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February 01, 2023


Imagine this, you are suddenly engaged and your fiance wants to have an early wedding. Exciting? It is but only when you have already saved up well for the D-day. In case you haven’t saved much and your credit score isn’t that great, then you may have to face some bumps on your way to the aisle.

Therefore, to save you from last minute financial scares and be prepared for emergencies, this Borrowell review will guide you through credit scores, loans and other financial requisites. Along with this, you can also explore how Borrowell can come in handy to you in times of need. 



What is a Credit Score and Credit Report?

A person's credit score is calculated by looking at their credit history, which quantifies their credit merit, whereas a credit report contains in-depth information on a person's credit history, including information about credit accounts, loans, payment history, and other credit-related activities

In Canada, when you apply for financial products, banks and lenders check your credit. Car dealers, insurers, cell phone providers, landlords, and potential employers can also obtain a copy of your credit report to assess your capacity to handle debt and fulfill financial commitments. As a result, it's critical to understand your credit.


Borrowell: Borrowell Credit Score Review

Borrowell describes itself with only one word: Borrow well. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Toronto, a Canadian startup, Borrowell offers clients free access to both their credit records and credit scores. In 2016, the business collaborated with one of the credit bureaus, Equifax, to collect the most recent credit data and offered consumers a simple platform to track their credit and comprehend how their credit habits affect their scores. 

Additionally, Borrowell is committed to enabling financial security for all people. Members of Borrowell enjoy free access to credit scores, weekly credit monitoring, secured cards, loans for establishing credit, and free credit scores. Borrowell customer reviews show that it is one of the largest fintech companies in Canada, with over two million users. Borrowell offers not only free credit scores and reports but also unsecured loans up to $50,000. 


Borrowell Credit Score Review


Canadians can view their Equifax credit record and credit score for free by creating a Borrowell account. A three-digit figure called your credit score is used by lenders to determine your creditworthiness. 




With a low credit score, receiving approval for loans, credit cards, or even rental properties can be challenging while a higher credit score is simpler to get accepted and may result in lower interest rates. 


How Does Borrowell Work?  

How Does Borrowell Work?  


♦ First of all, customers have to set up an account with Borrowell and give the company permission to access their credit data in order to use the service. 

♦ Then, Borrowell collects credit information from credit bureaus in order to create a credit score and report for consumers. 

♦ Then, Borrowell offers a free credit score and report, as well as customized guidance and tools to help with credit improvement. 

♦ With the help of more than 75 partners, the customer can compare financial products and receive suggestions that are tailored to their credit profile. 


Does Borrowell Cost Money? 

There are no costs associated with using Borrowell to check your credit score, see your credit report, or keep track of your payments. It is absolutely free!


Is Borrowell Only for Canadians? 

Yes, only Canadian citizens are currently permitted to use Borrowell. The first company to provide free credit scores in Canada was Borrowell, which is authentically Canadian. 


How can Borrowell help you?

Borrowell offers a plethora of services to its customers, including:


1. Free Credit Score 

free credit score - Top 15 Online


It used to be expensive to check your credit score in Canada; it would cost you around $20 each time, but with Borrowell, now it is easy and free, according to Borrowell's free credit score reviews!

 On the basis of information from the major Canadian credit bureaus, Borrowell offers consumers a free, simple-to-understand credit score and report. Join Borrowell to receive your free credit report and score! Get the resources you need to better understand, manage, and control your credit in just three minutes by joining over two million Canadians.




2. Rent Advantage 

 Borrowell rent advantage service helps tenants establish their credit history by proving they can pay their rent consistently and on time. Additionally, the programme gives renters access to their complete payment histories, which they can use in the future to apply for credit or loans. Rent advantage service assists renters in improving their credit and achieving their financial objectives by providing a simple and rewarding rent payment alternative. 


3. Credit Builder 

Credit Builder 


This product, which is only accessible to a select group of Borrowell members, was created to assist Canadians in establishing a solid credit history by repaying a $240–$1,440 secured installment loan over the period of 36 months. Equifax is informed of every payment, including any that you might miss.

You may improve your credit by making timely payments reported to Equifax Canada. Having better credit entitles you to reduce interest rates and better offers on credit cards, mortgages, loans, and other products.


4. Bill Tracking 

 This free program assists you in keeping track of up to 15 bills, notifying you when it's time to pay them. 


5. Personal Loans 

Personal Loans 


In Canada, Borrowell works with more than 50 different financial partners to locate loans that fit your needs. 

The process you have to follow is that you have to register for Borrowell to check your free credit score, you'll discover right away how likely it is that you'll be approved for any type of loan in Canada. Now, select your product and round off the online process. Once the loan is approved by the Borrowell's loan partners, you will receive the amount in a few working days. 

There are many personal loans offered by Borrowell, such as debt consolidation, car loan, home improvement loan, business loan, pay-off credit card and major purchase. 

The recommendation engine at Borrowell intelligently matches loan items from numerous financial institutions to your specific credit profile. You can determine which loan options will best match your demands and your chances of being approved. Borrowell loan reviews reflect favorably on the business.




6. Credit Cards 

Credit Cards 


The Borrowell platform allows users to compare credit card offers in order to select the best card for their needs. Additionally, Borrowell supplies resources and content to teach clients how to use and use credit cards wisely, as well as the benefits and pitfalls of doing so. Although Borrowell does not directly issue credit cards, they do give guidance and information to assist customers to make educated selections. 

 Borrowell provides a comparison website for other credit cards, such as travel cards, reward cards, low-interest cards, cash-back cards, and credit builder cards. Visit the website to know more and compare the cards as per your need. 


7. Mortgages 
mortage In Canada, Borrowell provides mortgage services. To provide customers with specialized mortgage options, they collaborate with banks, credit unions, and other financial organizations. 

Borrowell provides a platform to compare rates and financing choices if you are in the process of buying a home and are looking for the best mortgage rates available.

They also provide other tools to lessen the stress of your house buying, such as mortgage calculators. You also have access to your credit score and advice on how to improve it. 


8. Banking 



 It's simple to compare the top chequing and savings accounts from reputable financial institutions with Borrowell.

To make product recommendations that are most suited to your financial profile, they mix technology and knowledge. You can choose the account that's best for you with the help of their in-depth information on account features and temporary promotions! 


9. Insurance 



Customers can purchase life, house, and vehicle insurance through Borrowell thanks to partnerships with top insurance companies. They assist clients in policy comparison and selection of the best available protection.

All services offered by Borrowell are intended to support Canadians in taking charge of their money and making wise financial decisions. In order to meet all of their clients' financial demands, they provide a variety of goods and services. 


How Trustworthy is Borrowell?

Before relying on any company, it's crucial to take into account your own financial requirements and status, as well as to ensure that you are fully aware of all the terms and conditions of any loan or product you're thinking about. 

However, Borrowell reviews reveal that many users have given Borrowell great feedback, praising their user-friendly platform and helpful customer support. They "employ the same level of encryption as the big banks to ensure your information stays safe," according to its website. To safeguard your confidential information, they employ 256 encryption.

In a nutshell, Canadians searching for personal loans, insurance, and banking services are usually thought to find Borrowell to be a trustworthy and dependable option. 


Is Borrowell's Credit Score Accurate?

Yes, its credit score is accurate! One of the most important credit bureaus in Canada, Equifax, is used by Borrowell to calculate credit scores. Lenders and financial institutions frequently accept the credit score offered by Borrowell as a trustworthy indicator of a borrower's credit history when making lending choices. 

Reviews on Borrowell show that Borrowell's credit score data is thought to be reliable; nevertheless, it's always a good idea to look up your credit history elsewhere for a more full picture. 


Is Borrowell's Credit Score Accurate?


Final Takeaway: Borrowell Reviews

Top 15 Online comprehends the need for a good loan provider whom people can trust without being skeptical. 

Borrowell reviews demonstrate the fact that a real and legitimate business, Borrowell, offers reliable credit scores and reports to help your financial needs. You may trust this firm completely without having any doubts because Top15Online has approved it after carefully investigating every part of it. 

However, to gain a more accurate view of your credit history, you can always explore their website.


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