The Chewy Review: Pet-Friendly Platform?

May 23, 2023

Out looking for catnip at midnight? Or trying to find some dog food to fill the tummy of your canine friend? Or is your horse craving for (der)od at odd hours? Well, get indoors and order it from Chewy today. Not just conventional pets and food for them, but other products and services are also available.

Ride with us as we set out on a journey of Chewy app reviews to get a better understanding of the platform, from the Chewy cat food reviews to Chewy pet insurance reviews. 


What's Chewy here?

What's Chewy here?

◾  Food

The diverse range of options that are available on the platform is nothing short of impressive. They offer wet and dry food with categories that users can browse through, including toppings, raw food, freeze-dried and dehydrated food, frozen food, and even freshly prepared meals.

Not to mention that the platform has plenty of other products, such as human-grade pet food, premium brands, and specific vet diets.

The majority of the categories are dedicated to dogs and cats, but there is a lot to pick from for other animals as well. There is a wide variety of fish, birds, reptiles, and even small pets. Although farm animals and horses don't have a lot to pick from, there is still enough to eat.

In case you are unable to find food for your pet from the start, try searching through the categories by using the search bar. Tons of farm people have praised the website for its selection and variety of options for farm animals.

What is even more impressive is the fact that they don't even leave out the exotic friends.


◾  Supplies and Accessories

Apart from food, meds, and treats of all kinds, you can also find anything else that your pet might need to live the best possible life. Litter boxes, beds, bowls and feeders, cages and habitats, crates, pens, and gates.

They also offer tech and smart home appliances like automatic feeders and robot cameras. There are plenty of toy options available for your fluffy bunny, be it trees, condos, and scratchers, or carriers for traveling, leashes, collars, and even clothing alongside different accessories.

Grooming products are typically in fashion, or so what we have discovered with our Chewy review, apart from the standard cleaning and potty products, including lint rollers, poop bags, scoops, and air fresheners.

If that doesn't make it stand out in your eyes, tanks, and terrariums for reptiles, with the option of heating and lighting to keep the environment at its peak, are also available. And to take things up a notch, they even have personalized gifts for pet parents, so they can show their love for their kids with socks and whatnot.


◾  Pharmacy

The pharmacy of this brand is accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, which accounts for its legitimacy. It has meds for cats, horses, and dogs. Customers can also find vitamins and supplements for reptiles, should the need arise for it.

There are prescription and non-prescription medicines available for pets suffering from different health conditions, such as arthritis, asthma, ear, and eye conditions, flea, and tick solutions, and even meds to keep the anxiety in check.

Ordering the prescribed medicine for your four-legged friends is relatively easy; with the option of setting an Autoshop, you have refills on file. In case there isn't a prescription or the current one is about to expire, the Chewy customer service reviews have shown that their team will contact the vet for approval.

Chewy Careplus reviews can also help customers understand how the premium package can be a better deal.

This can save you a trip and some time that can be invested in other things. The pharmacists are friendly, and customers can easily reach out to them via call or email.

Shipping and Delivery for Paws and Claws

Shipping for the services offered by Chewy is available across the entire nation via FedEx. Orders are normally delivered all around the week before 2200 hours.

Return Policy

Users might have mixed feelings about the return policy of the platform since it allows you to return the items even after a year of purchase, which is great if we put things into perspective. This allows you the chance to see if the pet takes to the food before you decide to make it a regular.

On the other side of the coin, they don't accept returns for prescribed medications unless there is something wrong, such as a defect or damage of any kind. The other problem that comes in is that you will have to track down the location of FedEx to send you stuff back every time you want a change.


Chewy Customer Service Reviews FT. Trustpilot

Chewy Customer Service Reviews FT. Trustpilot

Almost 9k 5-star rated reviews solidify what reviews have already told us. The website is reliable in every sense of the word and can offer everything that your pet could ever need. It has a plethora of products, ensuring ease of navigation for the customers, and an excellent return policy, with the occasional slander, which is pretty normal.

In a nutshell, the platform is a perfect fit for all moods of your pet.


All Summed Up

So far, what we have learned with the Chewy app review is that it has everything that a pet owner might ever need at odd hours or even in general to offer the best diet and supplements to their four-legged friends.

What's more impressive is the platform offers deals and subscriptions that can be great for people who visit the platform often. To sum it all up, this Chewy review told us one thing. Allow your pets to have the life they deserve with Chewy products.


Frequently Asked Questions On Chewy


1. Are there any options available for animals other than cats and dogs?

Cats and dogs take up most of the section on the website, but it has a lot to offer for animals like reptiles, horses, birds, and other pets like hamsters. The biggest surprise comes with the addition of snake supplies, so you don't have to worry about surfing to find things for your viper.

2. Is shipping free on Chewy?

For all orders above 49 dollars, yes. For any order under that, you will have to pay a fee of $4.95 for the order.

3. Are the prices on the website any different from other platforms?

Usually, it is at par with other websites. The price range varies on the basis of the product that you are looking at normally; they will be equal to other platforms offering similar services.

4. How can you complete the payment on the platform?

One can pay with all the major credit cards and gift cards from Chewy.


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