Shop Luxury Furniture Like Never Before- The West Elm Experience

August 24, 2023

What is home? Perhaps it’s a concept, a place of comfort, a castle of familiarity, known by the love you feel when you enter through its doors, a poem personified. But for some, it's a more practical space to turn back to at the end of every day. A place away from the stress and the problems of the world.

But in truth, home is comfort. And comfort in the non-metaphorical sense comes from how you furnish your home. Think about it, and we love going back home because there we meet a comfortable bed, soft pillows, tasteful wall art and pictures, soft carpets, and more! 

How we furnish our homes dramatically affects our home life and experiences. And that's why we always look towards quality and comfort as the main factors in choosing our furniture. So, come along with us and experience the joy of comfort, quality, and luxury with West Elm UAE, the leading luxury furnishing brand in the Middle East. 


The Best Furnishing for Home? A Brief History of West Elm

West Elm is a brand that has established a rapport for quality furniture and home accessories made with high-quality materials sourced and manufactured in the USA. Supporting local communities, respecting their craftsmanship, and producing high-quality furniture are West Elm's stock in trade. 

Starting in 2002, the brand originated in the east end of the U.S. in world-famous New York City. Starting out as a high-end option to the more run-of-the-mill furnishing alternatives, promising true blue American quality and high standards.

This made the brand an exclusive and highly preferred selection for folks wanting to go all out to secure the best possible home furnishings. 


Luxury Home Furnishing for Every Home

Since its inception, West Elm has been considered the holy grail of luxury home furnishings, with a well-known reputation and name in the U.S. and North America. The brand has since expanded internationally and has succeeded due to its signature quality and high standards. 

The brand has found its way to UAE residents' homes, hearths, and hearts. Making its grand entry in the hottest mall in the UAE, it started its operations in February 2013 in Dubai Mall. From there, partly due to its wild success and on the other end due to its high-end nature, which the nation's residents patronize and appreciate, it has spread to 5 stores offering a luxury home furniture shopping experience unlike any other. 

But that's not all. Their brick-and-mortar locations are different from the length and breadth of their presence. They are simply a gate to the brand's vaster home furniture online shopping experience. Not only is the offering vaster here, but also more enticing, with regular sales, an expansive selection, and more. 


Shop Home Furniture Online- The Online Store 

The online store of West Elm is no different from the physical stores in the way that it is slick, organized, and has that high-end feel that every luxury product enthusiast craves. In short, it provides a more streamlined and vast shopping experience, all without having to step a single step out of your home. 

But enough about the store experience, let's get down to what we're all eager to hear, what kind of products are available here, the short answer to this would be-

  • ◾  Furniture
  • ◾  Outdoor
  • ◾  Bedding
  • ◾  Bath
  • ◾  Rugs & Curtains
  • ◾  Lighting
  • ◾  Cushions & Decor
  • ◾  Art & Mirrors
  • ◾  Kitchen & Dining

Under these categories lies a wealth of well-constructed and robust furniture pieces and accessories that are slick, tasteful, and retain that feel of luxury that we all love. 

The site also runs regular sales, which gives you the power to purchase some of the best furnishing pieces for your home at unbelievable prices. 


Loving the Planet- Sustainability

West Elm loves the planet, recognizing that most of their products are produced from some of nature's most quickly draining resources, the brand has created an exemplary example In the furnishings space for sustainability as more than 50% of the materials used for the production of all West Elm furnishing and accessories comes from isFC certified sources.

This means that most of their furniture and accessories are made from recycled and upcycled materials, with this figure increasing annually to move towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable future. 

Furthermore, over 60% of their sales support one of the four sustainability initiatives. The vision at West Elm is to be good for the people and good for the planet, creating furniture and related accessories that are not only a great addition to any home or living space but also an environmentally conscious choice to the more conventional options. With every piece you buy from West Elm UAE, you are not only indulging in purchasing the best furnishing for your home, but you are also ensuring that you give the beautiful planet we live in the love it deserves with your sustainable purchase.


A Trustpilot Perspective on West Elm

To further dive into the world of quality furnishing, we look at its reviews and opinions from customers across the board on Trustpilot. The platform is a well-known destination for anyone who wants honest reviews of businesses from which they wish to purchase or whose services they want to pursue. 

A short look at West End's reviews will reveal positive reviews and opinions of the company. This is evidenced by customer stories relating a variety of likes and also qualms that they had with the business. To give you, the reader, a more accurate picture, we have compiled a list of pros and cons that you can expect when shopping in-store or online. 

High-quality products Lackluster customer care
Wide assortment of furniture Occasional delays in delivery 
Home Furnishings of all types are available -
Sales offer reasonable prices -
On-time deliveries  -


A Delight for Every Home- A Conclusive Note

West Elm UAE brings a level of joy to any home space that every interior-conscious person would love in their home. With sustainability and high quality being the key to this behemoth furnishings brand, it continues to innovate and bring change into the space. 

This has made it a premier choice for anyone who wishes to add quality and durability to their home with high-quality furnishings; whether you're shopping online or in-store, the West Elm promise of quality goes with you. 


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