Xtool M1 Engraver: The Smart Desktop Laser Cutter Machine

November 21, 2023

Scott Adams said, ‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.’ what if those mistakes don’t come from your end? Today, creative work becomes easy with the helping hand of technology. Still, sometimes this technology clutters the simple work or may raise the workload due to heavy wastage of raw materials while cutting in shape. 

Cutters and engravers have the common problem of fumes and hectic usage processes. But xTool M1 is the solution to this problem. It is fume-free; there is no need to vent it outside the house, you can keep it in your home and do many creative things. 

If you are a DIY’er, this machine can be your partner in creativity. 

  1.  Easy To Assemble

Some machines are heavy, so the company packs them in pieces, and you need to unpack the box take the parts one by one carefully, and then assemble them according to the guidelines given by the machine. 

But Xtool M1’s packing is different, and the company takes care of the inconvenience of customers in assembling the product, so, they pack the machine which is already assembled you just need to unpack it and use it. Yeah! It takes time to unpack the machine but not to assemble it. After unpacking the box, all you have to do is attach the ventilation tube, plug in the outlet, and plug in the USB cable to the back of the M1.

  2.  Works with Over 300 Materials 

xTool M1 is a great laser cutter for crafters, hobbyists, and small businesses as it allows you to work with over 300 materials. You can call it an All-in-one machine it allows you:-

  • •   Wood (basswood and more): cut and engrave
  • •   Metal: engrave (very thin stainless steel may be cut)
  • •   Leather: cut and engrave
  • •   Colored Acrylic (clear requires modifications): cut and engrave
  • •   Vinyl: cut
  • •   Paper: cut
  • •   Rubber: cut and engrave
  • •   Rock: engrave
  • •   Cardboard: cut
  • •   Fabric: cut

M1 is the best replacement for too many machines, and you can get materials and materials bundles right from xTool, which ensures they’ll work perfectly with the laser and blade cutter.

  3. xTool M1- The Endless Product

M1 laser cutter and engraver have no limit; you can create too many things with this. Even your imagination will be limited in front of this tool. You can engrave photos onto objects and even handwriting onto things. That is so cool! There is a whole big list of things that you can do with this amazing machine. So, if you need to push your boundaries of creation, this machine will help you in every kind of craft. 

  4.  Laser Engraver Machine- Smart Surfaces Cutter 

You can easily cut and engrave flat surfaces with xTool M1. With the Rotary Attachment, RA2 Pro, you can engrave curved surfaces like tumblers, coffee cups, wine glasses, and more. 

5.  Smart Desktop Laser Cutter

All laser cutters and engravers give off fumes that need to be released outside – not trapped indoors. So, it is recommended to install them outside. But this problem of installation is eliminated with M1 as with the ventilation tube of M1, it becomes easy to control fumes in whatever place we want it to be thrown. You just need to point the ventilation tube in that direction and use it efficiently. It has an air purifier for extra odor and fume removal. 

xTool has introduced the Smoke Purifier product, which lets you attach the M1 ventilation tube to the Smoke Purifier for proper ventilation! That means you don’t have to vent it out a window!

  6.  You Can Easily Store the xTool M1

It’s amazing because the xTool M1 sits on the top of the cart it looks like an RA2 Pro rotary attachment, the triangular prisms used to elevate items being cut, and the XTool M1 Premium Materials Box fit in the drawers beneath.

You can keep the machine in your home or office. 

  7.  The Included Laser Engraver Software, Creative Space, is Easy to Use

A wonderful thing about the xTool laser products is that they work with xTool’s free laser engraver software, Creative Space. You don’t have to purchase any additional software. 

If you’ve ever used a Cricut or Silhouette machine, you’ll find Creative Space similar to those vinyl cutter design software. M1’s built-in camera allows the exact material you’re working with to show up on screen. This makes it foolproof to line up your design exactly right on the object.

8.  The M1 is a Wonderful Glowforge Alternative

Glowforge machines range in price from $3,995 for the basic model to $6,995 for the pro model. After all this, none of the Glowforge machines features a blade cutter like the xTool M1, which means that the Glowforge cannot cut as many materials as easily as the M1 can.

  9. The xTool Maker Community is Incredible

There are less number of companies that make social media groups that can help you in their use. But xTool also gives you this platform so that you can easily share your experience with other users and raise your queries with instant solutions through the Facebook group. In this group, people share their knowledge of things like cut settings and the best materials to buy.

Final Touch

With these tested and tried reasons why you should choose xtool M1 in place of any other cutter and engraver, you can start your journey of creativity without any pause. This cutter and engraver helps you in your cutting, shaping, and experimenting with things so that you can explore something new.

xTool doesn’t only have this in its pocket it other products also which can help you and make your work of cutting and engraving easy.