delivery of Walmart goes, it has always been under criticism for some reason. Some customers have even gone to the extent of complaining about how they received the wrong products, that too in a delayed manner, which cost them their time, and even resources at times.


The Public Speaks Featuring Trust Pilot 

Walmart has had a pretty positive impression on the website of Trust Pilot so far, having more than 1100 positive reviews. Of course, there is the occasional backlash that comes every now and then, but the positive reviews are more than enough to solidify that Walmart is as reliable as they get.


In a Nutshell

This Walmart review makes us believe that there is a good reason why the stores are flooded with customers all year around, be it for groceries or any other discounted supplies. The customer service can be, well, disappointing at times, but the services and products combined make up for a great overall user experience, which is also why the brand has its roots almost everywhere on the planet.


Frequently Asked Questions On Walmart


1. What is Walmart famous for?

Other than being the most significant revenue company on the planet, it is also famous for having almost 100 million monthly unique visitors and for offering any and every service that a user could ask for from a discount store.

2. Is Walmart's online shopping reliable?

Shopping online from Walmart is as reliable as they come, and customers can be assured that their goods will be delivered to them on time.

3. Is Walmart a trusted store?

Walmart is more than a trusted store. It is arguably a household name right across the nation and has basically everything that one can need to sustain.


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