Way.com Reviews - Parking for Peace of Mind

May 31, 2022

What is Way.com and how does that work? Is it genuine or fake? If these questions are jumbling around your mind, then wait and read this unbiased Way.com reviews where you will be told everything about the website. Let’s start.


What is Way.com?

Way.com is basically a go-to portal that shares the exclusive deals on the car services.  From getting the best auto insurance plan to getting car washes, parking lots and more, everything will be taken care at this website is one of the leading places for car services marketplace where one can find all their travel and car related requirements fulfilled.


How does Way.com work?

Talking about how does it work, the website is fully designed to build a concierge service marketplace where one can find anything and everything. They have made an online portal where they invite the vendors to bring their services and products and they can share the same with larger audience. Vendors are required to create their business profile where they need to have a clear picture, availability of products and services and the prices. Any buyer can visit the website, add their city and make a search through all the vendors to get the right service in their possible area.

Once the buyer is ok to buy it, they can buy the product and services within a click an they will receive the details easily. also, if there’s any issue, one can also speak to the company and the company’s representative will help you.

Way.com Pricing & Plans

The best part of using the Way.com services is that the company is not going to charge any fee from the visitor who is looking to buy products and services from the website. And along with that, even if you are a vendor establishing yourself, you still do not have to pay anything here. For both the cases, it is fully free from the company side.

What are Waybucks and how it is useful?

Waybucks are basically the reward that is earned via the bookings made on the website. The Waybucks reward program is available for free of cost and one can easily earn and redeem Waybucks on their purchases. Also, one is able to receive up to $100 in their Waybucks if they make any purchase on the website.


Is it possible to retrieve or view previous orders?

Yes, all your orders will be tracked on your account where you can log in with your credential and see the pending and previous orders where all the details will be mentioned.


How to cancel order on Way.com?

It is easy to cancel a product or service if you are having an issue. For that, one is required to log in to the account, go to current orders and tap on cancel where you will be asked if you surely want to terminate this or not. If yes, confirm your cancellation and it is cancelled. Also, no money will be charged for the cancellation of the services.


Way.com refund policy on parking

It is possible to get a full refund if you cancel a service. All you need to do is to cancel your order before 24 hours or your reservation’s date and time and then you will be receiving 100% refund on your purchase. For the same, you can either use the app and cancel it or ask the customer service and they will cancel the same for you. The amount cancelled will be credited in your source of account only. Or if there’s any issue, you will be asked to give details.


How to get your business listed on Way.com?

If you are a vendor who is looking to list their services on the website, all you need to go to the sign up page where they need to add the details of their services, pricing and agree to the terms and conditions. Once done, they can simply register their selves on the website for free of cost.

Our take? Way.com Reviews

By reading way.com reviews, It is surely a legitimate website that is in the business since years and is gladly providing affordable parking spots across the country. If we take a look at the reviews, there are over 73,000 reviews already available on Trustpilot out of which most of the reviews are on positive site. You surely can rely on their services if you are living in the US. Till now, we did not find a downside of the website as it looks quite affordable and a good choice to us. If you are also looking to try their services, go and get started and share your feedback here.